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Institutional Research

Office of Planning and Decision Support

Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) at East Tennessee State University serves as decision support to the administration and to institutional constituencies by identifying and disseminating information about the University.  Specifically, the office supports executive management, unit administrators, departmental staff, faculty research, and off-campus requests for information.

East Tennessee State University is a public Tennessee university under the oversight of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and with its own governing Board of Trustees.  Prior to fall semester 2017, governance of the institution was held by the Tennessee Board of Regents.  The University is comprised of undergraduate, graduate, and professional academic programs of study.

The IR office is under the leadership of the Director Of Institutional Research and reports to the Office of  Planning and Decision Support within the division of Academic Affairs.


... The office seeks to provide information by accessing and analyzing data extracted from the institutional management systems (such as Banner and Argos), from State reports, from federal and national data repositories, and data supplied from others.

... Requests are prepared using data integrity standards; professionalism; collaboration and communication with users and data custodians; and innovative, analytic tools and/or methods currently available to users and the office.

... Reports created in IR cover a wide range of operations from decision support management to executive summaries delivered through Web protocols, Excel, SAS, Argos, and Word applications.

...Within this IR Web site will be ETSU internal reports accessible via the ETSU user's network system login as well as general reports which are open to public access.

... The IR staff welcomes and appreciates having opportunities to assist with information and data needs related to the University and its strides to move management decisions forward wherever they exist.


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