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eBucs FAQs
How do I get set up to use eBucs?
Fill out the online Goldlink Finance Account Request Form to be set-up for access to Banner and eBucs. This form can be found on Information Technologys website under Forms.  Email Cathy Chapman to sign up for eBucs training.
I can't remember my password - can you reset it?
Beginning Monday, July 31, 2017, you will access eBucs through GoldlLink (see instructions on homepage under Announcements), and will no longer need a separate password to sign into eBucs.  Your password will be your ETSU network password. The same secure password you use to sign into the ETSU network (your computer).

If you have difficulty signing in with your network password, please contact
the ETSU .
How can I find my requisition?

If you know your requisition number: Find " Search For" at the far right of the eBucs screen just under the shopping cart logo at the top (in the dark blue area).  Click on the drop-down arrow, selecting " PR No.".  Enter the PR (purchase requisition) number in the blank field to the right, click " GO".  This will bring up your requisition.

If you do not know your requisition number (two ways to search):

  1.  In eBucs, in the first row of tabs (light blue color), click " History".  In the second row of tabs (dark blue color), click " My Requisitions".  Your requisitions should appear.  If you have named your cart, your search will be a quick one!
  2. In eBucs, in the first row of tabs (light blue color), click " History".  In the second row of tabs (dark blue color), click " Requisition History". Third set of tabs down, click " by Requisition".  Fill in the appropriate information in the blank fields.  Click the " Filter" box to open up information below that area.  You can search by a date range and select users and departments to find your requisition.  You can also search according to account, chart and index as necessary, and also by requisition status - completed, pending, partially rejected, rejected, withdrawn.
How do I cancel an order?

Send an email to procurement that you need the PO canceled with a reason why. 

How do I stop a requisition before it "goes out"?

You can withdraw your requisition at any time during the process before it becomes a purchase order.  In eBucs, bring up the requisition.  Click on the drop down box beside the yellow " GO" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Select " Withdraw Requisition".

I have an attachment that needs to go with my purchase order or I have a contract that needs to be signed and sent with my purchase order.  How do I get it to you and make sure it goes with the order?

You can scan the attachment to yourself, save it, and then attach it as an Internal attachment or External attachment as appropriate.  Internal attachments stay internal to the requisition.  External attachments are transmitted to the supplier.  Attachments can also be attached from word or excel documents.  If you do not have scanning capabilities, you may send a hard copy to the appropriate buyer in Procurement (Purchasing). Be sure to reference the requisition number on the hard copy you send.  Please contact us (439-4224) to determine who you should send the attachment to.

Why was my requisition rejected? In eBucs bring up the rejected requisition.  There are 5 tabs at the top left hand side of the requisition: Requisition, PR Approvals, PO Preview, Comment and History.  Click the History tab.  The reason for the rejection can be found under the Note column.  It will usually include directions for making corrections.

My requisition was rejected; do I have to start over?

If the requisition was submitted using the wrong form, you will need to start over.   If not, you can copy the rejected requisition to a new cart, rename the cart, make corrections and re-submit.  If you ordered from a Dell punch-out, you will need to start from scratch.  To copy to a new cart, bring up the rejected requisition.  Use the drop-down box in the upper right hand corner next to the yellow go button.  Choose the copy to new cart option.  Click the yellow go button.  Rename your cart and make any changes necessary.

What can I do if I can't find my supplier in eBucs? In eBucs choose "New Supplier" as the vendor for your requisition.  In the internal notes section of your cart, list the suppliers name, address, phone, fax and email information.  Procurement will take care of setting up the vendor in eBucs.  However Procurement, at our discretion, will not set up new vendors in eBucs if the requested products or services can be obtained from vendors already available for use in eBucs.

The supplier doesn't need or accept a purchase order, just a check.  How do I get them paid? A supplier may not need a purchase order, but ETSU requires one.  Submit the requisition on a Check with Order form in eBucs.  A check will be sent with the purchase order to the supplier.

How do I return an order? First obtain a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) from the supplier.  Usually the supplier will generate a Call Tag for the merchandise to be returned.  Next contact Central Receiving at ext. 9-4364 to properly arrange for your return.  Occasionally, but not always, there may be a restocking fee imposed by the supplier.

How do I do a change order?

Email your request to Procurement using the Comment section of the purchase order in eBucs.

Where do I buy copy paper? Copier paper is housed in our Central Receiving Department.   You can order regular size copier paper (8 x 11) from Central Receiving on their website,  Legal size paper can be ordered from our office products supplier Staples.

Why won’t eBucs accept the amount I put in?

Don’t use $ signs when entering amounts.

Can I buy something myself and get reimbursed?

No, all purchases must be requisitioned through eBucs or purchased using a Procard.

Contact us at:

Procurement and Contract Services
PO Box 70729
Johnson City, TN 37614
Tel: (423) 439-4224
Fax: (423) 439-5746

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