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Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

It is the policy of East Tennessee State University to:
  1. encourage inventions, discoveries, and the production of copyrightable and trademarkable materials by members of the institution;
  2. facilitate the utilization of such discoveries and materials to the benefit of the public, the University, and members of the University community through dissemination of results; and
  3. provide for the equitable sharing of any proceeds derived from the commercial exploitation of inventions, discoveries, copyrightable and trademarkable materials in which, pursuant to the ETSU policy on Patents and Copyrights, the University is deemed to have an interest

ETSU's Technology Transfer Officer is , the Vice Provost for Research.

What to do next:

Please see the official ETSU, TBR and US Policies.for IP&TT.

Obtain the appropriate forms for copyright and invention disclosure.

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