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Title: John Fain Anderson Collection
Collection Number: Accession No. 288
Physical Description: 23 Scrapbooks, 1 Folder
Creator: John Fain Anderson
Repository: Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University



Provenance: The papers of John Fain Anderson were donated to the Archives of Appalachia on October 21, 1986 by Janis M. Anderson, L. E. Brabson Jr., Katherine Brabson Vallila, Margaret Ruth Brabson, Stanley Sylvester Anderson, William Fain Anderson, and David W. Gott. The papers were opened for research in September 1987.

Access: The collection is open for research.

Processing Information: Scott Schwartz, Karen House, Ed Speer, Norma Myers, and Georgia Greer processed the collection in 1987, 1990 and 1997.


John Fain Anderson, born November 17, 1844, in Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee, was the son of Samuel Anderson (1805-1849) and his wife Hannah Crawford Fain (1811-1891). He was married on December 15, 1869, to Susan Florence Lady (1852-1932), also a native of Sullivan County. A member of the Presbyterian church since his youth, he joined the Salem Presbyterian Church after moving to Washington County, Tennessee.

While stationed at Knoxville and Loudon, Tennessee, during the Civil War, Anderson served as a messenger boy for Union troops. After the war he operated a mercantile establishment at Brownsboro, Washington County, Tennessee. Retiring from the mercantile business in 1881, he purchased a farm near Washington College in Washington County.

An authority on local history, Anderson wrote feature articles on upper East Tennessee history for the Knoxville Journal and Tribune and other newspapers. He was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and the East Tennessee Historical Society.

John Fain Anderson died at his home on Sunday, April 28, 1929. Both he and his wife are buried in the graveyard of Salem Presbyterian Church, Washington College, Tennessee.


The John Fain Anderson Collection consists of 23 scrapbooks created by Anderson. The scrapbooks include newsclippings, brochures, obituaries, correspondence, photographs, postcards, greeting cards and handwritten notes concerning historical events, genealogies of families and biographical information on prominent individuals, political events, and educational institutions in upper East Tennessee. Some subjects covered in the collection include: Washington College Academy, the Civil War, the battle of Kings Mountain, the Republican party, railroads, local histories concerning Greeneville and Jonesborough, Tennessee, and prominent families and individuals such as Samuel Doak, Andrew Johnson, Brownlow family, Blackburn family, Fain family, Joseph Wheeler and Seldon Nelson.

Oranization: The material contained in the scrapbooks date from 1796 to 1938. The volumes have overlapping dates, but are not arranged chronologically. Volume numbers assigned by Fain have been retained whenever possible, and numbers have been assigned to unmarked volumes. Loose pamphlets, financial documents and written historical sketches have been removed from the volumes and placed in a separate folder with the first volume. Volume descriptions highlight the subjects included within a particular volume but are by no means comprehensive. Some of the volumes contain indexes.

Important subjects include:

Allison, John, 1845-1920
Anderson family
Anderson, John Fain, 1844-1929
Balch, Hezekiah, 1741-1782
Bean, William, 1721-1782
Blount, William 1749-1800
Blount College
Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820
Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865
Brown, Jacob, 1736-1785
Brownlow, Walter Preston, 1851-1910
Brownlow, William Gannaway, 1805-1877
Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850
Chattanooga (Tenn.)
Clay, Henry, 1777-1852
Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836
Daughters of the American Revolution
Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889
Doak, John Whitefield, 1778-1820
Doak, Samuel, 1749-1830
Education--Tennessee, East
Farragut, David Glasgow, 1801-1870
Franklin (State)
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885
Greene County (Tenn.)
Greeneville College
Hoss, Henry, d. 1836
Houston, Sam, 1793-1863
Hunter, R. C. (Robert Crouch), 1859-
Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845
Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875
Jonesborough (Tenn.)
Jonesborough (Tenn.)--History
King's Mountain, Battle of, 1780
Knoxville (Tenn.)
Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Martin Academy
Maynard, Horace, 1814-1882
Mellen, George Frederick, 1859-1927
Nelson, Thomas A. R., 1812-1873
Politicians--United States
Polk, James K. (James Knox), 1795-1849
Presidents--United States
Ramsey, J. G. M. (James Gettys McGready), 1797-1884
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
Ross, F. A. (Frederick Augustus), 1796-1883
Salem Presbyterian Church (Washington County, Tenn.)
Sevier, Catharine Sherrill, 1754-1836
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
Slavery--United States
Sullivan County (Tenn.)
Taylor, Alfred Alexander, 1848-1931
Taylor, Robert Love, 1850-1912
Temple, Oliver Perry, 1820-1907
Tennessee, East--Genealogy
Tennessee--History, Military
Tennessee--Politics and government
Thompson, Samuel Hunter, 1876-
Tusculum College
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--History, Military
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
United States--Industries
United States--Politics and government
Washington College (Washington County, Tenn.)
Washington, George, 1732-1799
Washington County (Tenn.)
Washington County (Tenn.)--History
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924



Polk County Tennessee-highway map, dating June 1916, has been removed and placed in an oversized folder. The folder is filed in the map cabinets according to accession number.


Box 1

Volume 1:

Miscellaneous papers, 1887-1917. (Indexed).
Biography of Samuel Doak, pamphlet on Kings Mountain campaign, genealogical material on Anderson and Crawford families and list of fees for jurors and marshalls.

Volume 2:

Scrapbook, 1868. (Indexed).
Newsclippings on Andrew Johnson, miscellaneous obituaries, materials relating to Washington College graduates, 1817-1905, and note on major wars.

Box 2

Volume 3:

Scrapbook, 1903. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous poems, newsclippings on military and patriotic subjects, newsclipping on the Brownlow family and correspondence.

Volume 4:

Scrapbook, 1903-1904. (Indexed).
Personal financial accounts, Blackburn family history and Washington College history.

Box 3

Volume 5:

Scrapbook, 1905. (Indexed).
Civil War memorabilia, articles concerning the New Market Train Wreck, earthquake and politics, a series of news articles entitled "This Date in History," and miscellaneous obituaries.

Box 4

Volume 6:

Scrapbook, 1901. (Indexed).
Correspondence, obituaries (including Grover Cleveland), Chronicles of the Bean family, newsclippings concerning local history, national history and political events, and notes on Tusculum College, Washington Academy, Joseph Wheeler, William Butler and Fain family.

Volume 7:

Scrapbook, 1923. (Indexed).
History of Washington College.

Box 5

Volume 8:

Scrapbook, undated. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous postcards and correspondence, obituaries, Seldon Nelson articles on family histories, political newsclippings, history of Blount County, Tenn., biography of John Rankin, and "Dropped Stitches" articles.

Box 6

Volume 9:

Scrapbook, 1904-1927. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous obituarties, postcards and correspondence, and newsclippings on United States Presidents.

Box 7

Volume 10:

Scrapbook, 1861-1913. (Indexed).
Civil War news reports, Generals McClellan's and Grant's printed accounts and experiences during Civil War, miscellaneous business cards, postcards, correspondence and obituaries, information on Jonesborough courthouse, underground railroad and capture of Mobile, Alabama.

Volume 11:

Scrapbook, 1894-1914. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous Christmas cards, correspondence and postcards, newsclipping on Civil War, and newspaper column by Dr. George Mellen.

Box 8

Volume 12:

Scrapbook, 1917-1919. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous obituaries, newsclippings on local, state and United States history, and news columns by Dr. George Mellen.

Volume 13:

Scrapbook, 1915-1916. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous correspondence and photographs, history of the Doak family, history of Washington College, Dr. Mellen's columns, photographs of railroad stations in the south.

Box 9

Volume 14:

Scrapbook, 1914-1915. (Indexed).
Family correspondence and obituaries, miscellaneous campaign cards and postcards, Dr. Mellen's editorials, news articles featuring East Tennessee history, and news articles concerning the battles of the Civil War.

Box 10

Volume 15:

Scrapbook, 1919-1923. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous greeting cards, postcards and correspondence, newsclippings concerning Abraham Lincoln, Republican heroes, Sons of the Revolution, and autobiography of Reverend F. A. Ross.

Box 11

Volume 16:

Scrapbook, 1903-1904. (Indexed).
Newsclippings and articles concerning the Civil War, Andrew Johnson, Republican Party, religion, and railroads in the south; miscellaneous poems, obituaries and home remedies, and histories of Jones family and Washington College.

Box 12

Volume 17:

Scrapbook, 1915-1917. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous obituaries and correspondence, Dr. George Mellen news articles, and newsclipping concerning the Civil War and upper East Tennessee history.

Box 13


1912-1928. (Not Indexed).
Contains letters from John Fain Anderson regarding genealogy.

Volume 18:

Scrapbook, 1796-1903. (Indexed).
List of Washington College graduates, miscellaneous poems, railroad in the south, Tennessee history, Brown family history, famous people.

Volume 19:

Scrapbook, 1909-1930, undated. (Indexed).
Miscellaneous obituaries, miscellaneous poems, miscellaneous wedding announcements, Washington College history, postcards.

Box 13

Volume 20:

Scrapbook, 1916-1938. (Indexed).
Postcards, miscellaneous obituaries, miscellaneous poems, correspondence, William Anderson family history.

Box 14

Volume 21:

Day Book, 1897-1898. (Not Indexed).
List of goods purchased.

Volume 22:

Scrapbook, 1919-1937. (Indexed).
Anderson's golden wedding congratulations and regrets, miscellaneous golden wedding announcements, Henry Parrott family history, miscellaneous greeting cards.

Volume 23:

Scrapbook, 1922-1923. (Indexed).
Correspondence, list of governors of Tennessee including the territorial governors, Sullivan County history, Tennessee history.

The notation following the index item refers to the volume and page number of the indexed material.

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Abbott, Lyman, (Dr.): V:296.
Abolition Paper: VII:41.
Abrams, Thomas, (Judge): V:70.
Acor, Jacob: IX:18.
Acuff Chapel: XVIII:197-198.

Acuff, D. M.: I:250.
Acuff, Timothy: XVIII:197.
Acuff, John: IV:223.
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Adams, Clair S., (Rev.): IX:3.
Adams, Sarah F.: IX:8.
Adams, W. B.: I:250.
Admonson, John N.: XVII:15

African-American - History: II:69.
African-American - Origin of Term "Negro": II:52.
African-Americans (see also Slavery): VII:77.
Agtes, John R.: IX:49.
Aiken, John Anderson, (Col.): II:85.

Top of Index

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Amerian Revolutionary Soldiers: IV:220.

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American Industry: II:40, II:41, III:8839, IV:215, VI:3, VII:13, IX:3, IX:31, IX:76, XI:82, XIII:65.
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Anderson County, Tennessee: XIII:28.
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Anderson, Eva Mason: II:59, VIII:42, XV:384, XVII:15.
Anderson, Fain: VII:14, VIII:1, VIII:79, IX:32, X:23, XIV:83, XV:517.
Anderson, Fain: Family Genealogy: VIII:101 thru VIII:107.
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Anderson, Fannie: II:1.

Anderson, George R.: II:132.
Anderson, George Smith, (Brig-Gen.): XIV:159.
Anderson, George - Suicide: VI:104.
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Anderson, Hannah: VI:31, X:34, X:69, X:74.

Top of Index

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Anderson, William Family History: XX:25-26, 35-38
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Andersonville, Georgia: IV:186, VI:29, X:38.
Andes, Ernest: X:58.

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Andree's Polar Expedition: II:51.
Andrew Johnson Highway: VIII:48.

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Andrews, James J.: XI:10.
Andrews, F. M., (Mrs.): IX:68.
Angel, Beatrice West: VII:88.

Top of Index

Anthony, D. R., (Col.): XVI:20.
Anthony, Mark: VI:19.
Anthony, Susan B.: II:53.
Appomattox (see: Lee, Robert E. (Gen.))
Archer, C. E.: VIII:59.

Archer, John: VIII:31.
Arehen, Isac: IV:225.
Argenbright, James M.: VIII:2.
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Armentrout, Mattie Wood: VII:88, X:35.

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Armstrong, Roy: X:33.
Armstrong, W. F. S. - Obituary: V:360.
Armstrong, Zella: X:43.
Arnell, Samuel M. - Obituary: III:8348, III:8353.
Arnold, Benedict: V:76.

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Arnold, Thomas D., (Gen.): II:31, V:286.
Arthur, Chester A.: III:8619, XIV:293.
Arthur, John Preston: XVII:71, IX:22.
Asbury, Francis, (Bishop): VIII:88, XVII:79, XVII:88, XVIII:197, 198.

Asbury Memorial Church: IX:19.
Ashby, Henry M., (Col.): XI:5.
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Ashley, William H.: XVI:28.

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Atkinson, James, (Mrs.): XV:214.
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Atkinson, William: XI:82.
Atkinson, William E.: XVII:80.
Austin, Richard W.: VI:95, X:80, XII:16, XII:25, XII:228, XIII:48.
Avery, George: VII:58. Ayres, Brown, (Dr.): XI:69, XII:159.

Ayres, Zaccheus: XIV:53.
Babcock, Joe: II:117.
Bachman, J. L. - Obituary: XV:13.
Bachman, J. Lynn, (Mrs.): XIV:169.
Bachman, John: VIII:39.

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Bachman, Nathan: XIV:31, XIV:34, XIV:118.
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Bachman, Nathan La Fayette: XIV:130.

Bachman, R. L., (Rev.): V:122.
Bachman, Robert L., (Rev.): V:195, V:246, V:247, XV:297.
Bacon, W. S.: II:74.
Baden, Henry: X:43.
Bagley, Worth: III:8449.

Bailey, D. F.: V:164.
Bailey, Ida: II:8.
Bailey, J. A.: II:8.
Bailey, J. R.: XVII:119.
Bailey, Joseph W.: X:22.

Bailey, Mary: VI:68.
Bailey, Myrtle May: X:17.
Bailey, Nina L.: XVI:26.
Baird, E. J., (Rev.): VII:7.
Baker, B.: IV:24.

Baker, George Livingston, (Mrs.): VI:9.
Baker, Jacob: II:31.
Baker, John: XVI:2.
Baker, Johnathan N., (Rev.): XIV:75.
Baker, Mary: VII:21, VII:54.

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Baker, S. M.: IV:22.
Balch, Hezakah James, (Rev.): IV:200, VII:3, VII:16, VII:76, IX:7, X:25, XVI:insert, XVI:31.
Baldock, H. F.: XIV:insert.
Baldwin, Frank D., (Col.): II:44.
Baldwin, Joseph G.: XI:33.

