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Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Office of Planning and Decision Support

Online SAI How Tos for Faculty


Faculty Access for Results from SAIs


Go to

Use your ETSU username (ETSU email address without and password to log in.

You will enter the Faculty Landing page where surveys that are currently being conducted or most recently were conducted will be listed. If surveys are currently being conducted, a post it note will appear to the right of each course listing that tells you the number of students scheduled to complete the survey, the number of students that have actually completed the survey, and the percent of students that have completed the survey. If no surveys are currently being conducted, then you can access the results of the most recent surveys from the landing page.

If you are looking for survey results from previous years/semesters, scroll over the Reports button in the top left-hand corner and select Evaluation Reports from the drop down list. You may then use the drop down boxes along the top of the page to narrow down the year, period, survey, etc. that you are seeking.


Improving Response Rates

  • Urge your students to complete the SAI for your course; make it clear that you really want them to do so.

  • Stress that the University takes every precaution to maintain confidentialty of personally identifiable information when processing survey results.  Student names and other information are not associated with the surveys at any time. 

  • Explain to students how you use SAI results to improve your instruction or course content; for instance, show them how you used results from a previous term to improve the course students are taking with you now.

  • Frequently remind students to complete their SAIs during the period when the surveys are open.

  • Online SAIs are mobile friendly, so consider having students complete SAIs in class using mobile devices.



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