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''Taking Charge of Your Life in 2009?'' Employee Assistance Program Seminar for Employees

Thursday, March 05, 2009D. P. Culp Center, The Forum, 3rd FloorOften times, we are beset with circumstances and events beyond our control. Yet, we must demonstrate resilience and coping mechanisms to endure, survive and achieve. In order to achieve success, there are several factors that we must take charge of in our lives. That includes effective financial planning, career skills, health promotion, keeping emotions in tact along with using sufficient stress reduction techniques. This seminar will address how you can proceed with mapping your goals for success. You will develop a plan and learn to track your progress to accomplishment. Come and discover how to: *Define and prioritize your life goals. *Establish intermediate goals and action steps. *Discover information and resources to assist you in meeting your goals. *Anticipate obstacles. *Understand what it takes to "stay the course"

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