Ball, Isabel Worrell: XIV:36, XVII:30.
Ballad of the Civil War
(See also Civil War): V:77.
Ballou, W. T.: V:177.
Baltimore Tea Party: V:107.
Bamard, E. E.: II:25.

Bancroft, George: VII:31.
Banking History (Knoxville): XVIII:238
Banks, Edward: IV:226.
Barboursville, Kentucky: XIV:58.
Barin-Gould, Sabine: IX:8.

Barker, Betley: XVI:26.
Barker, John: XVI:30.
Barker, Joseph H.: X:29.
Barker, Willson, (Rev.): IV:212.
Barkley, Jacob: XIII:39.

Barkley, Joe: V:200.
Barkley, Sam K. - Obituary: V:360.
Barlow, John: XV:141.
Barn, Jack: XIII:34.
Barnard, John A., (Col.): III:8585.

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Barnes, Abraham: XI:30.
Barnes, George C., (Maj.): X:64.
Barnes, Joseph: XIV:75.
Barnes, William: IV:223.
Barnum & Bailey Circus: XI:3.

Barr, C. T.: IX:8.
Barr, Winfield S.: X:32.
Barrier, Wade: IV:5, IV:76.
Barron, Samuel, (Capt.): XI:14.
Barron, William: IV:223.

Barrows, Washington: II:38.
Barry, Hiram: X:50.
Barry, John, (Commodore): XI:69.
Barry, William T.: V:165.
Bartlett, Robert A., (Mrs.): XV:247, XV:514.

Bartlett, Robert A., (Rev.): V:171.
Bartlett, William T., (Rev.): XVII:67.
Barton, Clara: II:77.
Barton, David: V:53, XVII:18.
Barton, David, (Sen.): XIV:186.

Barton, Isaac, (Rev.): XIV:209, XIV:213.
Barton, Robert M., (Judge): II:30, II:31, II:153.
Bashor, Peter: XIV:303.
Bates, J. C., (Brig. Gen.): II:42.
Bates, James: IV:223.

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Bates, John C., (Maj. Gen.): V:97.
Bates, Katharine Lee: IX:8.
Bates, Thomas LeRoy, (Col.): XI:3.
Bates, William Brimage, (Maj-Gen.): V:114 thru V:118, X:43, XVI:14.
Bates, William H., (Rev.): V:77, V:139.

Battes, James, (Col.): VII:56.
Battes, John: VII:56.
Bauchman, Rev. Nathan: VI:4, IV:213.
Baugh, Minni L.: XVII:24.
Baxter, E. J.: V:123, VI:22.

Baxter, Jacob, (Mrs.): XV:21, XV:89.
Baxter, John: X:50.
Baxter, Nathan, (Judge): X:48.
Baxter, W. W., (Rev.): IV:128.
Bayless, Albert G.: VIII:65.

Bayless, C. C.: XVII:82.
Bayless, D. W.: X:48.
Bayless, Evelyn: XVII:82.
Bayless Family History: XX:27, 29-30
Bayless, John: XIV:209.

Bayless, Louise: XVII:82.
Bayless, Mark: VIII:65.
Bayless, Mary Ann: VIII:65.
Bayless, R. A.: XV:1.
Bayless, Robert, (Rev.): V:152.

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Bayless, White, (Col.): VI:118.
Bayless, William M.: XV:447.
Bayouth, Frank: IV:48.
Beals, Martha E.: XV:68.
Bean, Baxter: XII:174.

Bean, Ellis: XIII:13.
Bean, George: XI:41, XII:173, XIII:13.
Bean, Harding, (Mrs.): X:27.
Bean, James: IV:148.
Bean, James Baxter: XIV:138, XIX:7.

Bean, Joseph H.: XIII:57.
Bean, Robert: IV:148.
Bean, Russell: V:151, VII:34, VII:65, X:43, XI:41, XII:172, XIV:137.
Bean Station: XII:173.
Bean, William: V:180, VII:33, VIII:43, XI:41.

Bean, William - Genealogy: XII:173.
Beard, Alice: XVII:29.
Beard, James: X:53.
Beard, Mark: XVII:29.
Beard, Robert: IV:223.

Beard, Rosa May: XVII:29.
Beard, Samuel: V:160.
Beard, Thomas: VIII:31.
Bearden, Marcus D.: XIII:57.
Beasley, Blanch: XIV:131.

Top of Index

Beasley, Matilda Archer: X:56.
Beasley, Thomas J.: X:56.
Beasley, Tom, (Mrs.) - Obituary: X:7.
Beatty, Francis: VIII:31.
Beatty, Samuel, (Col.): XI:6.

Beauchamp, H. C.: VI:1.
Beaumont, Henry Francis, (Rev.): II:25, II:31, II:56, II:63, III:8179, XVI:30, XVIII:233.
Beaumont, Thomas W.: XVI:30.
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant: XVII:56.
Beaver, J. A., (Gen.): XI:6.

Beaver Soap Company: XIII:81.
Beckman, John E.: XVI:5.
Beckwith, Clinton, (Col.): XII:206.
Bede, J. Adam: XVI:29.
Bedford County, Tennessee: IX:5.

Bedford, J. R.: X:43.
Bedford, Thomas: IX:5.
Beechim, Paul: XI:33.
Beeler, Elizabeth: XV:513.
Beene, L. J.: VIII:48.

Belk, J. B.: IV:25.
Belknap, W. W. - U. S. Secretary of War: V:83.
Bell, Alexander Graham: XIII:75.
Bell, Andrew: XIV:277.
Bell, Brooks: IX:41.

Top of Index

Bell, John: II:33, II:104, II:150, V:33, V:136, X:52, XI:34, XI:36.
Bell, Joseph: VIII:31.
Bell, Thomas: IV:223, VII:60, VIII:27.
Bell, Tyree H.: X:43.
Bell, Zachariah: VIII:31.

Bellamy, Luch: X:81.
Belmont, August: V:296.
Belo, Alfred H.: XVII:89.
Benjamin, Judah Philip: X:24.
Bennett, Pearle Maloney: VIII:53.

Bennington Disaster: V:122.
Benscoter, Lucile: X:68.
Bensinger, William: XI:10.
Benson, M. K., (Mr. and Mrs.): IV:42.
Bentley, Henry W.: X:22.

Benton, Thomas Hart: II:16, IX:4, X:42, XVI:2.
Bernard, Gen. Reuben Frank: III:8573.
Berry, J. C.: XV:75.
Bethel Presbyterian Church: VII:22.
Bethesda Academy: VI:67.

Beverly, Robert: VIII:39.
Beverly, William: VIII:39.
Bible, John C., (Capt.): XVII:76.
Bible Questions: XVIII:230
Biddle, J. N. - Obituary: III:8363.

Top of Index

Biddle, James, (Col.): XI:4.
Biddle, James D.: III:8231.
Biddle, Will D.: VI:15.
Bigelow, G. W.: XIII:3.
Billard, John: VI:52.

Billingby, J. L.: I:250.
Binford, Martha: V:120.
Bird, J. B., (Col.): XI:32.
Birdwell, Benjamin: IV:223.
Birthstones: XIX:13

Bishop, D. E.: X:47.
Bishop, John, (Mrs.): VI:4.
Bishop, T. F.: X:47.
Bitner, Mamie: X:70.
Bittle, Charles: X:65.

Bittle, Ira: X:65.
Bittle, J. C.: X:65.
Black Friday: II:36.
Black Gettysburg (See also Civil War): VI:22.
Black Hawk War: II:58.

Black, Henry C.: XV:517.
Black, John Nesley: VIII:34.
Black, S. P.: X:43.
Blackburn Family: IV:119.
Blackburn, Geneva: XVI:26.

Top of Index

Blackburn, Guideon, (Rev.): II:6, IV:130, IV:147, IV:189, VII:28, X:25.
Blackburn, Luke: XI:50.
Blackburn, Mary: VIII:43.
Blackburne, J. M.: I:250.
Blackwell, Julins W.: II:88.

Blaine, James G.: II:112, III:8581, V:144, V:181, V:294, XVI:19.
Blair, Alexander: VIII:25, VIII:31.
Blair, Alfred: VIII:23.
Blair, Andrew: VIII:28.
Blair, Ann - genalogy: VIII:32, VIII:35.

Blair, Ann: VIII:14.
Blair, Curtis Carter: VIII:28.
Blair, Dyson: VIII:35.
Blair, Elizabeth Patterson: VIII:14.
Blair, Francis P.: VI:95.

Blair, Frank S.: VII:11.
Blair, Hugh, (Capt.): VIII:22.
Blair, Hugh, Sr.: VIII:24.
Blair, Irene: VIII:36.
Blair, J. (Col.): VIII:37.

Blair, James: VIII:88.
Blair, John: VII:13, VIII:9, VIII:22, VIII:23, VIII:28.
Blair, John Bell, (Congressman): V:131, V:140.
Blair, John - Genealogy: I:n.p.
Blair, John, (Lt.): VII:60.

Top of Index

Blair, Josiah: VIII:28.
Blair, Kelsey Susanna - Genealogy: VIII:33.
Blair, M. C.: XV:10.
Blair, Margaret: VIII:23.
Blair, Martha Roe: VIII:26.

Blair, Mary: VIII:7.
Blair, Montgomery: XVII:128.
Blair, Nancy: VIII:35.
Blair, Richard: VIII:25.
Blair, Sallie K.: XV:260.

Blair, Susannah: VIII:22.
Blair, Tyree: XV:261.
Blair, William A. - Obituary: III:8227.
Blaisdell, Charles A., (Dr.): XIV:insert.
Blalock, John: IV:223.

Bland, Richard P.: V:235.
Blennerhassett, Harman: II:47.
Blevins, Nathan, (Rev.): VI:13.
Bliss, Tasker H., (Maj.): II:44.
Blizzard, Hugh, (Mrs.): XVII:15.

Block, James: VII:13.
Blount, Barbara: VI:54.
Blount College: IV:201, IV:208, VII:16, VIII:21, VIII:61.
Blount County, Tennessee: II:5, IX:2.
Blount County, Tennessee - Education: VIII:67.

Top of Index

Blount County, Tennessee - Geography: VIII:66.
Blount, William: II:3, II:30, V:142, V:163, VI:35, VII:4, IX:3, IX:21, X:42, X:43,
X:52, X:53, X:68, XIII:63, XV:271, XV:530, XV:531.
Blountville Presbyterian Church: IX:6, XXII:146.
Blountville, Tennessee: VII:98.
Blountville, Tennessee - History: VIII:38, XVIII:191, XX:5.

Blowing Rock: VIII:62.
Blue, Grey J.: IX:6.
Bluff City, Tennessee: VIII:40, VIII:60, XX:8.
Bobolinks: VI:29.
Bodine, H. A.: XIV:117.

Bogges, Robert: IV:30.
Bohart, J. G.: IV:17.
Bolen, John: IV:223.
Boling, Edmond: IV:225.
Bolt, George W.: XIII:83.

Bolton, Ada: XV:540.
Bolton, D. A., (Mrs.): IX:17, X:61, XI:32.
Bolton, David: X:60.
Bolton, David Alexander: XV:435, XV:515, XV:547.
Bolton, E.: X:34.

Bolton, Henry: X:60.
Bolton, Herbert David: XI:32.
Bolton, John F. Family History: XXII:56
Bolton, Joseph: VII:9, X:60.
Bolton, Kyle: VI:33.

Top of Index

Bolton, N.: X:34.
Bolton, Sallie: X:60.
Bolton, Saraphine: XVII:86.
Bolton, Thomas J.: X:60, XII:60.
Bolton, William - Obituary: XIII:83.

Bonner, Dorthy: III:8450.
Boone, Daniel: IV:145, VI:50, IX:45, XI:75, IX:76, XIV:43, XV:229, XV:370,
XVI:5, XVII:137, XVII:139, XVII:154, XVII:176.
Boone, Jemina: IX:2.
Boone, Michael: IX:45.
Booth, Jerry: XIV:75.

Booth, John Wilkes: II:16, II:140, V:53, VI:2, XVI:6, XVII:18.
Booth, Joseph: XIV:75.
Borell, W. W.: IV:153.
Boring, China: VII:54.
Boring, Laura: X:74.

Bouck, Gabriel, (Col.): XVI:19.
Bouclinot, Ellias: XIII:83.
Bourgeois, L.: IX:8.
Bovard, W. S., (Rev.) - Obituary: VI:76.
Bovell, John Vance: VII:6.

Bovell, Stephen Alexander: VI:1, XIII:39.
Bowans, A. B.: XV:491.
Bower, Mrs. A. S.: IX:82.
Bowers, Lawrence L.: XV:517.
Bowers, Leanard: IV:223.

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Bowman, Adam, (Col.): II:95.
Bowman, Allie: X:65.
Bowman, Barbara: VIII:42.
Bowman, Frank: VI:16.
Bowman, Jacob: VIII:61.

Bowman, Mattie: XVI:26.
Bowman, Sharling: IV:224.
Boy, Jacob: IV:223.
Boyce, George: IV:138, IV:143, IV:153, VII:13.
Boyd's Creek: XIV:32, XIV:57.

Boyd's Creek, Battle of: XIV:48.
Boyd, Annie Allen: XIV:92.
Boyd, Charles L.: XVII:128.
Boyd, Ed: VI:2.
Boyd, J. S., (Mrs.): XVII:30.

Boyd, James A.: X:26.
Boyd, John, (Mrs.): XI:32.
Boyd, John W., (Mrs.): XI:83.
Boyd, Lynville: II:26.
Boyd, M. C.: I:200.

Boyd, S. H.: II:26.
Boyles, James: XI:22.
Boyles, Nancy: VII:8.
Boyles, Simeon: XI:22.
Boyles, Wilson R.: IV:144.

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Boynton, Daniel T., (Dr.): X:68.
Boynton, Emerson, (Dr.): X:68.
Boynton, Susan C.: X:68.
Brabb, Seth: IV:223.
Brabson, Alexander M.: VII:95.

Brabson, Mary: XI:76.
Brabson, Mrs. Benjamin: XVII:76.
Brabson, Oscar M.: XVI:29.
Brabson, Oscar M. - Obituary: VI:100.
Brabson, Reese B.: II:31.

Brabson, Thomas M.: XV:439.
Bradford, Alexander: XII:143.
Bradford, Augusta: IX:64.
Bradford, W. M.: II:31.
Bradford, William: VIII:27.

Brading, Edward: XII:37.
Brading, J. E.: IX:77.
Bradley, Henry: XVI:10.
Bradley, James L.: V:158, IX:53.
Bradley, William O., (Sen.): XI:67.

