Meet Bucky

Buc E. Buccaneer, aka “Bucky,” is ETSU’s beloved mascot. Like those who call the rugged Appalachian Mountains home, Bucky is an adventurer who is always looking to the horizon and never backs down from a challenge. In fact, he loves the mountains and the people here so much that he long ago said “farewell” to the high seas, traded his ship for a kayak, and made the Appalachian Highlands his forever home. 

Bucky's head is sticking out from the crowd during a dance party.


Request an Appearance by Bucky

Bucky is a busy guy, but he loves to make appearances at campus and community events when he can! If you would like to invite Bucky to an event, please complete the form below.

Invite Bucky to An Event

Bucky’s Policy on Events 

As his calendar allows, Bucky is happy to participate in campus events and community events organized by nonprofit groups. Once you make your request, Bucky’s assistants will confirm whether or not he will attend within 7 business days. Requests must be made at least 14 days in advance to be considered.  

Please note that due to his packed schedule, Bucky is unable to attend any private functions. Additionally, Bucky prefers to keep his political views private and does not attend partisan political events.