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Bursar's Office

Division of Business and Finance

Tuition & Fee Policies
Confirmation of Registration & Payment of Fees

East Tennessee State University does not send bills to students for their tuition and fees. The university has taken this step in order to increase operating efficiencies by making full use of available technology. Students make many changes during registration that affect tuition and fees. Often students add dormitory assignments and meal plans that affect their account balance. The university believes the best way for students to know their current financial obligation for the term is by viewing their account through GoldLink Online.

Students who need a printed copy of their account statement may print a statement from GoldLink Online after they have completed their registration.

What is Confirmation of Registration?
Confirmation of registration is the process of confirming your interest to attend the classes for which you enrolled and/or giving ETSU permission to apply any financial aid resources toward the payment of your fees. Students may begin fee payment/confirmation of registration after charges have been applied to the student account. Tuition and fees are subject to change by the ETSU Board of Trustees.

Who must Confirm Registration?

  • All students planning to attend classes at ETSU must pay fees or confirm registration by the Fee Payment Due Date for the term.
  • Students who have authorized financial aid loans, grants, scholarships, state or federal vocational rehabilitation, or any other type of financial aid covering all fees must confirm registration through Goldlink on or before the due date for the term (see Pay Fees/Confirm Registration below).
  • Students who pay fees are considered confirmed when fees are paid.
  • Students with partial financial aid are considered confirmed when the balance is paid.

How students Pay Fees/Confirm Registration:

  • Payment of fees due:
    • By GoldLink Online/Student/Basic Tools/Confirm Enrollment
    • By U.S. mail (Bursar, PO Box 70719, Johnson City, TN 37614)
    • At the cashier windows (Room 202, Burgin Dossett Hall)
    • IMPORTANT - Effective Fall 2017 all credit card payments must be made using Goldlink or the ePay option in the mobile app. No credit card payments will be accepted at the Bursar’s cashier window. A 2.75% ($3 minimum charge) service fee will be assessed on all credit card payments.
  • Confirm Registration:
    • Payment in full either online via Goldlink or in person at the Bursar's Office, Room 202 Burgin Dossett Hall.
    • Enroll in a payment plan via Goldlink. The payment plan requires a 25% initial payment.
    • The remaining balance is due in three equal payments. See the Payment Plan Policy for more information.
    • Confirm with Financial Aid (if you are eligible, see the GoldLink Financial Aid Guide) online via Goldlink or at the Financial Aid Office, Room 105 Burgin Dossett Hall.
    • If receiving Veterans Benefits you must provide a Veteran Deferment to the Bursar's Office, Room 202 Burgin Dossett Hall.
Deferred Payment Policy

Although all charges are due and payable in full at the beginning of each term, students in good financial standing at ETSU may request deferment of up to 75% of their tuition, fees and housing for fall and spring semesters. Deferment of fees is not available for summer terms.


  • Minimum down payment of 25% of tuition, fees, dorm rent, and dining plan.
  • Any outstanding prior term balances must be paid in full before enrolling in the current term installment plan.
  • No late payments in previous semesters.
  • All financial aid received including student loans must be applied before deferment is allowed.


  • You must enroll in the payment plan using Goldlink.
  • You must schedule future payments at the time of enrollment.
  • Financial aid (including all grants, loans, and scholarships) can not be used as the initial down payment for the installment plan.
  • Deferred amount is payable in four monthly installments. The initial down payment is due on or before the fee payment deadline for the term.
  • Sept 30, Oct 31, and Nov 30 for fall term.
  • Feb 28, Mar 31, and April 30 for spring term.
  • Payments are due whether or not you receive a reminder notice.


  • A $50.00 late fee will be assessed on the 10th day after the published installment due date if the installment is not paid (maximum charge of $200.00 per term).
  • The University will withhold services including grades, transcripts, and future registration until all fees including late fees are paid in full.
  • All existing rules and policies pertaining to returned checks, refunds, withdrawals, dropped classes, and collection costs are applicable to the deferred payment policy.
  • EXAMPLE: This example is based upon an in-state full time (15 hours) undergraduate freshman student living in a double room for the fall 2018 term. The fees listed are an estimate and subject to be changed by East Tennessee State University.
  Total Amount
Minimum Amount Due by
Fee Payment Due Date
Tuition* $3,711.00 $927.75
Required Program Service Fee 927.50 231.88
Dorm Rent 1,955.00 488.75
Dining Plan 1,758.00 439.50
Total $8,351.50 $2,087.88

The remaining three installments in the above example will be approximately $2,087.88. 