Bradshaw, Lydia J.: XI:13.
Bradshaw, William: XVI:32.
Bragg, Braxton, (General): II:36.
Brakebill, William: VI:1.
Brandon, Thomas, (Col.): VII:58.

Top of Index

Branner, John Casper: XIV:167.
Bransford, William L.: II:150.
Branson, Lloyd: IX:29.
Brant, Joseph: X:11.
Brazeale, J. W. M.: X:50.

Breasley, W. H.: XVI:30.
Breast, James R.: X:43.
Breckinridge, John Cabell: II:106, XVI:17.
Breckinridge, William Campbell Preston: V:62.
Breese, Kidder R.: XIV:104.

Breunen, Alicia: IV:64.
Brevby, Misal: IV:223.
Brewer, David S.: V:242.
Brewer, Justice: III:8172.
Brewer, W. P.: XVI:35.

Brichetto, Mary T.: XIV:31.
Brick Mill Cememtary: IX:2.
Bridges, George W.: II:131.
Bridwell, Sanford: IX:17.
Briggs, John: IV:223.

Bright, Etta Bowman: IX:19.
Bright, J. D.: IX:19.
Bright, James: IV:225.
Bright, Jesse D.: V:125.
Bright, John M.: II:150, VI:40.

Top of Index

Bright, R. W.: IX:19.
Bright, Thomas: IV:139.
Bright, Wray: X:34.
Brinkman, Sally - Obituary: VI:133.
Briscoe, Daniel: VI:11.

Briscoe, J. P., (Rev.) - Obituary: VI:133.
Briscoe, Margaret A. - Obituary: VI:87.
Bristol, Tennessee: IX:4, X:53.
Bristol, Tennessee - Founding: VIII:51.
Bristol, Virginia: X:54.

Bristow, Benjamin F.: V:186.
Bristow, J. D., (Gen.): XVI:7.
Britton, David R.: V:316.
Britton, F. E.: VI:10.
Britton, Frank: XVI:2.

Britton, James: V:316.
Britton, Theophilus P., (Capt.): III:8681, XVI:2.
Brobeck, A. B.: VIII:56.
Brobson, Ema: VII:94.
Brock, Genera: II:78.

Brockway, S. P.: X:47.
Bronlow, Eliza A.: See Brownlow, Eliza A..
Bronlow, John Bell, (Col.): See Brownlow, John Bell (Col.).
Bronlow, Louis: See Brownlow, Louis
Bronlow, Walter Preston: See Brownlow, Walter Preston.

Top of Index

Bronlow, William Ganaway: See Brownlow, William Ganaway.
Bronlow, William G., (Mrs.): See Brownlow, William G. (Mrs.).
Bronslow, J. P., (Col.): See Brownlow, J. P. (Col.).
Brooks, Eben: X:43.
Brooks, Edward, (Dr.): V:73.

Brooks, George W.: VI:20.
Brooks, Mabel H.: VIII:58.
Brooks, Moses: II:124.
Brooks, W. M.: X:43.
Brothers, Kiker: IX:1.

Brotherton, William: IV:224.
Brough, John: V:61.
Broughton, L. G., (Dr.): XIV:210.
Brovan, Jacob: IV:223.
Brow, John S. P.: X:43.

Brown, A. J., (Dr.): X:42, XII:85.
Brown, Aaron V., (Gov.): II:88, II:106, V:162, X:52.
Brown, Andrew J., (Judge): VI:75.
Brown, Bird: VII:59, XIII:37.
Brown, Burkey Jacob: IV:134, IV:137, IV:138.

Brown, David: IV:184.
Brown, David S.: XVII:43.
Brown, Elizabeth (Bird): IV:121, VII:58.
Brown Family History (1620): XVIII:225-227
Brown, G. W.: I:250.

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Brown, Gabriel, (Capt.): VII:58.
Brown, George: IV:223.
Brown, Henry: XIII:37.
Brown, Hugh: IV:160, VII:5, X:48.
Brown, J. J.: VIII:5, XIV:75.

Brown, Jacob: II:2, II:3, II:65, IV:120, IV:127, IV:133, IV:223, V:159, V:180,
VII:33, VII:58, VII:59, VIII:58, IX:44, IX:50, X:29B, XVI:29, XIX:4.
Brown, Jake: XVII:14.
Brown, Jeremiah: X:25.
Brown, John: V:64, VI:21, VIII:31, X:30, XIV:133, XV:268, XVII:27, X:43.
Brown, John, (Rev.): IX:29.

Brown, John C., (Maj.-Gen.): X:43.
Brown, John Phillip: XVI:28.
Brown, John - Politics: V:268.
Brown, John S.: IX:27.
Brown, Joseph. (Col.): IX:5, X:31.

Brown, Julius: V:52.
Brown, Lou Sevier: VII:59.
Brown, Maggie: XVII:76.
Brown, Mary Stover: X:52.
Brown, Mattie R.: II:2.

Brown, Milton: II:88.
Brown, Molly: VIII:65.
Brown, Neil S.: II:104.
Brown, Richard: IV:185.
Brown, Robert: IV:187.

Top of Index

Brown, Ruth Gordon: VII:58.
Brown, S. A.: IV:87.
Brown, Samuel Lyle: VII:59.
Brown, Thomas: X:31.
Brown, Thomas, (Col.): IV:126.

Brown, Thomas Jefferson Wilson: VII:59.
Brown, W. S.: I:250.
Brown, William: VII:forward.
Brown, William L., (Judge): IX:9.
Brown, Wilson W.: XI:10.

Browning, Beulah Lora: VII:88.
Browning, Charles P.: II:133, V:125.
Brownlow, Eliza: XIX:18
Brownlow, Eliza A.: X:50, X:51.
Brownlow, Elizabeth O'Brien: XI:25.

Brownlow, James P., (Col.): VII:74, XI:39, XVII:171.
Brownlow, John Bell, (Col.): V:71, V:94, V:131, XII:33, XII:155, XIII:62,
XV:490, XV:491, XVI:34.
Brownlow, John F.: XV:516.
Brownlow, Louis: V:299.
Brownlow, William G., (Mrs.): II:90, X:13, X:41, XI:36.

Brownlow, William Ganaway: II:88, II:114, II:125, II:128, II:133, V:87, VI:5,
VI:23, X:50 thru X:53, X:68, XIII:58. XV:346, XV:516, XVI:33.
Brownlow, Walter Preston: II:105, III:8162, III:8167, III:8171, III:8175, X:2,
XVI:28, XVI:29, II:132, II:133, V:203, V:224, V:294, XIII:8, XIII:48.
Brownsborough, TN: IV:135, VII:83.
Broyles, A. C.: VIII:55.
Broyles, A. P.: XV:169.

Top of Index

Broyles, Adam: IV:213, VII:60, XV:504, XV:505, XV:506.
Broyles, Alexander: II:2.
Broyles, Charles Joseph: XV:378.
Broyles, Cyrus: VII:60.
Broyles, Ed: VI:5.

Broyles Family History: XX:38-40
Broyles, Franklin H., (Dr.): VIII:46, VIII:56.
Broyles, G. W.: XIII:39.
Broyles, J. E., (Mrs.): X:65.
Broyles, Joseph: VI:20.

Broyles, Leonard: VIII:49.
Broyles, Louis: VII:60.

Broyles, Mathius: VII:60.
Broyles, Mitchell: VI:34.
Broyles, Mohal: IV:223.

Broyles, Nancy: IV:172, VII:15.
Broyles, S. L.: XI:6.
Broyles, Sallie: VI:30.
Broyles, Sarah: XVII:29.
Broyles, Simeon: VII:60.

Broyles, Washington - Obituary: XIII:88.
Bruner, Jacob: IV:224.
Brunner, John Hamilton: XI:31.
Brunt Station of Gillespie Fort: VIII:67.
Brus, Edward: IX:18.

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Bryan, John Wesley, (Mr. and Mrs.): IX:2.
Bryan, William Jennings: V:161, V:167, VI:10, VI:61, VI:71, VIII:54, VIII:65, XIII:82, XVI:17.
Bryant, Thomas: IV:223.
Bryd, Smith A., (Capt.): XVII:76.
Bryson, William H.: IX:37.

Buchan, John: IX:2.
Buchanan, Franklin: XI:35.
Buchanan, John, (Col.): IX:22, X:43.
Buckey, Jacob Brown: IV:175.
Buck Horn Tavern: XX:46

Buckingham, James S.: XIV:132.
Buckner, S. B., (Gen.): XI:12.
Buden, Inez: XIII:3.
Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church: IX:2, IX:7.
Buffum, Robert: XI:10.

Buford, Abner, (Maj-Gen.): XVII:32.
Bull, W. M., (Rev.): IX:5.
Bulter, Benjamin F., (Gen.): IX:9.
Bumgarner, Charles: IX:37.
Bunker Hill: III:9232.

Bunyan, John: XI:41.
Burgner, J. M.: XVII:15.
Burkart, R. H.: X:70.
Burkett, M. H. B., (Rev.): X:51.
Burlingame, George G.: XIII:5, XIII:90.

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Burnes, J. K.: XVII:139.
Burnett, Henry Lawrence, (Gen.): XIII:49, XIII:62.
Burnett, Peter H.: X:52.
Burnett, S. H.: I:200.
Burns, Robert: II:36, III:8315, XVI:22.

Burnside, Ambrose Evert, (Gen.): II:36, V:243, VII:21, VII:27, VII:31, VII:83.
Burr, Aaron: II:19, II:60, V:50, V:194, X:43, XVI:8.
Bursman, N. J.: VII:59.
Bushnell, David: XVII:29.
Bushong, Bernice: IX:8.

Bushong, M. B.: XIII:75.
Butler, Ben: III:8255.
Butler, E. E.: II:74.
Butler, Gaines: II:151.
Butler, Lacharen: IV:223.

Butler, Robert, (Capt.): X:48.
Butler, Roderick Random, (Hon.): II:73, II:87.
Butler, S. E., (Mrs.): XII:12.
Butt, J. M.: VIII:60.
Buzzards Roost Gap: X:67.

Byars, J. C: V:164.
Byrd, Frances: XVII:76.
Byrd, J. M.: XVII:76.
Byrd, James S.: XVII:76.
Byrd, Joe: IV:43.

Top of Index

Byrd, Smith A.: XVII:71.
Byrd, W. G.: XVII:76.
C. C. & O. Railway: XIII:65.
Cabot, George: V:165.
Caffery, Nathan: X:43.

Cage, William: X:43.
Caldwell, Ernest: II:74.
Caldwell, G. A.: X:42.
Caldwell, J. A.: I:200.
Caldwell, John H.: VIII:24, XIV:120.

Caldwell, Joshua W.: III:8091, V:157, V:329, X:52.
Calhoun, Ishmel: VIII:31.
Calhoun, John Caldwell: II:107, II:122, II:126, III:8199, III:8203, III:8287,
V:186, IX:37, X:43, X:47.
Calvert, Donna: XIV:111.
Cambridge, C. S. P.: III:8131.

Camden, Battle of: IX:2.
Camp Jackson: XIV:79.
Campbell, Alexander, (Capt.): II:122.
Campbell, Alexander, (Dr.): X:14.
Campbell, Alexander W.: X:43.

Campbell, Arthur, (Col.): XI:32.
Campbell, Brookins: V:133.
Campbell, C. S.: V:305.
Campbell, Charles: V:304.
Campbell, Charles, (Capt.): IX:22.

Top of Index

Campbell, David: IX:3, XII:42.
Campbell, David, (Capt.): XIII:63.
Campbell, David, (Judge): X:49, XVII:126.
Campbell, Edwin, (Mrs.): IX:7.
Campbell, Francis J.: XI:82.

Campbell, G. Edward: IX:17.
Campbell, G. S.: X:23.
Campbell, George, (Mrs.): IX:23.
Campbell, George Washington: II:7, II:38, VII:34, X:52.
Campbell, H. T., (Gov.): II:133.

Campbell, H. T., (Judge): XIV:25.
Campbell, Harriet: X:15.
Campbell, Isaac A.: VIII:76, VIII:110.
Campbell, James: IV:223, VIII:31, X:43.
Campbell, Jeremiah: IV:223.

Campbell, Mike, (Dr.): IX:20.
Campbell, Pearle: VIII:110.
Campbell, Rachel: X:67.
Campbell Station: XII:209, XIV:113.
Campbell, Susan: V:133.

Campbell, Tyler, (Judge): XIII:62.
Campbell, William Bowen, (Gen.): II:107.
Campbell, William (Col.): XVIII:198
Campbell, William H.: XI:10.
Camping Grounds-Gospel: VIII:39.

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Campton, James A., (Mr.): V:218.
Cannon County, Tennessee: IX:5.
Cannon, E. J., (Capt.): V:218.
Cannon, Helen: III:8566.
Cannon, Joseph Gurney: II:158, V:234, VI:50, XVII:91.

Cannon, Newton: II:3, V:163.
Cannon, Uncle Joe: II:148.
Cansler, Laura Ann: XIV:insert.
Capen, C. L.: IX:33.
Capers, Henry D., (Col.): II:147.

Capp, McDonnald: IX:47.
Capps, John, (Mrs.): X:81.
Cardwell, N. H., (Rev.): IX:19.
Carey, Henry: IX:8.
Carey, Samuel P.: XIV:15.

Carey, William: XVI:20.
Carlisle, John G.: V:186.
Carlock, L. L. H.: III:8486.
Carlos, Columbus C.: V:126.
Carmack, Edward W. - Obituary: VI:94.

Carmack, Edward W., (Sen.): II:129, IV:2.
Carmichall, Patsy: VIII:30.
Carnegie, Andrew: V:190, XIII:76.
Carpenter, Daniel, (Maj.): XI:32.
Carpenter's Hall: V:170.

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Carper, John - Obituary: V:330.
Carr, Clarence E.: XIV:112.
Carr, Henry H., (Dr.): XI:8, XI:15.
Carr, James T.: XV:10.
Carr, William: IV:224.

Carrick, Samuel, (Rev.): II:121, II:123, IV:196, VII:17, VIII:62, IX:20, X:53.
Carrick, Samuel: IX:7.
Carroll, C. T., (Dr.): XII:16, XII:25.
Carroll, Charles: XV:518.
Carroll County, Tennessee: IX:3.

Carroll, Priscilla: XVI:1.
Carroll, William, (Gov.): II:3.
Carroll, William H.: X:43. IX:3.
Carruth, John: VIII:31.
Carson, Charles C., (Dr.): VIII:39, XI:68.

