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Earn Your Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology


Want to make a difference in the United States justice system? Earn your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and criminology from East Tennessee State University.  

You will study law, social and behavioral sciences, and other academic areas related to criminology. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice by participating in a field experience internship with a local, state, or federal criminal justice agency.

Whether you want to serve as a crime scene technician, criminal investigator, probation and parole officer, correctional counselor, juvenile court counselor, or enter the legal profession by going on to law school, you’ll be prepared to make an impact on your community, the criminal justice system, and beyond.


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In this program, you will learn: 


Foundations of criminal law


Criminal statistics, hypotheses, and theories of criminology


Social and behavioral patterns of offenders 

What Can You Do with a Degree in Criminal Justice?


ETSU offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  

The major difference between the BA and BS degree is the BA degree requires a foreign language and the BS is more focused on science and technology in the field of criminal justice.

Both degrees open doors to diverse career paths, such as:

  • Law enforcement at the federal, state, and local level
  • Corrections at the institutional level (prison counselors) or at the local level (probation & parole, juvenile justice counselors)
  • Forensic science laboratory analysts or crime scene investigations
  • Crime analysts at the federal, state, and local level
  • Private and corporate security and investigations
  • Postsecondary teachers, such as criminal justice or criminal law instructors
  • Pursuing a law degree or graduate degree (Masters and Doctorate degrees) after graduation with the BA or BS degree. 

Visit each link above to learn more from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics about the job outlook, pay statistics, similar occupations, and more about each of these careers. 

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