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ETSU 125 - Chapter I

East Tennessee State University

ETSU 125 Timeline

Phase 1 - Develop and Launch Project (August September 2012)

  • Committee for 125 Identify Themes and Possibilities
  • Project Planning, Communications plan outlined
  • Call for Task Force nominations distributed
  • Task Forces populated; invitations sent

Phase 2 - Data Gathering and Analysis; Task Force Work (October Dec 2012)

  • Task Force work initiated
  • Website Launch
  • Expanded data and trends analysis by Task Forces
  • Committee for 125 meeting; Task Force recommendations presented and discussed

Phase 3 - Development of Draft Vision Plan and Policy Document (December 2012 February 2013)

  • First Visioning Plan draft developed
  • Constituent engagement activities defined
  • Committee for 125 reviews and discusses first draft

Phase 4 - Constituent Engagement, Affirmation of Vision Plan, Implementation Road Map (March May 2013)

  • Constituent engagement activities conducted
  • Final draft developed; Committee for 125 reviews and approves final draft plan
  • Final round of constituent engagement

Phase 5 - Formal Presentation to ETSU (June - August 2013)

  • Committee for 125 approves final plan and report
  • University leadership reviews plan
  • Committee for 125 formally presents report to the university to begin the fall 2013 semester
  • ETSU continues prioritization and implementation strategies
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