Carson, Christopher "Kit": II:92, V:297.
Carson, Emma: XVII:47.
Carson, J. H.: XIII:24.
Carson, John R.: X:60.
Carson, John: VII:3, VII:19.

Carson, Lucinda Cunningham: XIII:31.
Carson Newman College: II:24.
Carson, Samuel: II:30.
Carson, W. W.: XVII:47.
Carson, William Waller, Jr.: XVII:47.

Top of Index

Carter, Alfred M.: VII:30, XVII:15.
Carter County, Tennessee: IX:15, IX:22.
Carter County, Tennessee-Highways: XII:155.
Carter, Dayton: VI:11.
Carter, E. Thomas C., (Bishop): XVII:76.

Carter, Earnest C.: X:70.
Carter, Hugh: X:47.
Carter, J. B., (Col.): XI:32.
Carter, James, (Col.): VII:83.
Carter, James Perry Taylor, (Col.): X:74, XIII:65.

Carter, John: IV:207, IV:224, V:180, VI:43, VII:30, X:74.
Carter, John C.: X:43.
Carter, Landon: VII:3, VII:30, X:43, XIII:27, XV:547.
Carter. S. T.: VII:11.
Carter, Sam: IX:70.

Carter, Samuel F.: XI:56.
Carter, Samuel Perry, (Gen.): V:70, VII:26, VII:73, XI:32, XI:49.
Carter, W. E., (Mr. and Mrs.): X:74.
Carter, W. R.: XVII:78.
Carter, William B.: XI:41.

Top of Index

Carter, William B., (Gen.): V:132, V:286.
Carter, William Blount, (Rev.): VII:26, VII:41.
Carter, William H., (Gen.): III:8312.
Cartwright, Peter: XIV:293.
Carty, John J.: XIII:75.

Caryle, John: XI:30.
Casamore, Samuel: IV:224.
Cass, C. P., (Mrs.): X:74.
Cass, Charles P.: XV:517.
Cass, Davie Chichister, (Mrs.): VII:24.

Cass, Lewis: VI:10.
Caswell, William R.: X:43.
Cate, Noah: XVIII:188
Cate, William, (Rev.): XVI:18.
Caters Depot: VII:26.

Catron, H. N., (Col.): VI:19.
Cecil, Katie Irene: X:34, XI:13.
Cecil, Roy: XI:28.
Cedar Grove Cemetery: IX:17.
Centenary Female College: III:9236.

Centenary Methodist Church: IX:3.
Chaffee, Adna Romanza: XVI:28.
Chamberlain, Daniel: VI:17.
Chamberlain, H. S.: XVII:86.
Chamberlain, H. S., (Mrs.): XIV:90.

Top of Index

Chandler, Sammy: XVI:25.
Chandler, William P.: XV:529.
Chandley, William: IV:225.
Chapman, Fletcher H., (Capt.): X:16.
Chapman, D. C.: XII:42, XV:529.

Chapman, J. Wilbur, (Dr.): XIII:64.
Chapman, John (Johnny Appleseed): XVIII:237
Chapman, Thomas: IX:3.
Charleston Tea Party: V:102.
Charleville, M.: X:34. Chase, Anna M.: XV:500.

Chase, D. A.: IX:3.
Chase, G. S. - Education: V:120.
Chase, Guy S.: VI:1. Chase, Hubert: IX:3.
Chase, John B.: IV:146, XIV:89.
Chase, John B., (Rev.): IX:1.

Chase, Kate: XVII:62.
Chase, Salmon P.: V:169, XVII:128.
Chase, Salmon P., (Judge): XVI:14.
Chase, W. D., (Dr.) - Obituary: XIII:89.
Chatanooga, Tennessee: III:8461, VI:22, IX:2, XIII:18.

Chattanooga, Tennessee: History: XI:6, XI:7, XIV:108.
Cheatham, Benjamin F., (Maj.-Gen.): X:43.
Chedester, William: XV:502, XV:503.
Cherokee County, Tennessee: IX:23.
Cherokee Creek: IV:130.

Top of Index

Cherokee Indians: II:4, VII:6.
Chester, Colby M.: XIV:16.
Chester, John: IV:225.
Chester, William: VII:19.
Chickamauga Creek: III:8461, VI:22, XI:9.

Chickamauga, Battle of: XIII:63.
Chickasaw Indians: XV:521.
Chilchester, Arthur: XVI:4.
Children, John G.: IV:130.

Childress, David: IV:225.
Childress, Moses: V:306.
Chiles, Coffee, (Capt.): XIV:130.
Chiles, J. R., (Rev.): VI:4.
Chilhowee Park: II:11.

Chiltern, Mary: XIV:122.
Chimney Rock: XII:27.
Chisholm, John: VIII:57, VIII:59, X:53.
Choate, Joe: V:61.
Christian Education: V:240.

Christian, Gilbert: VII:34.
Christian, John: VIII:31.
Christian, Robert: VIII:31.
Christian, William, (Col.): VII:16, VII:28.
Christian, Z. D.: X:74.

Top of Index

Christies, William, (Col.): IV:166.
Chuckey City: II:18.
Chuckey River: IV:131.
Chuckey River Power Plant: XIII:68.
Cisco, Jay G.: XV:316.

Citico Massacre: VIII:67.
Civil War: X:30, X:73, X:85 thru X:91, XI:63, XI:65, XI:68, XI:71, XI:75, XIII:63, XIV:69,
XIV:71, XIV:129, XIV:131, XIV:140, XIV:162, XIV:168, XIV:209, XIV:273, XVII:24, XVII:60, XVII:61.
Civil War-Battle Statistics: II:132.
Civil War-Capture of Mobile, Alabama: X:72 thru X:73, X:81 thru X:83.
Civil War-Fort Sumter: XIV:33.

Civil War-Kentucky: XIV:62.
Civil War-Lynchburg Raid, The: X:81.
Civil War-Photographs: XIII:5 thru XIII:8, XIII:11, XIII:48.
Civil War-Restoration: Tennessee: XI:81.
Civil War-Slave Troops: II:22.

Civil War-Tennessee: VIII:73, XIV:62.
Civitan Double Quartet: VIII:42.
Claiborne, William Charles Cole: V:27, X:48, XIV:186, XIV:213, XVI:1.
Clarcke, C. Y., (Dr.): IX:21.
Clark, Abbie: XII:29.

Top of Index

Clark, Ann: IV:128.
Clark, C. E.: XI:25.
Clark, Caroline: V:217.
Clark, Champ: XIV:135.
Clark, Charles Cummings: VII:67.

Clark, George E.: XII:207.
Clark, George Rogers: XV:487.
Clark, John: IV:224.
Clark, Lardner: X:34, X:43.
Clark, M. H.: XVI:30.

Clark, Spencer: II:31.
Clark, W. H.: XV:88.
Clark, Walter: XIII:72, XVII:75.
Clay County, Tennessee: IX:6.
Clay, Cassius M., (Gen.): III:8343, XVI:5.

Clay, Henry: V:143, VI:28, VI:48, IX:37, XI:47, XV:333, XV:385, XV:520.
Clay, May H. L.: XI:49.
Clemens, John M.: IX:8.
Clemens, William C., (Rev.): II:102.
Clement, George W., (Lt.): VIII:57.

Cleveland, Grover: II:58, V:143, V:157, VI:6, VI:14, VI:26, VI:28, XVI:30.
Cleveland, Grover - Obituary: VI:48.
Cleveland, Richard Falley, (Rev.): XVI:30.
Clinch, Duncan Lamont, (Gen.): XI:31.
Clinton, DeWitt: II:59, V:133, V:167.

Top of Index

Cloud, B. B., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Cloyd, Hubert: XV:18.
Cloyd, Lucinda Dykes: IX:17.
Cloyd, Thomas: IX:17.
Cloyd, William: IV:224.

Coal Creek: II:40, II:41.
Coates, A. J.: X:47.
Cobb, Pharoah Lee, (Rev.): XIII:57.
Cobb, William: IX:3.
Cochran, R.: I:250.

Cock, William, (Col.): XIII:63.
Cocke, Catesby: XI:30.
Cocke, Thomas J.: IX:20.
Cockrell, W. F., (Mrs.): XIV:146.
Cody, William F.: III:8315.

Coffin, Charles, (Rev.): VI:92.
Coghill, Anna L.: IX:8.
Cogswell, Admiral James Kelsey: VI:50.
Coile, A. J., (Rev.): II:101, XVI:1.
Coile, Samuel A.: V:240.

Cole, Frank O.: XIII:58.
Cole, James: XVI:3.
Cole, James A.: XVII:15.
Cole, John C.: XVII:15.
Cole, Samuel C.: XVII:15.

Top of Index

Cole, T. L.: XVII:15.
Coleman, Mack: IX:37.
Coles, Thomas: II:69.
Colf, Marcus: XIV:34.
Colgar, John: XVII:67.

Collett, Newton: VII:8.
Collier, R. H.: V:177.
Collier, R. B., (Rev.): VI:124.
Collins, C. C.: IX:53, XII:207.
Collins, H. C., (Col.): XVII:27.

Collom, Jonathan: VII:70.
Columbia, South Carolina-Civil War: XIII:63.
Colyar, A. S.: II:150, X:48.
Colyar, A. A., (Col.) - Obituary: VI:41, VI:42.
Conant, Harry: XVI:27.

Condon, J. J.: V:293.
Condon, John: V:293.
Condon, Martin J.: V:293.
Condon, Steve: V:293.
Cones, F. M., (Rev.): X:65, X:70.

Congne, Antonio: V:244.
Congregationalism: V:258.
Conkling, Roscoe: XVI:9.
Conway, James S.: X:52.
Cook, J. F.: XIII:34.

Top of Index

Cooke County, Tennessee: IX:21.
Cooke, R. J., (Bishop): IX:17.
Cooke, William: X:42, X:52, X:68.
Cooley, D. L., (Mrs.): VIII:57.
Coolidge, Calvin: VIII:46.

Coolidge, Calvin, Jr.: VIII:38.
Coolidge, Calvin, Jr. - Obituary: IX:55.
Cooper, Duncan: XV:486.
Cooper, H. T.: VI:17.
Cooper, Henry W.: X:33.

Cooper, J. T., (Dr.): XI:73a.
Cooper, John S.: VI:17.
Cooper, Joseph A., (Gen.): II:11.
Cooper, Silas H. L.: XV:318.
Cooter, James Thomas, (Rev.): VI:15, VII:7, VII:24, XVI:14.

Cope, E. A.: IX:24.
Copp, J. F.: VI:25
Copp, Justin: XII:25.
Copp, Texie: X:34.
Coppedge, Roy, (Mr.): IV:88.

Copper Production-Tennessee: XI:82.
Coppinger, Higgins: IX:18.
Corbin, Henry C.: V:199.
Corcoran, W. W.: VI:93.
Corner, Maxmillian: IV:224.

Top of Index

Corse, John M.: XVII:100.
Corteyou, George B.: V:146.
Corum, Fannie Fain: X:28.
Corum, John R.: X:28, XI:28, XI:81, XIII:73, XIII:74.
Corum, Hood, (Mr. and Mrs.): V:171.

Corum, John, (Mrs.): III:8292, XI:4.
Cosby, James: X:53.
Cotton, Robert: IX:20.
Couden, Henry N., (Rev.): XVI:20.
Couleman, John: IV:225.

Coulter, T. B.: I:250.
Coulter, William E.: XIV:152.
Counts, Mary Elizabeth: IX:4.
Counts, Naomi Lucile Lonas: IX:4.
County Fairs: VIII:55.

Courtney, James: IV:224.
Cowan Family Genealogy: VI:60.
Cowan, Andrew: XIV:43.
Cowan, A. B., (Capt.): V:83.
Cowan, Franklin: XIII:39.

Cowan, J. C. - Obituary: XIII:65.
Cowan, J. E. - Obituary: III:8175.
Cowan, James: XIII:39.
Cowan, Joseph: XIII:39.
Cowan, Perez D., (Mrs.): IX:6.

Top of Index

Cowan, Nathan: X:53.
Cowan, P. D., (Rev.): XIV:134.
Cowan, Samuel: X:53.
Cowan, Sarah Paxton: XIII:39.
Cowan, William: II:30.

Cowell, J. G., (Lt.): X:39.
Cowles, Cowper, (Capt.): V:149.
Cown, A. W. W.: I:200.
Cox, Abraham: VI:8.
Cox, Amanda: XVII:29.

Cox, E. D., (Rev.): XV:507.
Cox, Earnest Sevier: XI:52.
Cox, Edward: IV:224.
Cox, G. B., (Mrs.): X:56.
Cox, George B.: XVII:100.

Cox, Hugh: XV:507.
Cox, Ida: XVII:29.
Cox, James B.: XIV:106, XV:447, XV:548.
Cox, John D.: XVII:29.
Cox, John Dewitt: XVIII:181

Cox, John Isaac: II:91, II:113, V:108, V:202.
Cox, John L., (Gov.): V:95.
Cox, John Worley: IX:39, XIV:106, XV:482.
Cox, Joseph: IV:224.
Cox, Loftus: XV:507.

Top of Index

Cox, Sarah J.: XVI:1.
Cox, T. B.: VI:1.
Cox, Thomas: IV:224.
Cox, Virginia B. - Obituary: XIII:78.
Coyle, James: VIII:31.

Coyne, John: VI:15.
Coyus, William: IV:224.
Cozby, James, (Capt.): II:122.
Craig's Fort: VIII:67.
Craig, David: VIII:66.

Craig, Joseph S.: II:103.
Craig, Mary: XVI:27.
Craig, Samuel: II:102.
Craig, Samuel A.: X:32.
Craige, Adelaide: IX:2.

Craighead, Robert, (Capt.): II:124.
Craighead, Erwin: XI:36.
Craighead, Thomas B.: IX:7, X:43.
Cranston, Earl, (Rev.): XIII:55.
Crawford, Alexander & Patrick - Genealogy
: I:pamphlet.

Crawford, Bessie - Obituary: II:158.
Crawford, Brunetta J.: VIII:5.
Crawford, Charles Kemp: VIII:5.
Crawford, Edward: IV:205.
Crawford, Edwin: IV:174.

Top of Index

Crawford, Elizabeth: VII:93.
Crawford, Ellen: IV:178.
Crawford, Fannie Powell: XVI:35.
Crawford, John: VIII:24, VIII:38.
Crawford, John Askew: VIII:5.

Crawford, John Hammer, (Col.): VIII:5.
Crawford, John Lindsey: XI:48.
Crawford, John M., (Rev.): XI:30.
Crawford, Johnnie: XV:285.
Crawford, Joseph Rhea, (Capt.) - Obituary: VI:52.

