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Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Office of Planning and Decision Support

Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

East Tennessee State University

Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment at ETSU consists of:

  • Cheri Clavier, Director;
  • Leigh Lewis, Assistant Director. 

Our offices are located at 920 W. Maple Street rooms 201-202.  For general inquiries, you may contact us at .    

The Office of Assessment at ETSU is involved in a number of interrelated initiatives, including:  

  • Management of the Institutional Effectiveness process as defined by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools--Commision on Colleges;
  • Oversite of ETSU's participation in the Tennessee Higher Education Commission's Quality Assurance Funding program, which includes: 
    • General Education assessment via the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST);
    • Major Field Assessment (more commonly referred to as Major Field Test, or MFT);
    • Academic Program Evaluation through Accreditation, Program Review, or Academic Audit 
    • Institutional Satisfaction Studies involving students (via the National Survey of Student Engagement, or NSSE), faculty (via the faculty Survey of Student Engagement, or FSSE), and alumni (using the Performance Enhancement Group (PEG) Alumni Study survey; and
    • Adult Learner Success initiatives to better serve the needs of this population.
  • Assessment support for the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan, INtopFORM;
  • Administration of the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) via Course Eval; and
  • TracDat system administration. 

Student Achievement Goals and Outcomes


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