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New Budget Process

ETSU 125

Strategic Budget Realignment Initiative Committees

Over the course of the past three decades, the state of Tennessee has transformed the manner in which it funds post-secondary institutions. At one time, the state provided the majority of funds required to support institutional operations. Through a variety of mechanisms, state policies were aligned with an enrollment-based funding formula, thereby creating an access driven agenda for higher education. Beginning in FY 2011-12, the state began transitioning to a 100 percent outcomes based formula that was fully implemented for FY 2014-15. During this time, state investment in higher education has continued to decline, now accounting for less than 28 percent of operating revenue across TBR universities. At ETSU, state funding provides 26.6 percent of the total revenues required to support the operations of the university. 

In response to the changes in state funding policy, coupled with uncertainties emerging from new competitive forces facing the university, it is imperative that ETSU examine budgeting at the campus level. The following three committees are leading a campus conversation that will guide the evolution of ETSU.

The following provides detailed information about these efforts:

Budget Process Committee

Academic Portfolio Review Committee

Administrative Services and Function Review Committee


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