Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

Free pharmacy dual enrollment class

JOHNSON CITY (August 2, 2022) – East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy is offering a free college class for dual enrollment high school students across the region to learn more about the pharmacy profession and how to get into pharmacy school. The course will be free for all students who have a 3.0 high school GPA or above and are dual enrolled.

This course will be online and asynchronous, meaning students can participate at any point.


“Training future pharmacists to serve in our region is part of our mission, and we are excited to once again offer these free enrollment classes,” said Dr. Debbie Byrd, dean of Gatton College of Pharmacy. “Pharmacists serve on the front lines of health care, whether they’re in a community pharmacy, hospital or research lab. We want to teach and inspire the next generation about this unique career in the health professions.”

The course explores the 30+ career options students can experience in pharmacy at ETSU, how to apply to pharmacy school, financial aid options, student life on campus, a tour of Gatton College of Pharmacy and a chance to meet Byrd, the college’s dean. Virtual office hours will be offered to meet with faculty and admissions.

“This class offered a lot of insight and information about pharmacy specialties, the application process, financial options and many other topics related to pharmacy,” said Megan Ellison, a second-year student pharmacist who majored in biology at ETSU and took the dual enrollment course as a freshman. “Because of this class, I have a better understanding of what field of pharmacy I want to pursue and how I plan to pay for it.”

“This class helped me answer the questions ‘What is a pharmacist?’, ‘Why should I pursue pharmacy?’, and ‘How do I move forward?’,” said James Coronel, a second-year student pharmacist at Gatton who majored in chemistry at ETSU. “I learned about different types of pharmacists and the deep impact they can have on their patients. The class was also very beneficial with preparing me for time/money management in pharmacy school.”

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