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New Budget Process

ETSU 125

Administrative Services Review Committee

Committee Actions:

May 27, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

May 6, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

April 22, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

April 8, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

March 4, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

February 18, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

  • Meeting Agenda                 

February 4, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

January 21, 2015 Committee Deliberations                                        

December 17, 2014 Committee Deliberations                                        

December 3, 2014 Committee Deliberations

November 19, 2014 Committee Deliberations

October 29, 2014 Committee Deliberations

October 15, 2014 Committee Deliberations

 October 1, 2014 Committee Deliberations

 September 17, 2014 Committee Deliberations

September 3, 2014 Committee Deliberations

August 20, 2014 Committee Deliberations

August 6, 2014 Committee Deliberations

July 9, 2014 Committee Deliberations

June 25, 2014 Committee Deliberations

June 11, 2014 Committee Deliberations

June 3, 2014 Committee Deliberations

East Tennessee State University, having recently completed its 100th year, is ready to begin building on the foundation created by the Committee 125 groups. These groups examined ETSUs legacy and future from multiple perspectives, both academic and administrative. The creation of ETSUs future, however, will occur within a challenging external environment. These changes include the mix and expectations of students coming to the University, and the resources that support the University, which are increasingly shifting from state support to tuition and fees and other revenues generated directly by ETSU. In order to control its financial destiny, and allow for necessary reinvestment in its mission, the University must now consider the return on investment from all current and future resources. This return on investment is not only financial, but also a primary consideration of the contribution made to student success.

Charge of the Committee

The focus on return on investment is being led, in part, by an Administrative Services Review Committee, part of the overall University planning structure. The Committees charge is to identify opportunities for increased quality of service, efficiencies and cost savings. These opportunities will be considered in light of relevance to mission, support of a student-centered growth agenda, and fiscal stewardship. Issues for consideration include:

  • Improving the quality and efficiency of customer service to students, faculty and staff, with an aim to both reduce cost and increase service levels. This effort will focus initially on addressing pain points in the service experience.
  • Focusing on enhancing services which support student success, especially progression and graduation rates.
  • Educating the campus on service delivery, and increasing the level of accountability and transparency around service offerings.
  • Creating consistent policy and procedures, documenting them, and communicating throughout the campus community.
  • Identifying reallocation opportunities to fund the mission.
  • Creating a framework that will provide a model for how this work can be done in the future.

Committee Membership Including Subgroup Leads:

Bert C. Bach, chair
Leslie Adebonojo
Scott Beck
Marsh Grube
Scott Jeffress
Mary Jordan
Kathy Kelley

B.J. King
Karen King
Hal Knight
Sally Lee
Barbi Ly-Worley
Stefanie Murphy
Margaret Pate

Bill Rasnick
Don Samples
Karen Tarnoff
Vince Thompson
Greg Wilgocki
Teresa Williams
Pat Van Zandt

IR Staff Support: Mike Hoff | Consulting Service (per Contract): Rick Staisloff, Principal rpkGROUP

Subgroups: Membership and Charge

Subgroup Membership

FacilitiesGreg Wilgocki, lead
Nester, Lynn
Burchett, Bonnie
Sims, Paul
Stoots, Mike
Isham, Dean
Wasik, John
Montgomery, Robert
Sellers, Eric
Hart, Mac

Administrative StructuresPatricia Van Zandt, lead
Hamm, Tammy
Pointer, Martha
Duncan, William N.
Kiech, Anthony
Lewis, Angela
Johnson, Keith
O'Brien, Daniel
McCarty, Don

Leveraging TechnologyKaren King, lead
Keener, Janet
Salley, Andy
Knisley, Jeff
Thompson, Vincent
Byrd, Michelle
Whitlock, Josh
Bennett, Brian
Szarejko, Celia
Palmatier, Matthew

Public ServiceScott Beck, lead
DeAngelis, Anita
Adinolfi, Leah
Blackman, Mary Dave
Epps, Susan
Taylor, Teresa Brooks
Schubert, Blaine
Kidwell, Ginny
Knight, Hal

Academic Support StructuresLeslie Adebonojo, lead
Samples, Donald
Jones, Myra
Onks-Cummings, Stacy
Price, Robert
Close, Deidra
Guram, Adrianna
Thompson, Phyllis Ann
McIntosh, Cecilia

Student Support StructuresB.J. King, lead
Dills, Tim
Dula, Chris
Howard, Jeff
Bartoszuk, Karin
Brown, Dan
Feagins, Kathy
Greer, Charvi
Byington, Randy

Net Revenue GeneratorsKathy Kelley, lead
Countermine, Terry
Batchelder, James
Anderson, Gordon
Duncan, William R
Good, Donald
Osborn, Rick
Bishop, Gary
Brown, Russ
Safewright, Michelle
Davis, Jr., George R. (Robbie)

Duplication of EffortScott Jeffress, lead
Clavier, Cheri
Weiss, Gabriella
Clements, Andrea
Edde, Martha
Gregory, Richard
Laws, Michaele
Rowland, Lisa
Hoyle, Sean

Vendors & ContractsBarbi Ly-Worley, lead
Lowe, Doris
Miller, Donna
Chapman, Cathy
Currie, David
Hommel, Kasey
Crofts, Thomas
Chesley, Colin
Fair, Jill

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