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Get Ahead

Stay on Course with Your Plan of Study

Retake a Course

Concentrate on One Course at a Time

Graduate Early


Summer study is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all your academic options at ETSU. You can delve into a course you’ve wanted to explore but didn’t have time to take during the regular semesters.  You may stay on track for graduation, or get ahead in your course work. Don’t let the convenience and benefits of ETSU Summer Sessions pass you by!


ETSU Summer Sessions 2016 Dates:

Pre-Session:  May 16 - June 3

Pre + Session 1: May 16 - July 8

Full Session: May 16 - August 12

Session 1: June 6 - July 8

Dual Session: June 6 - August 12

Session 2: July 11 - August 12


Interested in Financial Aid for Summer?

To determine financial aid eligibility (including Pell eligibility) for the upcoming summer, students must complete the current year FAFSA (June 30 application deadline) and the summer aid application. For more information and the application, go to:


Interested in studying at ETSU as a visiting student during Summer?

Visiting students may apply here






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