Payments must be scheduled for automatic payment with a guaranteed payment method at the time you enroll in the payment plan. Please note, all credit card payments will be assessed a 2.85% service fee.

August, 2019

Enrollment Fee Payment

Fee Payment and Drop for Non-Payment

The early registration fee payment due date is published on the Bursar’s Website under Tuition/Fee Tables & Refund Calendars for each semester. The majority of students dropped by the early fee payment deadline re-enroll for the semester. A large percentage of the student body satisfies fee payment through some form of financial assistance (federal/institutional aid, fee remissions/waivers, employer reimbursement programs, 3rd party contract, and graduate assistants.)

When a student registers for classes he/she has purchased these classes and is financially responsible for payment of the enrollment fees (unless he/she withdraws or is dropped prior to the first day of classes).

All students, including those with sufficient aid to cover all outstanding charges, are required to confirm attendance by the last business day before classes begin. All students are required to pay in a timely manner, confirm their attendance, or withdraw if they do not plan to attend.

All fees will be due by the last business day before classes begin. A drop of non-paid/non-confirmed students will be completed at the end of the last business day before classes begin.

Enrollment rosters will be produced reflecting only paid/confirmed students.

Students who drop (all classes) or withdraw before the first day of classes will have no financial liability (other than disbursed student financial aid and any prorated housing/meal plans).

All students registered by last business day before classes begin must have cleared their account balance by paying all outstanding charges, by use of financial aid funds and confirmation of attendance, enrollment in the payment plan, payment in full, or a combination thereof. Students failing to do so will be dropped.

The $100.00 late fee penalty will be assessed for all students reenrolling or first enrolling after the fee payment due date. The Associate Vice President of Financial Services (or her designee) may waive the late payment fee in exceptional circumstances.

Students must submit their financial aid applications by July 1 for Fall semester or November 15 for Spring semester and meet all other financial aid eligibility requirements in order for financial aid to be credited to the student's account prior to classes. Failure to apply for Financial Aid by July 1 or November 15 could result in aid not being applied to a student’s account prior to the fee payment deadline.

Students who drop or withdraw after the start of classes will be responsible for unpaid fees and charges according to the published University refund schedule.

Second and final notices on student account balance will be sent to the student in accordance with normal billing practices. Account balances remaining 30 days after final notices are mailed will be referred to collection agencies.

Policies on Financial Aid Disbursement and Withdrawals

An official withdrawal occurs when students drop/withdraw from all classes. Students may drop classes on GoldLink or a withdrawal could be in writing and addressed to the Registrar’s Office in Burgin Dossett Hall, Room 101. Any student that notifies an office of their intent to withdraw must be informed they must make written notification to the Registrar.

When students drop/withdraw from all classes, the Office of Financial Aid must calculate how much aid students are entitled to keep. Per the federal guidelines, students are allowed to keep the amount financial aid they have “earned” up to the time of withdrawal. Students “earn” financial aid with class participation. The date of withdrawal for official withdrawals is determined by one of the following methods:

Students who have completed the financial aid process will have their financial aid disbursed on a regular schedule. Balance of aid refunds will be issued to the student within 14 days from the date financial aid is disbursed to their student account,

Enrollment status will be verified for all students after the Beginning of Attendance rosters are returned. If students have not attended every course for which they are enrolled aid will be adjusted accordingly to reflect disbursement based on actual number of credit hours of classes attended.

Students who subsequently discontinue their enrollment without officially withdrawing from the university will be considered to be unofficially withdrawn. This will be determined at the end of the semester. The date of withdrawal for unofficial withdrawals is determined by one of the following methods:

  • Midpoint date of the period for a student that stops attending all classes without notifying the University; or
  • Student’s last date of attendance at a documented academically-related activity as reported by faculty

Updated: January 17, 2019

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