Our PREH 1350 Health Professions Exploration Course is a 3 credit hour class that serves undergraduate students planning to enter one of our health majors or a health-related professional school. Typically, pre-health professions students and majors in Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Nursing, and Public Health enroll in this course. This course will address emotional maturity, interprofessional communication, as well as competencies regarding life goals, individual values, and decision-making skills. The course content is continuously reviewed by community professionals to ensure the course is preparing students for healthcare professions.



What do students say?

"This course presented me a deeper understanding of healthcare careers and of myself.” Rehabilitative Health Sciences major
"Take the course. Pay attention to the lectures and presentations...they help you think about your future and what you want to do with it!" Pre-medical profession student
"This course provides students with a solid foundation in health care related fields, problems, and career choices, as well as prepares them with the information and experience they will need in order to become a healthcare professional." Public Health major