Crawford, M. E., (Mrs.): IX:16.
Crawford, Maizie: VIII:5.
Crawford, Rhea: XV:529.
Crawford, S. W., (Gen.): XIV:29.
Crawford, Sarah Maria: VIII:15.

Crawford, William H.: V:146, XVI:2.
Crawford, William R.: IX:37.
Creemer, Daniel: IV:224.
Creswell, William: X:25.
Crimble, E. K., (Mrs.): XVII:15.

Crisp, Charles F.: XIV:136, XIV:165.
Crittenden, John J.: II:126.
Crockett, David: II:31, III:8139, III:8081, VI:69, X:43, XIV:173, XIV:192,
XIV:201, XVI:4, XVII:119, XVIII:181-182.
Crockett, Findley Polly: VIII:21.
Crockett, John: XII:179, XVI:4.

Top of Index

Crockett, Polly: VIII:87.
Crockett, Robert: XII:179.
Cromwell, Oliver: VI:24.
Crook, W. H., (Col.): XIV:156, XIV:273.
Crookshanks, Mary: VIII:49.

Cross, Nathaniel: X:43.
Crouch, Charles M.: XVI:3.
Crouch, George P.: XIV:75.
Crouch, John H.: V:226.
Crouch, William: X:60.

Crow, John, (Mr. and Mrs.): XII:166.
Crowell, Maude Ella: XVI:4.
Crowse, Abraham: IV:224.
Crowse, Elija: IV:224.
Croyel, Artie May: X:34.

Crozier, John: II:31, XIII:57.
Crutsinger, Solomon: IV:224.
Cullam-Savage Political Campaign: III:8733.
Cullom, Alvin: II:88.
Cullom, Shelby M., (Sen.): V:63, V:307.

Culver, N., (Mrs.): IV:50.
Cumberland County, Tennessee: IX:9.
Cumberland Gap - History: III:9072.
Cumberland Hotel: XII:156.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church: VI:40, VII:43.

Top of Index

Cumley, Daniel: XIII:3.
Cummings, Charles: IV:900.
Cummings, Charles E., (Rev.): VI:96, VII:14, VII:38, VII:71.
Cummings, David H., (Gen.): IX:3.
Cummins, William F.: V:48.

Cummins, William F., (Mrs.): V:49.
Cunningham, Cornelius: X:74.
Cunningham, Samuel Blair, (Dr.): IV:215, VI:67, VII:8, VII:11, VII:13, XVI: insert.
Cunningham, Samuel A.: V:83.
Cunningham, Sas Barney: VII:55.

Currin, David M.: X:52.
Currin, Robert P.: IX:7.
Curtis, George William: XVI:30.
Curtis, Harry W., (Capt.): XI:26.
Curtis, Margaret Hazel: IX:2.

Curtis, Samuel R.: XIV:43.
Curtis, W. E.: III:8247.
Custis, Nellie: XVII:72.
Customs Duties (see: import-export taxes): II:51.
Dade, Townsend: XI:30.

Dadson, O. S.: IV:104.
Daggitt, E. B., (Mrs.): XIII:3.
Dagne, J. R., (Rev.): VI:85.
Dahlonega Grade School: V:21.
Daily, William: X:42.

Top of Index

Dameron, John: XIII:57.
Damon, Esther: V:302, XVI:20.
Dana, Charles A.: X:16.
Dandridge, Tennessee: II:30.
Darling Jones Rifle: III:8597.

Darrow, Benjamin: IX:5.
Darrow, Clarence: XVI:15.
Daughters of the American Revolution: V:221, VI:3, VI:7, VII:48, VIII:42, VIII:59.
Daughters of the American Revolution, Bonnie Kate Chapter: VI:40, VIII:96, IX:69.
Daughters of the American Revolution, John Sevier Chapter: VII:24.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Morristown Chapter: XII:29.
Daughters of the American Revolution, Nolichucky Chapter: VII:96.
Daurs, Laura: V:131.
Davidson College: IX:84.
Davidson County, Tennessee: IX:3, IX:9, IX:20.

Davidson, H. B.: X:43.
Davidson, William, (Gen.): IX:21.
Davidson, William Lee, (Col.): IX:21
Davis, Archimedes: X:42. Davis, Bruce: VI:1.
Davis, E. Mac, (Rev.): II:136.

Davis, George W., (Brigadier General): II:42.
Davis, Jefferson: II:77, II:134, III:8543, V:222, VI:15, VI:23, XI:3, XI:4, XI:10,
XIV:152, XVII:56, XVII:104, XVIII:183, 244.
Davis, Jefferson, (Mrs.): V:19, V:243.
Davis, Jefferson Columbus: XIV:41.
Davis, Joe: V:123.

Top of Index

Davis, Mattie: XVI:26.
Davis, Minnie Belle: XVI:26.
Davis, Samuel: II:123.
Davis, Susan E.: XII:90.
Davis, Winnie: III:9112.

Dawes, William H.: V:226.
Dawson, James: IV:225.
Dawson, John: II:28.
Dayton, Tennessee - Courthouse (see also Tennessee Courthouses): VIII:59.
De La Luzerne, Chevalier: V:155.

Deaderick, Adeline: XVI:25.
Deaderick, William: X:42.
Deadrick, A. S.: II:82.
Deadrick, Alford Shelby, (Col.): VII:56.
Deadrick, David: VII:19, VII:57, VII:60.

Deadrick, David A.: XIV:90.
Deadrick, Henly: VII:60.
Deadrick, James, (Col.): XII:16.
Deadrick, James William, (Judge): VII:57.
Deadrick, William: VII:13.

Deake, C. T. C. - Obituary: VI:60.
Deakins, J.: IX:87.
Deakins, J. E., (Maj.): VI:58.
Deakins, R. M. K.: V:302.
Deane, Silas: X:43.

Top of Index

DeArmond, Robert: XVII:36.
Deary, Francis: VIII:26.
Deary, Jacob: VIII:26.
Deary, Mark: VIII:26.
DeCamp, Hiram, (Mrs.): XIV:68.

Decatur County, Tennessee: IX:21.
Decker, Charles F.: XI:6.
Declaration of Independance: II:35.
Deer, John: X:11.
Deery, William Bruce: VIII:45.

DeGraffenried, Reese: XVII:82.
DeLand, Charles V.: XVI:8.
Delaney, Eugene - Obituary: III:8490.
Delaney, William T., (Dr.): VI:51.
Deltertburn, William: XI:29.

Denison, Daniel: VII:forward, VII:66.
Denney, Harvey: XVII:65.
Denny, Collins, (Bishop): IX:18, IX:24.
Denny, George, (Dr.): V:327.
Denton, Abraham: VIII:57.

Depew, Chauncey M.: VI:76.
Depew, E. S.: XIV:131.
Desler, Clinton: X:35.
Desler, George R., (Mrs.): X:35.
Desler, Horace: X:35.

Top of Index

DeVault, Isaac - Obituary: III:8312, III:8323.
Dewey, George, (Admiral): V:304.
DeWitt, H. B.: II:34.
Dewitt, William H.: X:52.
Dibrell, George G.: X:43, X:52.

Dickinson, Perez: XIII:57.
Dickinson, Perez, (Col.) - Obituary: V:265.
Dickson County, Tennessee: IX:7.
Dickson, David W.: II:88.
Dickson, William: XIV:90.

Dicksons, Charles: II:58.
Dillion, Lou: III:8429.
Dills, T. O.: X:74.
Dillworth, Charles E.: XI:82.
Dillworth, Mary Evans: XIV:274.

Dillworth, Oscar F.: V:97.
Dilworth, S. E.: XVII:128.
Ditoes Landing: IV:133.
Dix, John A., (Gen.): VI:55.
Dixon, John: II:126.

Dixon, Harlow, (Mrs.): VI:17.
Dlinger, Billy: XII:36.
Doak, Archibald Alexander: XIII:37, XIII:39.
Doak, Archibald Alexander, (Rev.): XI:32.
Doak, Charles S.: VII:15, VII:36.

Top of Index

Doak, H. H.: VII:84.
Doak, Henry Melvil, (Col.): VI:17, XIII:36, XIII:37, XIII:39, XVI:3.
Doak, Henry Melville, (Lt.): VII:12, VII:25.
Doak, Hopkinson: VII:23.
Doak, J. W., (Rev.): VII:23.

Doak, John Whitfield: IV:160, IV:163, IV:212, VII:2, VII:4, VII:13, VII:38, VII:44, VII:69, XIII:36.
Doak, John Witherspoon: XIII:37.
Doak, Margaret McEwan: XIV:295.
Doak, Matthew: XIII:38.
Doak Memorial Presbyterian Church: V:121.

Doak, Nancy: IV:172, IV:204, VI:34, VII:97, XIII:37.
Doak, Robert: VII:forward, VII:66, VII:67.
Doak, Russel: XIII:38.
Doak, Samuel: I:n.p., II:8, II:40, II:106, IV:130, IV:147, IV:152, IV:181, V:73, V:241, V:293, VI:6,
VI:9, VI:23, VI:33, VI:92, VII:forward, VII:5, VII:10, VII:15, VII:20, VII:22, VII:28, VII:35, VII:38, VII:43, VII:46, VII:52, VII:60, VII:62, VII:63, VII:65 thru VII:67, VII:70, VII:72, VII:76, IX:7, IX:20, X:18, X:47, XI:1, XI:62, XI:69, XI:73a, XI:73b, XIII:37, XIII:77, XIV:90, XIV:109, XIV:295, XIV:296, XIV:297, XV:18, XV:438, XVI: insert, XVIII:195.
Doak, Samuel (Family Genealogy): I:n.p.

Doak, Sarah Paxton Cowan: V:251.
Doak, Smith: XIII:38.
Doak, W. Samuel: VII:80.
Doak, William Stephenson: IV:204, VII:35, VII:80, XIII:37.
Doak, William Stepheson, (Rev.): VII:7, VII:23.

Doak, Witfield: II:46.
Doaks, John W.: VII:15.
Dobozy, Peter P.: XVII:184.
Dobson, A. S. N., (Dr.): IV:177, IV:186, VII:40, X:71, XII:210, XV:514, XIX:8.
Dobson, Dean Newton, (Rev.): V:120, XV:514.

Top of Index

Dobson, Frederick F., (Rev.): V:32, XV:514.
Dobson, Nannie McGaughey (Mrs. A. S. N.): XV:514, XIX:11.
Dobson, Roy Calvin, (Rev.): V:123, XV:514.
Dobson, Thomas: X:43.
Dodge, Grenville M., (Maj-Gen.): VI:17, XIII:9.

Dodson, Jesse: I:250.
Doggett, M. W., (Dr.): XVI:5.
Dolson, A. G.: VII:61.
Donaldson, J. W., (Mrs.): XV:39.
Donaldson, John: VII:33.

Donaldson, L. K.: X:57.
Donaldson, Stockley, (Col.): XIII:63.
Donegal, Pennsylvania: VII:forward.
Donelson, Andrew J., (Maj.): XI:36.
Donelson, Andrew Jackson: V:122, V:139.

Donelson, David S., (Maj-Gen.): X:43.
Donelson, John, (Col.): X:43.
Donelson, John, (Sr.): XVIII:189.
Donelson, Rachel: X:49.
Donnell, George, (Rev.): X:25.

Donoho, Albert Gallatin: IX:5.
Dooley, J.: IV:83, IV:88.
Dorman, Henry - Obituary: XI:45.
Dorsey, Daniel A.: XI:10.
Dorton, W. C.: X:47.

Top of Index

Dosser, A. J.: XVII:203.
Dosser, A. T.: XI:82, XIV:30.
Dosser, A. T., (Mrs.): XVII:30.
Dosser, Carrie E.: XI:82.
Dosser, Charles E.: XII:190.

Dosser, Frank F.: XVII:56.
Dosser, James E.: XI:82.
Dosser, James H.: IX:75.
Dosser, Kate Neil: XI:82.
Dosser, Margaret: XIII:57.

Dosser, Mary A.: XI:82.
Dosser, Nellie Fain: II:8.
Dosser, R. N., (Mrs.) - Obituary: VI:60, VI:61.
Dosser, Thomas E.: XI:82.
Dosser, Virginia Carter: XI:82.

Dosser, William H.: XI:82.
Doty, Sarah: IV:224.
Dougherty, Dennis J.: XV:285.
Douglas, A. S.: IV:29.
Douglas, John: IV:224.

Douglas, Stephen A.: V:125, VI:20, XI:19, XVI:17.
Douglas, Thomas A.: XVII:92.
Dow, Lorenzo: III:8547.
Dow, Neil: XVII:18.
Dowling, John C.: X:32.

Top of Index

Downey, Samuel: VIII:31.
Drake, Joseph Brackston: V:91.
Drane, Walter H., (Dr.): XVI:30.
Draper, Lyman C.: XIV:163.
Driver, William: XVII:177.

Drownlee, J. Wylie: VI:1.
Duffield, George: IX:8.
Duffield, James: VIII:29.
Duggan, A. C.: X:68.
Duggan, B. O.: IX:29.

Duggan, Mrs. D. T.: XVII:15.
Duke, Gen. Basil W.: V:288.
Dulaney, David A., (Mrs.): X:81.
Dulaney, Eleana, (Dr.): VII:6, X:42.
Dulaney, Elkanah: X:42.

Dulaney, Foy W.: II:74, V:204, VI:4.
Dulaney, G. M.: X:81.
Dulaney, Jessie: X:81.
Dulaney, John Wesley: XIV:156.
Dulaney, O. A.: X:81.

Dulaney, William R.: XIII:36.
Dulaney, William T.: XIV:32.
Dulaney, William T., (Dr.): VII:73.
Duncan, Anthony: IV:224.
Duncan, C. A., (Rev.): VII:7.

Top of Index

Duncan, C. M.: XIII:56.
Duncan, F., (Mrs.): V:306.
Duncan, George R., (Dr.): VIII:45, XIII:69, XIV:89, XIV:214, XIV:274, XV:548.
Duncan, J. M.: I:250.
Duncan, Joseph: IV:224, VIII:19.

Dungan, R.H., (Col.) - Obituary: III:8419.
Dungan, Robert H., (Col.): III:8597, IX:2.
Dunkin, Daniel: IV225.
Dunlap, Boutevell: XII:27.
Dunlap, Hugh: X:35.

Dunlop, John: IV:225.
Dunn, Cynthia: X:21.
Dunn, John J.: XVI:25.
Durand, O. H.: XVII:ah: VI:32.
Dyer County, Tennessee: IX:24.

