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The Faculty Handbook is a compilation of institutional policies, procedures, forms, guidelines, services, and resources. The Faculty Senate is the steward of the faculty handbook.  All revisions to the Faculty Handbook are subject to the approval of the President of ETSU.  Collegiate and departmental bylaws do not supersede and may not conflict with the contents of this handbook. 

When policies and procedures are officially adopted or changed by duly constituted authorities, such changes become effective on the date designated at the time of their adoption even if not yet published in the Faculty Handbook. The Faculty Handbook should be read carefully by all members of the faculty as the most convenient source of information regarding University policies and procedures and faculty rights and responsibilities.

Faculty Handbook Change Process Flowchart

Changes to the Handbook effective 2014-15:

Section 3: Instructional Development Grants; Grant Periods/Deadlines/Other Information
Effective 11/20/2014

Section 2: Addition of Lecturer Policy; Lecturer Policy
Effective 11/24/2014

Section 2: Revision of Tenure and Promotion Policy Regarding; Student Advisement
Effective 3/20/2015

Section 2: Revision of Termination for Adequate Cause; Tenure Revocation
Effective 7/2/2015

Changes to the Handbook effective 2015-2016:

Section 2: Addition of Faculty Progressive Discipline Guidelines, Effective 05/19/2016

Section 2: Addition of Promotion Policy for Lecturers, Effective 05/19/2016

  Changes to the Handbook effective 2016-2017:

Section 3: Instructional Development Grants, Revised 02/14/2017


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