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Financial Systems and Technology

Division of Business and Finance


Popular Stores

Buccaneer Family is one of several ETSU online payment sites designed to make the membership application and payment processes as simple and convenient as possible.

Center for Appalachian Studies is one of the few ETSU online payment sites primarily used to sell tangible items, such as books, magazines, CDs/DVDs and posters to name a few.

Center for Physical Activity Online Services is a ETSU online payment site used to collect a wide range of fees for various programs and activities offered to ETSU Faculty and Staff, Students and Alumni.

ETSU Children's Programs is one of the more unique ETSU online payment sites, it's sole purpose is to collect tuition payments from parents across three different programs. However, this site is designed to allow parents to enter the amount they wish to pay as each child typically requires a payment of a different amount.

ETSU Graduate Studies Application Fee Payment is a rather simple ETSU online payment site that process a large amount of transactions throughout the year simply for fee collection purposes.

Several ETSU online payments are active during only limited periods throughout the year in order to collect fees for study abroad trips, conferences and other limited university related activities.

ETSU Online Payment Sites Via TouchNet

ETSU online payment sites via the TouchNet Marketplace system are individually designed and customized to collect revenue for various university related activities in a secure, convenient and personalized fashion. Please review FP-36 - Credit Card Policy for more information regarding taking online payments via credit card. Your department will need to complete the Request for Marketplace Online Payment Site/Product/TouchNet Ready Partner. Please submit the form through the listed signature chain. Once we receive your form, we will collect the remaining required signatures and request a merchant ID if needed. Our department currently covers the cost of the merchant ID for all ETSU departments. A detail code will be set up with the account numbers provided on the above form and the revenue will automatically feed to the account through Banner. Shipping and/or tax will be calculated automatically if required.

If you have any questions regarding an existing ETSU online payment site or the possibility of creating an ETSU online payment site for your department, please contact David Smith, Director of Financial Systems and Technology, at . Depending on the complexity of your needs, your site may require a meeting between members of your department and various staff members from Business and Finance or may simply require communication via email/phone. Also, the Director of Financial Systems and Technology will be happy to come to your department and present Marketplace to your department upon request.

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