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Division of Business and Finance

East Tennessee State University

FP-16 Keys to University Buildings and Facilities

I.    General 
II.   Approving Officials 
III.  Responsibilities of Approving Officials 
IV.  Responsibilities of Individuals to Whom Keys are Issued 
V.   Responsibilities of the Public Safety Department 
VI.  Responsibilities of the Physical Plant Department 
VII. Contractors and Concessionaires

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I. General

Keys to University buildings and facilities will be issued to individuals upon proper approval in accordance with this policy and procedure. Security of a University key is the responsibility of the person to whom the key is issued. Deans and Department Heads are responsible for the control of keys issued to their personnel. Requests for keys must be submitted on a work order (Exhibit A) to Physical Plant. The work order must be signed by the appropriate approving official and approved by the Director of Physical Plant or his designee. If a key is requested to an area assigned to another Dean or Department Head, that individual must also sign the work order. The work order must identify the type of key requested, building name and room number or area to which the key permits access, and the name and title of the person whom it is to be issued. Any combination locks installed shall have a key bypass. Residence Hall keys are controlled as specified in "Residence Hall Student Handbook."

Privately owned locks are not permitted on University facilities, building and doors except for lockers designated for personal use.

II. Approving Officials

The following officials are authorized to approve the issuance of keys as indicated:

A. Great Grand Master - President or Vice President for Business and Finance

B. Building Master - Vice Presidents

C. Departmental Master - Dean or Department Head

D. Individual Interior Doors - Dean or Department Head

E. Building Entrance - Dean or Department Head

Building master keys and entrance keys should be issued to full time personnel only. Requests to have locks removed from the University master key system must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and the Vice President for Business and Finance.

III. Responsibilities of Approving Officials

Approving officials are responsible for the following:

A. Designate those individuals whose duties require keys.

B. Issue keys to employees, have each individual sign for the keys issued to them and maintain a current list of personnel to whom they have issued keys.

C. Maintain security of keys until issued. Keys are to be obtained from employees when they terminate employment, transfer to another department or building or the need for the key no longer exists. The final payroll check may be held until all keys are returned. Physical Plant must be notified when the key is returned by completing a work order (Exhibit A). The key may be reassigned by notifying Physical Plant. Otherwise, the key is to be returned to Physical Plan with a completed work order.

D. Submit to the Physical Plant Director by October 1 each year a report of keys issued and outstanding (Exhibit B). Medical School personnel should also forward a copy to the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration.

E. Report in writing to Public Safety and the Director of Physical Plant all incidents of lost keys. (Medical School personnel should also forward a copy to the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration.) Each report should contain the following information:

1. Name of official who issued the key.

2. Name of individual to whom the key was issued.

3. Type of key issued.

4. Room, building or area to which the key provided access.

5. Date loss discovered and circumstances concerning the loss.

IV. Responsibilities of Individuals to Whom Keys are Issued

The following regulations apply to all individuals to whom University keys are issued.

A. University keys will not be removed from campus without authorization of the official who approved the key to be issued. Faculty, staff and other personnel may be authorized to maintain University keys in their possession at all times.

B. Personnel to whom keys are issued are responsible for their physical security. The loss of a University key must be reported immediately to the proper approving official.

C. The duplication of any University key by anyone other than a Physical Plant locksmith is prohibited.

V. Responsibilities of the Public Safety Department

Individuals who do not possess University keys and need to enter a University building may request assistance from Public Safety. Upon receipt of such requests, Public Safety personnel will make positive identification of the individual and if appropriate secure permission from a proper University official before providing admission to the building. Public Safety personnel do not possess keys to interior doors to any buildings.

Officials who wish to allow personnel to enter a University building under their authority for an extended period of time without issuing them a key may notify the Public Safety Department in writing of the person's name and the circumstances of the needed access.

VI. Responsibilities of the Physical Plant Department

The Physical Plant is responsible for the production duplication and replacement of keys. The duplication of University keys by any other person or department is prohibited. The Physical Plant key shop will duplicate University keys only upon a properly prepared work order signed by the appropriate approving official. In addition the Physical Plant Department will maintain a current listing of all keys issued.

Physical Plant personnel will only give access to a building or room to an individual if they personally recognize the individual and know he/she normally works in that area or upon authorization of the department head.

VII. Contractors and Concessionaires

When access to University facilities is required in connection with a commercially contracted project, the Director of Physical Plant will coordinate the contractor's or concessionaire's requirements with the Assistant Vice President for Administration or Director of Purchasing as appropriate and the appropriate officials where the work is to be performed. After proper coordination, and prior to the issuance of keys the Director of Physical Plant will ensure that the contractor or concessionaire is thoroughly familiar with their responsibilities. Upon completion of their need for University keys, the Director of Physical Plant will insure that keys are returned at the appropriate time.

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Exhibit 16.A - Key Control Order

Original effective date: October 1, 1987
Revised: September 1, 1989; October 29, 2001
Last review: March 1, 2004

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