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  • SAVE THE DATE:   Tennessee Experiential Learning Symposium (TELS), 2016 Oct 21, Middle Tennessee State University.
  • 7th Undergraduate Research Symposium is an annual undergraduate research conference at UT-Knoxville; see: www.ursautk.org




Scholarship takes many forms.  Research is often associated with the sciences and humanities.  Creative activities are often associated with the arts.  But scholarship is a unifying standard underlying all forms of academic inquiry.

Ultimately, undergraduate involvement in  scholarly activities is "hands-on" in nature, often involving some student independence.  Research and creative activities can be educationally enriching and highly rewarding experiences.

Participating in research or a creative activity can have many benefits:

  • preparation for a career,

  • preparation for graduate school,

  • development of transferable skills.

In addition:

  • A project will generally lead to an outcome that can strengthen your resume (such as a linkable presentation).

  • Projects can often lead to networking opportunities.

  • Students generally work under the direct supervision of a professor.

You are greatly encouraged to explore the scholarship opportunities that ETSU makes available to its undergraduate students.




  • 2014-15 Academic Year/2015 Summer Report







Pursue your passion.


To promote and advance the sciences, humanities, and arts by engaging and supporting undergraduates in research.


To make undergraduate research an integral part of the university experience at ETSU.

Interview with Summer Fellowship Awardee

In this interview Alison shares about her background, her experiences, and how the opportunity to be involved with research has impacted her education at ETSU.

 Director of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities


Richard Ignace

Ignace's research expertise is in the area of astronomy, especially stellar astrophysics.  His publications and grant awards are summarized in his CV

Ignace has a long record of working with undergraduate researchers and is excited to work in support of student engagement in research and creative activities across ETSU.


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