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Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Office of Planning and Decision Support

Anonymity of Results

The University takes every precaution to maintain confidentiality of personally identifiable information when processing survey results. Student names and other information are not associated with the surveys at any time. After the survey deadline, all results received for a course are compiled by CoursEval into a report. This report provides instructors with the number of responses for each item on the survey. For example, the instructor can see that 6 people answered Agree Strongly on question 4, but they cannot see which students entered that response. The instructor will also not be able to see all the answers given by one particular student. For example, the instructor will not be able to see that the student that answered Agree Strongly for question 6 also answered Agree Stongly for question 8. Results for course sections with less than 5 students are not released to instructors; however, please be mindful that the fewer students there are in a class, the greater the likelihood is that an instructor can identify how a student responded.

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