Patient Simulator Lab

     surgical operation

The "Patient Simulation Lab" (PSL) is a computer driven multi-discipline facility that caters to all levels of providers.   The human patient simulators can simulate a variety of human physiologic conditions based on physiologically accurate algorithms.  We have two simulated hospital rooms integrated with state-of-the-art video and audio recording equipment, which provides both instant and post-simulation feedback for students.  Here at the Quillen College of Medicine, we emphasize application of basic science concepts / knowledge through the Human Patient Simulator. 

The way we see it, practice makes perfect.  If a student makes a serious medical mistake, the patient is revived after a quick computer manipulation in the simulation lab.  Since the real emergency scenario provides no room for error, we believe that proper preparation and application of learned knowledge on simulated mannequins provides the necessary skills and confidence needed to transfer to a real-world hospital setting.