Dyer, John, (Mr. and Mrs.): VIII:60.
Dyer, Mary: XIV:303.
Dykes, Paul Bolten: VII:88.
Eakin, John F., (Rev.): IX:4.
Eanes, Thomas B.: V:130.

Earl, L. J., (Mrs.): XIII:3.
Earnest, Arthur: VIII:48.
Earnest, Authur T.: XV:528.
Earnest, B. F.: VIII:56.
Earnest, Eleanor: XIV:75.

Top of Index

Earnest, Felix: IV:224.
Earnest, George H., (Mr. and Mrs.): XIII:63.
Earnest, Henry: VII:92, VIII:54, XV:362.
Earnest, J. Wallace: V:251, VIII:63, XIV:96.
Earnest, J. Wallace, (Mrs.): IX:17.

Earnest, James O.: II:12.
Earnest, James: X:74.
Earnest, Jean: VIII:41.
Earnest, John G., (Dr.): XVII:119.
Earnest, M. L., (Mrs.): VIII:41.

Earnest, Nick P.: XV:95.
Earnest, Peter: VII:77, VII:92.
Earnest, Rhoda: XIV:96.
Earnest, William McKendre: II:73.
Easley, John: IX:7.

East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad: IV:215, VII:13.
East Tennessee, Civil War (see also Civil War): V:85, V:272.
East Tennessee, Emancipation (see also emancipation): V:214.
East Tennessee Farmers Convention and Institute: VI:5, XIV:15, XVII:19.
East Tennessee, History: IX:40, XIII:63, XIV:147, XIV:148.

East Tennessee Masconic Female Institute: VIII:68.
East Tennessee, Republicans: V:67.
East Tennessee State College-History: VIII:61.
East Tennessee Tigers: VI:18.
East Tennessee University (University of Tennessee): VI:24, XVIII:236.

Top of Index

East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia Railroad: XVIII:215-221, 229
Eastman, Elbridge G.: XI:34.
Eaton, Elizabeth Harrison: XVI:5.
Eaton, John H., (Gen.): V:168, IX:7, X:52.
Eaton, R. P., (Dr.): V:121.

Eaves, F. J.: I:200.
Echtnacker, Mr. Harvey: IV:91.
Education Tax: IX:40.
Education, Christian: V:240.
Education, Tennessee - History: IX:40.

Edward, Charles C.: XVII:15.
Eighteenth-Century Tax List: V:175.
Eighth Tennessee Cavalry: XIV:92, XIV:126.
Eighth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment: IV:144.
Ekirs, William Ballard: XIV:302.

Elder, Margaret: IX:3.
Election Returns of 1904: VI:81.
Election Returns-Knox County, Tennessee: VI:90.
Elections, Tennessee: XII:87.
Elexander, D. D. (see also Alexander): I:171.

Elexander, J. E.: IV:183.
Elexander, J. E., (Rev.): VII:7.
Elizabethton, Tennessee-History: IX:76.
Elliot, Ethyl Lynn: V:77.
Elliot, J. J.: II:133.

Top of Index

Ellis, Edward S.: V:238.
Ellis, Isaac T., (Mrs.): XVII:76.
Ellis, Underhill: X:43.
Elsea, M. S.: X:34.
Elsen, Rufus M.: X:34.

Ely, J. C.: X:70.
Emancipation (see also Slavery): V:214.
Embree, Elihu: XIII:28.
Embree, Elizabeth: VIII:28.
Embree, John: VII:41, VIII:25, VIII:28.

Embree, Moses: VII:42, XVI:insert.
Embree, Sarah: VII:42, XVI:insert.
Embree, Thomas: VII:41, VII:60, VIII:26.
Embreeville, Tennessee: VIII:56.
Emerson, George P.: V:252.

Emerson, Thomas: III:8179, XIII:86.
Emert, Clyde B.: X:68.
Emmet, Robert: III:8485.
Emmett, Daniel Decatur: XIII:49.
Emory & Henry College: IX:33.

Emory, William H.: VI:26.
Engle, Adam: IV:224.
Enloe, Wesley W.: IX:37.
Ensinger, C. L.: I:250.
Ensor, Amanda - Obituary: X:9.

Top of Index

Ensor, J. J., (Dr. and Mrs.): V:90.
Ensor, John Jacob: VII:73, XVI:17.
Ensor, W. T., (Mrs.): XVII:82.
Erwin, David: XIV:75.
Erwin, John Gernode: VIII:54.

Erwin, Robert: VII:3.
Erwin, Tennessee: IX:3.
Erwin, Tennessee-History: IX:31
Eskridge, Samuel: XIV:53.
Esquire, William Wilson: VII:1.

Estes, S. A.: XV:236.
Estill, Rebecca: XIV:295.
Etheridge, Emerson: II:113, II:128, II:150.
Eutaw Springs, Battle of: III:8453.
Evans, Andrew: XII:11.

Evans, Charles: IV:97.
Evans, Henry Clay, (Judge): III:9171, V:225, XVI:29.
Evans, N. W., (Capt.): X:14.
Evans, Robbey D., (Admiral): VI:73.
Evans, S. P.: I:200.

Ewing, George: VIII:66.
Ewir, Andrew: VIII:31.
Faber, Frederick W.: IX:8.
Fain, Carrie Ruth: VI:8.
Fain, Clarance W.: IX:5.

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Fain, David: IV:221.
Fain, Eliza Rhea: XI:49.
Fain, Elizabeth Taylor: VII:76.
Fain, Ella Bell: VI:13.
Fain, Ellen: V:91.

Fain Family Reunion: V:287.
Fain, Fannie: III:8399, III:8419, XIX:1.
Fain, Florence: V:74.
Fain, Frank Ernest: VI:33.
Fain, George A.: II:9.

Fain, George A., (Mrs.): II:10.
Fain, George Powell: XI:49.
Fain, H. C.: VI:25.
Fain, Hannah J. - Obituary: VI:134.
Fain, J. R.: IV:144.

Fain, James S.: XIV:134.
Fain, Jasper J.: X:18.
Fain, Jennie: VI:12.
Fain, John: IV:221, VII:76, IX:54, X:41, XIII:39.
Fain, John H.: VI:4.

Fain, John M.: II:30, II:75, II:115, XV:515.
Fain, John M., (Mrs.) - Obituary: VI:137.
Fain, John R.: VII:94, XI:49, XIII:36.
Fain, L. H. - Obituary: III:8287.
Fain, Lida: XVII:42, XVII:83.

Top of Index

Fain, Minerva J.: XVI:3, XVI:6.
Fain, Nancy Agnes: VII:76.
Fain, Nelle: XV:241.
Fain, Nicholas: VI:25, VII:75.
Fain, Pleasent R.: XII:166.

Fain, Rachel - Obituary: VI:143.
Fain, Samuel: VII:75, XII:166.
Fain, Samuel H.: II:2, II:79.
Fain, T. H.: II:100.
Fain, Thomas: VI:35, VII:76.

Fain, Thomas Madison: X:18.
Fain, Virginia A.: XIV:75.
Fain, William: VII:76.
Fain, William A.: IX:5.
Fairbanks, Charles Warren: XVI:10, XVI:18, XVI:23, XVII:116.

Fairfax Courthouse: XI:27.
Fairfax, George William: XI:30.
Fall, Albert B.: XV:208.
Fallows, Samuel, (Bishop): V:296.
Falls, John: IV:225.

Fame, John: VIII:77, VIII:78.
Farragut, David Glassgow, (Adrimal): V:84, VII:32, X:48, X:54 thru X:56, X:58 thru X:59,
X:60, X:62, X:64, X:67, X:68, X:70, XII:211.
Farragut, George: VII:32, VII:60, X:47.
Farrell, Daniel Howard: X:28.
Farrell, Howard, (Mrs.): X:27.

Top of Index

Farrell, Irene: X:27.
Fassanauer, Marie: VI:26.
Faulkner, James: X:23.
Fawcett, John: IX:8.
Fayette County, Tennessee: IX:20.

Feathers, A. M., (Dr.): VI:54.
February, L. W., (Dr.): XVII:15.
February, Joseph A.: XVII:15.
February, Lilly Belle: XVII:15.
Felknor, Alex: III:8685.

Fenton, J., (Mr.): IV:69.
Fergus, Richard: XIV:30.
Ferguson, Champ: X:74.
Ferguson, Charles: X:34.
Ferguson, F. S., (Mr.): V:184.

Ferguson, Nellie: XVII:76.
Ferguson, Penelope: XI:32.
Ferguson, W. O.: X:47.
Ferrill, J. K. P.: XIII:3.
Feuds: VI:29.

Field, Frank: XV:340.
Fifth Tennessee Cavalry: XI:17, XIV:156.
Filmore, Abagail: XV:447.
Filmore, Millard: III:8619.
Findley, Polly: II:31, IX:3.

Top of Index

Fine, Dan E.: XIV:32, XIV:89.
Fink, J. M.: XII:168.
Finley, J.J., (Col.): IX:8.
Finley, W. W.: X:47.
First Baptist Church: IX:4.

First New Hampshire Cavalry Boys: XI:24.
First Presbyterian Church: IX:3, IX:7.
First Tennessee Cavalry: XIV:171, XIV:178.
First Tennessee Cavalry, 18th Annual Renunion: V:40.
First Wisconsin Cavalry: XI:10.

Fisher, Jessa A.: X:68.
Fisher, John W.: X:68.
Fishing Creek, Battle of: V:77.
Fitch, John: IV:224.
Fitzgeralds, George: IV:226.

Five Forks, Battle of: XI:24.
Flag Day - Origin: II:50.
Fleming, John M.: XVI:33.
Fletcher, Andrew J.: XI:36.
Floyd, Perry: IV:226.

Folk, Joseph W.: XVI:4.
Foote, Andrew H.: XVII:63.
Foraker, J. B., (Sen.): VI:10.
Foraker, Joseph B.: VI:8, XVII:168.

Top of Index

Ford, Thomas H., (Col.): X:29.
Ford, Gertrude: IX:4, IX:19.
Ford, Henry: XIII:76.
Ford, Lloyd: IV:224.
Forest, George: IV:225.

Forgey, Andrew Jackson: X:46.
Fornshell, Frank: II:9.
Fornshell, Frank L.: XVII:29.
Forrest, Nathan B., (Lt-Gen.): X:43.
Forrest, Nathan Bedford: VI:28, XVI:1.

Forster, William: XIV:163.
Fort Adair: IX:69.
Fort Alexander: VII:28.
Fort Chriswell: VIII:39.
Fort Dondleson: VII:15, X:63, XIII:63.

Fort Henry: XVII:20, XVII:63.
Fort Lavrens: II:56.
Fort Macon: XI:26.
Fort Martin: X:34.
Fort Massac: III:8581.

Fort Meigs: VI:77.
Fort Morgan: XI:26.
Fort Ogelthorpe: XI:6, XI:10.
Fort Patrick Henry: XVIII:184
Fort Pitt: III:8569.

Top of Index

Fort Sanders: III:8557, III:8603, VII:27, X:18, XII:206.
Fort Sanders, Assault on: VI:59.
Fort Sumter: XIV:33.
Fort Wagner: XIV:24.
Fortier, Alcee, (Dr.): XVI:20, XVI:22.

Forty-fifth Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry Regiment: VI:35.
Forwood, William H., (Col.): II:48.
Foster, Austin P.: IX:25, IX:80.
Foster, Ephraim H.: II:150.
Foster, J. A.: X:47.

Foster, J. Ellen, (Mrs.): XVI:21.
Foster, J. G., (Gen.): IX:27.
Foster, John W.: XVI:10.
Foster, John W., (Gen.): III:8102, III:8441, III:8449, VI:120.
Foster, Robert C., III: X:43.

Fouche, Fannie: XV:516.
Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry: XI:5.
Fourteenth Volunteer Cavalry: VII:83.
Fourth Kentucky Infantry: XI:12.
Fourth Tennessee Cavalry: XIV:61, XIV:294.

Fourth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment: VII:25, VII:30.
Fowler, John A.: X:52.
Fowler, Roswell P.: V:181.
Fowler, W. F., (Dr.): XI:37.
Fox, Worley: VI:7.

Top of Index

Francis Dean's Lower Meeting House: II:31.
Francis, Harriet: XII:25, XVII:29.
Francis, J. A., (Rev.): VI:2.
Franklin, Battle of: IX:4.
Franklin, Benjamin: V:140, V:148, V:179, V:183, VI:113, IX:86.

Franklin, Hood: VII:79, IX:10.
Franklin, Jessee: VIII:29.
Franklin, Samuel: XVII:36.
Franklin, Shadrack: VIII:29.
Franklin, Tennessee: IX:5.

Fraterville Disaster: II:40.
Frazier, A. J.: XVI:3.
Frazier, C. W.: X:43.
Frazier, J. B., (Chaplain): XIII:56.
Frazier, James B., (Gov.): II:129, V:38, V:83.

Freeman, Edward A.: V:239.
Freeman, Thomas J.: II:128.
Fremont, John Charles, (Gen.): III:8965, V:203, XIV:65, XVI:18.
French, Daniel: XI:30.
French, O. T.: XV:173.

Fromwalt, H. C.: V:177.
Frow, Alberta M.: IX:2.
Fruiley, John: VIII:31.
Fry, J. B., (Gen.): XVI:8.
Frye, William Pierce: VI:19, V:248, V:307.

Top of Index

Fulkerson, John: IV:224.
Fulkerson, Sketch of Abram: II:142.
Fuller, Grace: X:74.
Fuller, James, (Capt.): II;31.
Fulton, Robert: V:297.

Fulwiler, George: XVI:4.
Fulwiler, J. A.: IX:33.
Fulwiler, Jake: XVI:4.
Gable, R. L.: I:250.
Gaby, I. I.: XI:73a.

Gage, Betsy: VI:24.
Gahagan, A. J., (Capt.): II:43.
Gahagan, Wesley P., (Rev.): IX:6.
Gaines, Ambrose: IV:224.
Gaines, Benjamin F.: XIII:62.

Gaines, E. P., (Capt.): X:43.
Gaines, Edmond P.: X:43.
Gaines, John Wesley: X:23.
Gains, Lt. Edward R.: X:48.
Galbraith, Bess M.: XVII:83.

Galbraith, Joseph P.: XVII:72.
Galbraith, Seb: VI:6.
Galbraith, Viola J.: XIII:58.
Galbreath, Lucy: V:345.
Gale, W. B., (Rev.): X:42.

