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In order to develop consistency in freshman composition instruction, we offer the following guidelines for course content and classroom policies for Composition 1:

Course content:

  • Students should learn the writing process, including revision, impromptu writing, focus and thesis, organization, style,and adapting to different audiences.
  • Students should learn how to read and think critically and to write from other texts with proper quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing.
  • Students should learn the principles of grammar and mechanics.

Classroom policies:

  1. Students should produce at least 5,000 words in revised, graded compositions over the course of the semester.

  2. In addition to writing a graded in-class essay during the scheduled final exam time, students should write a minimum of one graded in-class essay early in the semester.The early essay is an example against which out-of-class essays can be compared.
  3. Students should earn at least a C(2.0) in ENGL 1010 before moving into ENGL 1020 and a C(2.0) in 1020 before moving into sophomore -level English courses.
  4. Instructors should not give the overall minimum C grade to any student whose writing, by the end of the term, demonstrates serious patterns of error or shows consistent lack of organization. Objective tests, such as vocabulary, grammar, and reading exams, may not determine whether a student earns a C in the class or must take the class again.
  5. Instructors should not give a majority of credit for duties not directly associated with composition, including attendance at functions and service-learning activities.
  6. Instructors will comply with the department's absentee policy.

  7. A single instance of proven willful plagiarism means automatic failure of the course.
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