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Center for Experiential Learning

Quillen College of Medicine

About Us
The Quillen College of Medicine Human Patient Simulation Lab was founded in 2004 in conjunction with the Center for Experiential Learning by Martin Eason MD/JD. The CEL encompasses both the Simulation arm and Standardized Patient arm of Academic Affairs at the College of Medicine. Dr. Eason began from the ground up with one METI HPS simulator still in its shipping crate. The early days of the Sim Lab consisted of a small classroom and a single METI HPS Simulator. 
training procedure involving a dummy
a training procedure
Since that time the lab has grown to include two different Simulation Suites and nine human patient simulators as well as many different task training platforms. Both suites are outfitted with up to date medical equipment and supplies. All of our equipment is hospital ready and fully functional. Everything from IV angiocaths to ICU ventilators are available to the students if they feel it is necessary to the treatment of their patient. All equipment and procedures are used in a real time approach during the simulation. This means that if you want to put your patient on the vent then you will need to secure the airway, hook up the vent, set the parameters and attach the patient. All while managing the patient's overall condition. 
Each suite has a dedicated control room with full audio/visual control, multimedia capability and hard wired control of the simulators. There are also two observation classrooms that look onto the Sim Labs. We also have the capability to review the video from the simulations and also participate in distance learning with other facilities via video conferencing. Both classrooms are outfitted with smartboards and broadband Internet to enhance the teaching experience. 
one of the faculty at work
training demonstration involving a dummy
The lab operates Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm under the supervision of Jake Drumm, HPS Lab Coordinator. The Simulation Center is open to anyone seeking medical education using patient simulation. Further Information about our center can be obtained by contacting us at the e-mail or phone numbers provided on the contact page.
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