Top of Index

Galeghar, James: VII:13.
Gallatin, Tennessee: VI:19.
Galloway, Betsy: IX:2.
Galloway, Edith: X:74.
Galloway, John: X:65.

Galloway, Michael: IV:225.
Galloway, Thomas J.: IX:79, X:74.
Galt, Edith Bolling: XIII:61.
Galt, Norman: XIII:59.
Galt, Norman, (Mrs.): XIII:61.

Gamble's Fort: VIII:67.
Gamble, Grace: XVI:26.
Gamble, John Naylor: XII:62.
Gambol, Hannah: IV:178.
Gammon, Abe: XI:32.

Gammon, George A.: XVII:15.
Gammon, Melvil: XIII:39.
Gammon, Nathan: II:74.
Gammon, Richard: XVIII:185
Gammon, Robert H.: XVII:62.

Gann, Nathaniel: IV:131, IV:135, IV:143, IV:224, VII:37, VII:69.
Garber, W. A.: XIV:160.
Gardenhire, E. L.: X:52.
Gardner, John T.: II:25.
Gardner, Perry Hugh: XI:3.

Top of Index

Garfield, James A., (Gen.): VIII:98, X:12, XVII:63.
Garland, William H.: XVI:35.
Garner, Dick - Obituary: XV:1, XV:2.
Garner, R. L.: XIV:118.
Garrett, John W.: V:342.

Garrett, William: XIV:186, XIV:213.
Garrick, Samuel: IV:208.
Garrison, Anna Margaret: X:71.
Garrison, N. A.: X:71.
Garst, Frederick: XX:9

Garst, George W. - Obituary: VI:45.
Garst, J. N., (Rev.): XIV:132.
Garvald, Andrew: IX:2.
Gass, Charles: IV:224.
Gass, John: IV:224.

Gass, William H., (Mrs.): XI:16.
Gasteiger, L. D.: IX:7.
Gate City, Tennessee: XV:337.
Gates, Horatio, (General): II:37.
Gates, Mr. Reuben: IV:89.

Gaylor, Eli: XIV:insert.
Geary, John W.: XIV:114.
Gee, Lysander W.: V:38.
Geeseler, David: IV:210.
Gefellers, Abraham: XV:363.

Top of Index

Geiger, Emily: III:8339.
Gentry, Meredith Poindexter, (Col.): VI:35, XVI:34.
Gentry, Meredity G.: II:151.
George, A., (Mr. and Mrs.): IV:13.
George, Edgar: IV:64.

George, Edward: II:30.
George, Jessie: VIII:58, VIII:63.
George, S.: IV:67.
George, S. M.: IV:40.
George, S. M., (Mr. and Mrs.): IV:44, IV:62.

George, Sol H., (Mrs.): XV:345.
Gerald, M. F.: IX:47.
Gerrolds, Marcus F.: IV:139.
Gerry, Elbridge: II:50, XV:334.
Gerrymander: II:50.

Gettysburg Address: II:45.
Gfellers, John A.: II:18.
Gfellers, Margaret: II:18.
Gibbs, A. H.: I:250.
Gibson, Alexander: VIII:31.

Gibson, Bellingsly: IV:224.
Gibson, David J., (Dr.): XII:211.
Gibson, Henry R., (Congressman): II:93.
Gibson, Henry R., (Judge): X:53, XVII:35.
Gibson, Horatio, (Gen.): XIII:47.

Top of Index

Gibson, Horatio G.: XIII:4.
Gibson, Sarah A.: XII:211, XII:213.
Gifford, Lawson: XVI:4.
Gifford, Mary Taylor: XVI:4, XVI:20.
Gifford, William: XVI:20.

Gilbert, Charles G.: XIII:51.
Gilbert, J. E., (Rev.): III:8415.
Gilbreat, J. S.: X:28.
Gilder, Watson: XVII:146.
Gileland, John (M.D.): XVIII:167

Gillentine, L. S., (Mrs.): IX:18, IX:23, IX:41.
Gillenwaters, W. P.: XVI:11.
Gillespie, A. E., (Mrs.) - Obiturary: VI:136.
Gillespie, Amelia Sanford: VII:78.
Gillespie, G. A.: IV:47, IV:86.

Gillespie, George L., (Gen.): II:49, II:138.
Gillespie, George T.: XIV:90.
Gillespie, Glenn: X:71.
Gillespie, Maria Brown: XIII:19, XVII:76.
Gillespie, Robert L.: XII:5.

Gillespie's Station: VIII:67.
Gillespie, W. A.: X:71.
Gilliam, Deauverux: II:122.
Gillidans, John: VIII:8.
Gillispie, McKinley: XI:28.

Top of Index

Gilmer, Kate: XVII:29.
Gilmore, James R.: V:150.
Gilmore, Joseph H.: IX:8.
Girty, Simon: VI:19.
Gium, James Mckendre: II:25.

Glasgow, Samuel M., (Rev.): IX:19.
Glaze, Cora: XV:487.
Glaze, James C.: XV:239.
Glaze, W. B.: IV:139.
Glazer, John: VI:33.

Glenn, Charles Herbert, (Capt.): II:146, XVIII:233.
Glover, Richard: IV:224.
Goach, William, (Maj.): II:111.
Godsey, William: IV:225.
Godwin, Dora: XIV:99.

Goebel, William: X:18.
Gold Production, Tennessee: XI:82.
Gollaher, James: IV:129, VII:11.
Gooch, Amelia: XII:32.
Good, David: V:67.

Good, David, (Mrs.): IV:143.
Good, Nancy: V:83.
Good, William: IV:224.
Goode, C. M.: VI:1.
Goodrich, Charles H., (Rev.): IV:156, IV:201, VII:96.

Top of Index

Gordon, John D., (Gen.): XVI:28.
Gordon, George W.: X:43.
Gordon, Powhatan: X:48.
Gordon, Ruth: IV:120.
Gordon, William: XVI:24.

Gorley, Paul Randolf: VII:88.
Gosling, Henry L., (Dr.): X:44.
Gott, William, (Col.): V:132.
Gott, L. P., (Mrs.): VIII:53.
Gough, John B.: XI:38.

Gould, Eliza P.: XIV:55.
Gould, William Proctar: XIV:55.
Grady, Henry W.: XIV:53, XIV:137.
Graffenrerd, R. C. De: II:26.
Graham, Samuel, (Mrs.): XIV:160.

Graham, S. E.: XIII:49.
Grandfather Clause: III:8135.
Granger, Gordon, (Gen.): X:77.
Grant, Claudius B.: X:64.
Grant, E. M., (Mrs.): XI:69.

Grant, Myrtle V.: XII:29.
Grant, Ulysses S. - Loyalty to Abraham Lincoln: III:8347.
Grant, Ulysses S., (Mrs.) - Obituary: II:152.
Grant, Ulysses S., (Gen.): II:39, III:8244, III:8565, III:8566, VI:12, VI:74, VII:34, VIII:89,
X:5, X:43, X:44, XIV:65.
Grant, Ulysses S., (Gen.) - Civil War: X:40.

Top of Index

Grant, Ulysses, (Gen.) - Whitewash by President: V:18.
Grant, W. W.: X:57.
Grarette, Gray: II:31. Grave, Mark: VII:59.
Graves-Cilley Duel: II:39.
Gray, Charles Oliver: IV:176, IV:179.

Gray, Daniel: IV:158.
Gray, C. A., (Dr.): XII:37.
Gray, Lucy E.: XII:79.
Gray, Mary Ann: IX:1.
Gray, N. A.: XV:246.

Gray, Baron DeKalb, (Rev.): XIV:186, XIV:213.
Grayson, Benjamin: XI:30.
Great Smoky Mountain National Park: XX:15
Green, Emily Maria: XII:185.
Green, H. A.: X:71.

Green, Jesse: X:53.
Green, John: IV:233.
Green, Joshua: VII:37, VII:60.
Green, Nathaniel: XV:323.
Green, R. A. - Obituary: V:41.

Greene County, Tennessee: V:110, VIII:52, IX:3, IX:14, IX:17, X:20.
Greene, Nathaniel, (Gen.): II:36, VI:13, XIII:84.
Greeneville Bethel Church: IV:195.
Greeneville College: III:8347, IV:116, IV:118, IV:145, IV:153, VI:33, VII:5, VII:10,
VII:17, VII:34, VII:68, VII:78, VII:97, IX:43, XVIII:169, 171, 221
Greeneville First Presbyterian Church (see: Presbyterian Church): VIII:44.

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Greeneville, Tennessee: IX:4, VII:22.
Greensboro, North Carolina: IX:17.
Greenway, Fred: XIV:135.
Greenway, William: IV:224.
Greer, Joseph D.: XI:15.

Greer, Loretta Hard: XI:15.
Greer, Moses: I:250.
Greer, Samuel: IV:226.
Greesy Cove: VII:1.
Greeta Wert School: VIII:61.

Gregg, Frank: X:14.
Gresham, James M.: V:77.
Gresham, John I.: V:71.
Grey, Daniel: VII:97, VII:98
Grey, Joseph: IV:224.

Griffin, G. W.: I:250.
Griffith, Lucile: X:74.
Grigance, John N.: XIII:61.
Grigg, Alfred S.: XIV:95.
Grimes, Joe, (Big) - Obituary: III:8441.

Grinder, Robert: X:48.
Groesbeck, Stephen W., (Gen.): XVI:10.
Gross, Jacob: VI:16.
Grosvenor, Charles H.: V:186.
Grove Park Inn: XIII:72.

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Grubb, J. M.: XII:29, XV:21.
Grubb, Melvin Haynes: XIV:15.
Grumsley, Joseph: IV:224.
Grundy, Felix: II:126, II:150, X:34, X:48, X:52.
Gudger, H. A., (Gen.): XVI:29.

Gudger, James M.: XV:72.
Guesta, Karl: X:34.
Guild, J. C., (Judge): IX:7.
Guild, Joe C.: II:150.
Guilford Battle Ground: IX:17.

Guiteau Incident: V:178.
Gump, Bert P.: XV:517.
Gunning, S. G.: XV:425.
Gunter, Edmund: VI:19.
Hacker, Antoinette Bradley: XII:230.

Hacker, Newton F., (Judge): V:210.
Hacker, A. B., (Mrs.): XV:9.
Hacker, Newton: XV:469.
Hail, H. D.: XIII:37.
Hale, Amon: IV:224.

Hale, C. B. - Obituary: VI:53.
Hale, Nathan: III:8593, XIV:75.
Hale, W.: IV:43.
Hall, A. J.: VII:35.
Hall, Bissle: VIII:13.

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Hall, Daniel M.: XV:116.
Hall, Houston: VIII:25.
Hall, J. K. P. - Obituary: III:8745.
Hall, J. K. P.: XVI:11.
Hall, J. S.: XV:425.

Hall, James: V:78.
Hall, Jason H. B.: VIII:80.
Hall, Laura: VII:34.
Hall, M. W., (Dr.): VIII:25.
Hall, Matthew Walton: VIII:25.

Hall, Nathaniel, (Rev.): VII:2, VII:35, VIII:29.
Hall, Randall: VIII:25.
Hall, Samuel S. - Obituary: VI:133.
Hall, Sarah Ann: XI:20.
Hall, Seth, (Rev.): VIII:25.

Hall, William: VII:80.
Hall, William, (Maj.): XI:32.
Halleck, Henry Wagner. (Gen.): XIII:86, XVII:128.
Halls, C. R.: XII:59.
Halstead, Murat: V:199.

Hamblen County, Tennessee: IX:21.
Hamilton County, Tennessee - Courthouse: XI:4.
Hamilton, Alexander: II:61.
Hamilton, Alexander-Financial Policies: V:76.
Hamilton, Andrew: VIII:31.

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Hamilton, B. A.: XVI:7.
Hamilton, David Twiggs, (Col.): V:310.
Hamilton, G. W. - Obituary: X:3.
Hamilton, Hale S., (Rev.): IX:17.
Hamilton, James: VIII:31.

Hamilton, Joseph: XIV:90.
Hamilton, Joseph, (Gen.): VIII:34.
Hamilton, Joshua: IV:224.
Hamilton, W. M., (Mrs.): XV:514.
Hamilton, W. P.: VI:23, VIII:8.

Hammer, John: VII:60, VII:77.
Hammer, Kate E.: XIII:10.
Hammer, William: VII:77.
Hammes, John: XIII:36.
Hammon, Isaac: VIII:42.

Hammond, Frances S.: XI:82.
Hammons, Abraham: IV:224.
Hamner, J. G.: II:69.
Hampton, Wade: XIII:63.
Hampton, Wade, (Gen.): XVI:14.

Hancher, A. D. R., (Rev.): XII:84.
Hancher, George B., (Rev.): V:135, XIII:60, XIII:70, XIV:292, XII:70.
Hancher, George B., (Rev.) - Obituary: XIII:73, XIII:75.
Hancher, J. K., (Rev.): XII:84.
Hancher, William: XII:84.

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Hancock County, Tennessee: IX:3.
Hancock, John: IX:3.
Handley, Samuel: XIV:57.
Hanley, Dedrick: XII:43.
Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, (Sen.): III:8673, XVI:22, XVI:24, XVI:26, XVI:32.

Hannah, Andrew, (Capt.): IV:170, IV:224.
Hannah, Elizabeth: V:53.
Hannah, H. H., (Col.): IV:46, XVI:3.
Hannah, Irene: XIII:60, XIII:62.
Hannah, John W.: XIV:40.

Hans, Leandon: IX:45.
Hard, William Cote: XVI: insert.
Hardeman County, Tennessee-History: X:47.
Hardeman, Thomas J.: X:47.
Hardin County, Tennessee: IX:19.

Hardin, George D.: X:74.
Hardin, George P.: XIV:41.
Hardin, Joseph, (Col.): XIII:19.
Hardin, Mary: X:74.
Hardin, R. S.: XIII:44.

Harding, Florence Kling: VIII:42.
Harding, Horace: XIV:55.
Harding, Warren G.: XV:99, XV:201, XV:501, XVI:33.
Harding, William Proctar Gould: XIV:55.
Hardwick, John: XI:3.

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Harkelrood, Mary C.: XI:41.
Harkins, John A., (Mrs.): VI:33.
Harmon, Adam: IV:224.
Harmon, Dana: II:82, XVI:18.
Harmon, John: IV:224.

Harnison, William Henry: XVI:24.
Harp, Wiley: XVII:160.
Harper, Thad, (Mrs.): X:65.
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia: X:29.
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - Civil War: X:54.

