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Email Distribution Lists

Distribution lists in Outlook allow you to group several e-mail addresses together. This will allow you to send a single message to a group of people at once instead of having to send out the same message to each person individually. This can also eliminate you from having to remember lots of e-mail addresses when you want to send a message to them. If you would like instructions on how to created distribution lists, we recommend checking out the Microsoft support article How to create a distribution list from your contacts in Outlook.

NOTE: The e-mail server is currently set to only allow a limit of 150 recipients per message. Each e-mail address in a distribution list counts as a recipient. Also, Outlook has an internal limit of how many contacts you can place in a distribution list. The limit varies depending on how much information is stored for each contact added to the list. If you find that you need to send out messages to more than 150 people, and/or you have non-ETSU e-mail addresses you want to include in the list, consider requesting a listserv.

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