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Office of the Registrar

East Tennessee State University

Welcome to Registration!


Registration Information 

Register Now

Your first interaction with the registrar will likely be when you register for classes. Registration is online process that students complete via GoldLink. The goal of this office is to provide support and online resources to help students navigate the registration process and successfully register for classes. 


 Registration Dates

When does registration begin?

Registration for Spring 2021 Begins November 2nd!

 Registration Status 
When can I register for classes? 

Watch the "How to View Registration Status" video tutorial.

NOTE: The order of registration is based on earned credit hours (excludes Developmental Studies hours). This does not include the hours in which you are currently enrolled. ***In progress hours on Degree Works do not count towards earned hours for registration. 

Register Early

Why should I register early for classes? 

Class openings typically fill up quickly, so registering early gives you an opportunity to choose the classes you want. Students that register early are able to get the courses that they need to stay on track for graduation. 

The tabs below can help you prepare for registration and prevent registration delays.  


  • View the directions below for tips using GoldLink, determining your first available registration time, and to determine if you have any registration holds.
  • Orientation is required for all new undergraduate students, and is designed to help ease your transition to the University. Visit the New Student Orientation page for more information. 

      NOTE: Not all holds prevent registration

  • Please contact the appropriate office to resolve any holds you have. Students can see ALL holds on their Student Page, by selecting the “View Holds” option on GoldLink. Visit the Student Hold Resolution Information page.
  • Make sure to review and accept the Financial Responsibility Statement prior to registering for classes.
  • Most undergraduates are required to consult with their major advisor before they can register each semester. Please contact your advisor prior to your registration date for assistance in class selection and to verify your Program of study. Check your Registration Status on GoldLink to determine if you have an advisement requirement.                                          
  • Due to COVID-19 protocols, most academic advisors are working remotely during this time. Advisors across campus are committed to assisting students registering for classes. Academic advisors are advising via phone, email and Zoom. Please contact your advisor for additional information. Need help locating your advisor? Use the Advisor Contact List                                                                
  • Undeclared students (Academic Focus General Education) and students with Learning Support requirements in Reading or Composition must contact the University Advisement Center for advisement: 423-439-5244. You may also visit their virtual room to schedule an appointment or for questions. See website for login information:
  • Check your Degree Works in GoldLink prior to registering to verify you are registering for classes that satisfy your degree requirements. NOTE: The Degree Works Tab in Schedule Builder can only be used with an Active Degree Works Plan. Not sure if you have an “Active Degree Works Plan” or how to use Degree Works? Visit the Degree Works Tutorial page.

  • Register for your classes using Schedule Builder, a simple interface that provides you with the ability to generate schedules for your classes in mere seconds! “Lock in” your schedule by adding courses with the By Subject Tab or Degree Works Plan Tab. How to make your class schedule work for you? Visit the Schedule Builder Tutorial page. Send the schedule back to your Registration Shopping Cart until your registration time.
All registered students are required to confirm registration every semester they attend. After registering for classes and prior to the first day of each semester, students must confirm through GoldLink. For more information regarding the confirmation process please visit the Confirming Registation page. 


Additional Resources

Semester Resources 

Fall 2020 Resources

Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes (PDF) *updated November 12, 2020
Summer and Fall 2020 Registration Guide (PDF)*updated April 1, 2020
Summer and Fall 2020 First Available Registration Times (PDF)

Spring 2021 Resources

Spring and Winter 2021 Schedule of Classes (PDF) *updated November 12, 2020
Spring and Winter 2021 Registration Guide 2020 (PDF)*updated October 8, 2020
Spring and Winter 2021 First Available Registration Times (PDF) 



Students often confuse these terms. 

Dropping a Course (or courses) may occur during the first eight weeks of the semester. This means, however, that the student is still enrolled in other course work. (Learning Support courses cannot be dropped.) 

Late Dropping of a course may occur after the eighth week, but only when verifiable extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated. Verifiable extenuating circumstances must be reasons beyond the control of the student, such as illness or accidental injury. Poor performance in class is not an extenuating circumstance.

Withdrawing from the university means that you are discontinuing all your course work, and are no longer enrolled. This may occur until two days before the last day of classes. 

Dropping from full-time to part-time status after census date could result in the loss of your Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarship. Dropping classes or withdrawing from the University may impact the student's future financial aid eligibility. Students should be familiar with the ETSU Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

Check the Academic Calendar for the "Drop" and "Withdrawal" deadlines for this semester.


Helpful Links

Need more help?


Fred Alsop

Registration Helpline

Contact: 423-439-5584/  
Burgin Dossett Hall 102




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