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About the Vice Provost

Welcome to the webpage for the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs. Our mission is to support, encourage and promote research and sponsored programs at East Tennessee State University. My office is responsible for administering, overseeing and coordinating a wide variety of activities at ETSU (see the Divisions and Committees list below).


 pic of Dr. William R. Duncan

Dr. William R. Duncan


  FY16 Awards Pie

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Divisions and Committees

The Office of Research and Sponsored
Programs Administration (ORSPA)

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
The Office for the Protection of
Human Research Subjects

Institute for Computation and Research in
Data Science (CaRDS)
(formerly the IQB)

Innovation Lab (I-Lab)

High Performance Computing
Center (HPCC)

Community Outreach and
Applied Research

Laboratory Animal Resources

University Committee on
Animal Care (UCAC)

Research Development
Committee (RDC)

Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Intellectual Properties and
Technology Transfer (IP&TT)

Research Foundation (ETSURF)


Centers and Institutes

Center for Appalachian Studies
and Services

Center for Banking

Center for Community Outreach
and Applied Research

Center of Excellence for Inflammation,
Infectious Disease and Immunity

Center of Excellence in Paleontology

Center of Excellence in Mathematics
and Science Education

Center of Excellence in Sport Science
and Coach Education

Center for Early Childhood Learning
and Devleopment

Tennessee Small Business
Development Center

Institute for Computation and Research
in Data Science (CaRDS)

Center for Prescription Drug Abuse
Prevention and Treatment


Research Support

Research Compliance

Research Ethics

Research Expertise and Facilities

Incentive Compensation Plan

Strategic Plan for Research

Appalachian Student Research Forum



Research Activities

  Rock Art & Archaeology



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