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The Africana Studies Program

East Tennessee State University

The Africana Studies Program
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    Barack Obama

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    Booker T. Washington

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    James Baldwin

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    Marian Anderson

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    Ray Charles

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    Thurgood Marshall

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    W.E.B. Du Bois

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    Pauline Cookman

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program. The cornerstones of this program are:

  1. Respect for knowledge
  2. Respect for others
  3. Affirmation of the importance of diversity and inclusion
  4. Determination to improve our society through education and service
  5. Humility
  6. Compassion
  7. Cooperation.

In the 21st century, understanding the importance of history and underrepresented groups is central to making sense of an increasingly complicated and complex world. Africana Studies serves a critical role for the College of Arts & Sciences and East Tennessee State University by offering high quality academic course offerings, superb programming, and opportunities for personal growth through service. We are a student-centered program striving to improve the student experience. We encourage dialogue between various groups and strive to represent those groups who, historically and presently, have been unable to defend themselves.

The original sin of slavery has tainted every aspect of our lives in the United States. The scourge of racial oppression has impacted all of our national culture, institutions, schools, courts, boardrooms, rural areas, urban centers, financial institutions, and politics. There are no better examples of the importance of race and ethnicity than the events of the previous twenty years. Wars and domestic strife, profound demographic changes, and the rise of right wing nationalism have reinforced the need for education, compassion, and outreach. This combined with long simmering issues, such as voter suppression, poverty, militarism, immorality, police brutality, and violence, have demonstrated the unmistakable need for high quality programming which brings people together to support the common good.



AFAM Courses Offered for Fall 2020

Dept. Course ID Course Name Professor Room Days Time
AFAM 3989 Cooperative Education Daryl Carter Rogers-Stout Hall 108 T TR 12:45pm- 2:05 pm
AFAM 4950 Senior Seminar Daryl Carter Rogers-Stout Hall 108 TR 02:15 pm-03:35 pm
HIST 3720 History of Africa  TBA Rogers-Stout Hall 124 TR 09:45 am-11:05 am
HIST 3900 African American to 1877 Daryl Carter Rogers-Stout Hall 124 TR 08:15 am-09:35 am
GEOG 1012 Intro Cultural Geography TBA  Online Course Online Online
ENGL 2055 African American Literature TBA Online Course Online Online
ENGL 4207 Lit of the South Thomas Alan Holmes Burleson Hall 302 TR 11:15am-12:45pm
MUSC 1035 History of Jazz Michael Baggetta Mathes Hall 107 TR 9:45am-11:45 am
PSCI  3060 Southern Politics John David Briley Rogers-Stout Hall 327 MWF 10:25 am-11:20 am
PSCI 4030 Black American Political Thought Adam G Dickson Rogers-Stout Hall 325 TR 4:00 pm-6:50 pm
SOWK 1030 Cultural Diversity Jennifer R Geiger Rogers‐Stout Hall TR 9:00 am -10:20 am
SOWK 1030 Cultural Diversity Deborah Ann Thibeault Online Course Online Online
SOAA 3800 Religion, Society, & Culture Adria Ryan McLaughlin  Online Course Online Online
SOCI 3110 Minorities Kittye Karol Hirsch Online Course Online Online
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