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Medical Professions Advisement

Center for Advisement and Student Excellence

Requesting Faculty Evaluations

Your composite evaluation application will include evaluations from 4 faculty members under whom you have taken or are taking classes. These letters are intended to focus on your academic abilities and your interactions with your professor and fellow students in that specific academic setting. Classes of all types provide opportunities for your professors to comment on your punctuality, maturity, writing and speaking skills, responsibility, ability to tackle complex content.

Choosing faculty evaluators

Two evaluations must come from faculty in the sciences / mathematics.
This includes engineering technology, environmental health, exercise science, geography, geology, health sciences, biostatistics and epidemiology, mathematics, nursing courses with clinical components, physics, and behavioral neuroscience.

Two evaluations must come from faculty in the non-sciences.
This area includes English, history, music, philosophy, psychology, community and behavioral health, health services management and policy, sports management, sociology, etc.

No two instructors may be from the same department.

Choose full-time tenured / tenure track faculty.
Exceptions to this rule apply, but all evaluators must be approved by the MPA Office. If you are having trouble finding instructors who meet these criteria, please consult with Martha Edde for assistance.

Tips for requesting evaluations


  • Ask your instructors in advance if they would be willing to complete an evaluation of your performance for your professional program of choice.
  • It is usually best to talk to your instructors in person.
  • Provide a resume to each instructor as you make your request. If you are communicating via email, attach a small photo of yourself to your resume to help your instructor remember you.
  • Don't forget that all four faculty evaluators must be approved by the MPA Office before your instructors will receive the online notification of your request.

After requesting evaluations

When a faculty evaluator has submitted the Individual Instructor's Evaluation (IIE) form, it will be marked "Completed" under the Evaluator Selection section in the application system.

It is your responsibility to follow up and make sure that all of the IIE forms are submitted online before 4:30 PM on the application deadline. Faculty members are busy people, and you may find it necessary to remind them about the form on one or more occasions. If you have difficulty getting your forms completed, consult Martha Edde for suggestions.

These evaluations will be completed online by the faculty you have designated, so do not turn in paper copies to the MPA Office.

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