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Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Office of Planning and Decision Support

Major Field Assessment

The Major Field Assessment is designed to provide incentives for institutions to improve the quality of undergraduate major field programs as evaluated by the performance of graduates on approved examinations. Programs are considered successful if they score at or above a comparison score. All undergraduate programs will be reported once during the 2015-2020 cycle with the exception of licensure exams, which will report annually. Approximately 20% of programs at the University are tested each year. See schedule below for the years each program will test.

All students graduating in the fall and spring semesters of a testing year are required to be tested. The Office of Assessment may consider individual student exemptions for extreme circumstances. Exemptions will not be given for simple inconvenience.


2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019 2019/2020   Annually


 Communication Studies  Accounting   Biology   Chemistry Cardiopulmonary Science
 Human Services  Criminal Justice and Criminology  Computing  Digital Media  Mass Communication  Dental Hygiene
 Psychology  English  Finance  Mathematics  Public Health  Interdisciplinary Studies – Elem. Ed.
 Sport and Leisure Management
 Political Science
 Social Work
   Physical Education  Marketing    Sociology  Radiologic Science
           Special Education 

Some programs may give a Major Field Assessment annually as part of the program requirements. The schedule above lists required exams for Quality Assurance Funding purposes only.


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