Harr, James: III:8347.
Harriet Abbey Institute: X:25.
Harris, Allen, (Mrs.): IX:7.
Harris, Hugh: IV:226.
Harris, Isham G.: II:128, II:151, VII:73.

Harris, J. M., (Mrs.): VIII:110.
Harris, Jacob, (Col.): X:46.
Harris, James A.: VI:12.
Harris, Jeremiah George: V:346, XI:34.
Harris, Joel Chandler: XIV:53.

Harris, M. M., (Dr.): XVII:15, XIV:83.
Harris, N. C., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Harris, S. T., (Mrs.): IV:69.
Harris, Shadrick T., (Capt.): X:8
Harris, Simon: XIII:30.

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Harris, Thomas K.: IX:5.
Harris, Washington: II:35.
Harrison, "Tippecanoe": V:266.
Harrison, Benjamin E.: IX:41, IX:42.
Harrison, Benjamin: II:112, V:136, VI:9, VI:76.

Harrison, Carter H.: X:18.
Harrison, Carter, (Mrs.): V:170.
Harrison, Fairfax: XI:13, XVII:87.
Harrison, Thomas J., (Col.): XI:4.
Harrison, W. A., (Rev.): II:123.

Harrison, William Henry: V:144, XV:512, XVII:15.
Hart, J. H.: VI:13.
Harte, Bret: III:8547.
Harts, W. W., (Col.): XIII:56.
Hartsell, J. B.: XV:190.

Harvey, Charles M.: XVI:3, XVI:14.
Hasbrouch, William C.: X:48.
Haskell, William T.: X:49.
Haskin, Frederic J.: IX:27.
Haskins, Margaret - Obituary: VI:83.

Hass, William: IX:1.
Hasson, James D.: XVI:9.
Hasson, James D. (Mrs.) - Obituary: VI:56.
Hatton, Robert: X:43.
Haven, Brink: III:8707.

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Hawk, E. L., (Capt.): XI:72.
Hawk, Jacob: IV:224.
Hawkes, A. S., (Mrs.): IX:8.
Hawkins, Alvin: V:160.
Hawkins, J. I.: II:74, V:204, VI:16.

Hawkins, Martin J.: XI:10.
Hawkins, W. H., (Mrs.): IX:5.
Hawley, Joseph R., (Gen.): V:110.
Hawley, Louis, (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Haws, Elizabeth A.: IX:79.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel: XVI:17.
Hay, John: V:61, XVI:35.
Hayes, Hobert, (Col.): XIII:63.
Hayes, E. L., (Gen.): XI:11.
Hayes, Edward Louis, (Gen.): VII:90.

Hayes, R. B.: XIV:45.
Hayes, W. H.: XI:3.
Hayne, Robert Y., (Sen.): V:143.
Hayne-Jackson Feud: VI:29.
Haynes, Hal H.: II:74, VII:44, XV:517.

Haynes, J. A., (Mrs.): II:63.
Haynes, Landon Carter: VII:11, VII:47, X:51, X:74, XIV:202.
Haynes, Landon Carter, (Col.): II:84, II:106, V:316, XIII:64.
Haynes, Margaret: X:74.
Haynes, Matthew: 2X:41, X:74.

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Haynes, Webb, (Maj.): V:156.
Haywood, Egbert: X:48.
Haywood, Charles, (Maj-Gen.): XIV:159.
Haywood, John, (Judge): VII:20, VII:23, XI:31, XV:209, X:48.
Hazen, W. M.: XIV:112.

Heber, Reginald: IX:8.
Hebron Presbyterian Church: VII:11.
Hedding, Elijah: XVII:33.
Heiskel, William P.: II:150.
Heiskell, C. W.: XIV:105.

Heiskell, Carrick White, (Judge): IX:2.
Heiskell, Daniel: II:4.
Heiskell, Ferdinand: VI:55.
Heiskell, Frederick H.: IX:6.
Heiskell, Frederick S., (Maj.): II:48, IX:6, X:52.

Heiskell, Joseph B.: IX:6, X:32.
Heiskell, Julia Gahagan: IX:6.
Heiskell, Samuel G.: VI:1, VIII:24, IX:6, XV:509.
Heiskell, Tyler D.: IX:6.
Heiskell, William: IX:6.

Hemenway, James A., (Congressman): V:51.
Henderson, Archibald: XIII:52.
Henderson, Bennett H.: VIII:63.
Henderson, David B.: VI:119.
Henderson, John: VIII:31.

Top of Index

Henderson, Lassie: VIII:40, VIII:43.
Henderson, Robert: VII:19.
Henderson, Thomas: X:42, XIV:90.
Henderson, W. A., (Col.): I:pamphlet, XIV:294.
Henderson, William, (Judge): XIV:116.

Hendricks, Solomon: IV:223.
Hendricks, Thomas A.: V:125.
Heney, Francis J.: X:18.
Henley, A. H., (Mrs.): IX:16.
Henley, Barton: III:8329.

Henley, Clara Mae: VII:88.
Henley, Eddie, (Mrs.): VIII:65.
Henley, Issac: V:97.
Henry, C. B.: VII:40, VII:42.
Henry, Elizabeth: XVIII:198

Henry, R. M., (Capt.): V:83.
Henry, Gustavus A.: II:151, X:51.
Henry, J. F.: I:250.
Henry, Jack: XI:81.
Henry, Robert: IV:224.

Henry, William - Obituary: VI:135.
Hensley, C. L.: I:250.
Hensley, James H.: VIII:50.
Henson, J. E.: VI:3.
Henwood, Robert: IV:225.

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Herald and Tribune (1938): XX:1
Herdnall, W. L., (Mrs.): IV:57.
Heron, David A., (Rev.): II:102.
Hetts, P.: IX:32.
Hewitt, F. M.: I:250.

Hibbard, James, (Maj.): IX:3.
Hickerson, Henry: I:250.
Hickey, W. S., (Mr.): XVI:23.
Hickman, A. R.: IV:84.
Hickman County, Tennessee: IX:7, IX:21.

Hickman, John P., (Gen.): X:43.
Hickman, L. T.: IV:55.
Hickrawer, Kaywood, (Mr): IV:49.
Hicks, Ellen: IX:16.
Hicks, John: XVI:27.

Hicks, Jason G., (Judge): II:70.
Hicks, O. B., (Mr. and Mrs.): IV:12.
Hicks, Wesley Fletcher: X:30.
Hiermeier, John: XI:5.
Higdon, Emma: XVII:15.

Higdon, Harry H.: XVII:15.
Higgins, Ellis: VI:67, VI:92.
Highskill, Joseph B.: X:52.
Higins, Coppiner: IV:226.
Hilbert, J. L.: XI:45, XIV:46.

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Hilbert, J. L. - Obituary: IX:75.
Hill, Ben: IX:28.
Hill, C. K.: IX:78.
Hill, D. - Obituary: X:3.
Hill, David B.: V:181, XVI:9.

Hill, Fannie - Obituary: XV:5.
Hill, Fred W.: I:200.
Hill, James: II:31.
Hill, John M.: II:30.
Hill, Judson S.: XV:529.

Hill, L. O.: IV:16.
Hill, N. L.: IV:16.
Hill, Rowland: II:100.
Hillsborough, North Carolina: VII:4.
Hird, Jerreld: IV:139.

Hiskell, S. G.: VII:63.
Hizar, Sheroff N. F.: X:47.
Hoar, George F.: XVI:9.
Hodge, Charles Amos: II:68.
Hodge, Ida Florence: VIII:41.

Hodge, Samuel, (Rev.): VII:7, VII:25.
Hodge, Susan M.: XIII:10.
Hodgins, J. A.: XIII:60.
Hodgson, Joseph, (Col.): XI:36.
Hoffmeister, S. L.: XIII:10.

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Holbrook, Fredrick: VI:61.
Holbrook, M. C.: XIII:3.
Holder, Johnson: I:250.
Holesinger, John P.: IV:144.
Holeston Baptist Association College: IV:211.

Holeston Presbyterian Church: VII:8.
Holeston Presbyterian Washington College: VII:6.
Holland, W. F.: X:40.
Hollis, W. S.: XV:265.
Holmes, Mattie Pence: XII:211.

Holmes, Robert L.: VI:28.
Holsey, George A., (Col.): XIII:58.
Holsinger, Mary Ann: XIV:276.
Holsinger, William: XIII:36.
Holsten, Stephen: X:42.

Holston Mountains: VIII:51.
Holston Presbyterian Church: III:8153.
Holston River: XVIII:181, XX:47
Holt, Sarah: IX:17.
Holt, William: VII:13, VII:19.

Hood, John B., (Gen.): IX:4, XVII:104.
Hood, Samuel Porter, (Dr.): V:203.
Hooker, E. L., (Gen.): XI:11.
Hooper, Benjamin W.: XIV:94.
Hoosac Tunnel: II:99.

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Hopewell Presbyterian Church: IX:3.
Hopkins, A. J., (Sen.): XVI:15.
Hopkinson, Joseph: VI:31.
Hornsby, James H.: XVII:110, XVII:119.
Horse Creek, Tennessee: VI:7, VIII:39, VIII:56.

Horseshoe, Battle of (Tohopeka): III:8577.
Horton, Daniel: IV:224.
Horton, John: IV:224.
Hoskins, James D.: VIII:21, XVI:30.
Hoss, A. F.: IX:43.

Hoss, Abraham: IV:152.
Hoss, E. E. Family History: XX:27, 29, 30, 32
Hoss, E. E., (Mrs.): XII:29.
Hoss, Elija Embree, (Bishop): III:8323, III:8333, III:8490, IV:145, VIII:36, IX:18, IX:24, XII:16, XII:25.
Hoss, Fannie: XV:507.

Hoss, Franklin: IX:46.
Hoss, H. C., (Mrs.): XIV:135.
Hoss, Henry: IV:118, IV:130, IV:140, IV:145, IV:175, VII:13, VII:53, VII:81, VIII:43, IX:47, XIII:37.
Hoss, Henry - Obituary: XI:58.
Hoss, J. Matison: IV:118.

Hoss, Landon: IV:118, VIII:41, IX:46.
Hough, Emerson: IX:21.
Houlk, John C.: XII:41.
Houser, George: III:8437, IV:224.
Houston, Esther: VIII:29, XIV:55.

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Houston, James: VIII:67.
Houston, John: IV:224.
Houston, Robert: IX:3.
Houston, Samuel: II:1, II:3, II:6, II:19, II:28, II:126, IV:205, V:142, VI:78, VII:23, VII:28, VII:38, VII:80,
VIII:53, IX:39, X:48, X:61, XII:85, XIII:37, XIV:29, XV:500.
Houston, William: IV:224, VII:3.

Howard, A. W., (Judge): XI:76.
Howard, Grace Taylor: VIII:53.
Howard, H. H.: IV:52.
Howard, J. W.: XV:256.
Howard, Jacob M.: XVI:8.

Howard, John: V:108.
Howard, Joseph W., (Mrs.): XVII:76.
Howard, N. T.: XV:51, XV:76, XV:399.
Howard, N. T., (Mrs.): XI:40.
Howard, O. O., (Gen.): III:8216, VI:37.

Howard, R. C., (Mrs.): VIII:27, XI:40, XV:6.
Howard, R. Chester: VIII:53, XI:20.
Howard, W. R.: I:250.
Howe, Elias: V:237.
Howe, Julia Ward: VI:38, IX:8.

Howell, Bernice H.: XII:25.
Howell, Charles: IV:224.
Howell, D. L., (Rev.): VIII:110.
Howell, Gordie: XVI:1.
Howes, Nathan: XVI:18.

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Howley, Francis: IV:224.
Howser, J. J.: IX:39, IX:59.
Hoyle, Michael: VIII:31.
Hubbard, Elbert: XIV:141.
Hubbard, J. M.: X:47.

Hubert, H. C.: IX:36.
Huderson, Alex: VIII:31.
Hudson, Henry: VI:88, XV:529, XVII:15.
Huff, James: VIII:47.
Huff, Martie Lee: IX:91, IX:92.

Huff, William: VIII:47.
Huffine, W. F.: X:81.
Huffman, Lesco, (Mrs.): XIII:69.
Hugh, Annace Anderson: VII:72.
Hugh, Henry Anderson: VII:72.

Hugh, James: VII:72.
Hugh, Sarah Anderson: VII:72.
Hugh, William Anderson: VII:73.
Hughes, Charles E.: XVII:116.
Hughes, David: IV:224.

Hughes, Francis: IV:224.
Hughes, George: VII:76.
Hughes, J. L. A.: XI:44.
Hughes, Peter: IV:224.
Hughes, Susanna M.: XII:15.

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Hughes, Thomas: VII:76, XIV:124.
Hughes, Thomas R.: X:33.
Hughs, Patrick: VIII:31.
Hugo, Francis M.: XIII:76.
Hull, John: IV:224.

Humbard, Aden P.: V:316.
Hume, William S., (Rev.): X:24.
Humes, W. Y. C., (Maj-Gen.): X:43.
Humphreys, David: XV:392.
Humphreys, James Lyle: VIII:50.

Humphreys, Parry W.: IX:5.
Humphries, Charles: VII:6.
Humphries, James, (Rev.) - Obituary: X:2.
Humphries, Syle: VII:62.
Humpres, William Hiter: IX:1.

Hunt, Ella: XIV:90.
Hunt, Georgia: XIV:273.
Hunt, Jesse J.: XVI:7, XVI:12, XVI:24.
Hunt, John B.: VII:21, VII:54,
Hunt, James, (Mrs.): XI:32.

Hunter, Alfred: XIV:90.
Hunter, Carrie: X:16, X:74, X:81.
Hunter, David, (Gen.): XI:57.
Hunter, Dayton: VIII:42, VIII:61, IX:86, XV:378, XV:517.
Hunter, E. E.. (Dr.): XII:162.

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Hunter Family Genealogy: VIII:54.
Hunter, Gladys: X:74.
Hunter, H. H.: VII:30.
Hunter, J. C., (Rev.): XIV:57.
Hunter, J. W., (Mrs.): XV:378.

Hunter, Jane: IV:146.
Hunter, John, (Capt.): IV:127, IV:141, IV:149, VII:13, VIII:58, VIII:61, XI:22.
Hunter, Lucinda: VII:22.
Hunter, Lula B.: V:29, XVI:26.
Hunter, Mary: X:29, X:71.

Hunter, Mollie Morrell: IX:80, X:16, X:74.
Hunter, Montgomery Clark: VII:21.
Hunter, Perry Dyer: IX:51, XII:210, XIV:19.
Hunter, R. C.: IX:82, X:65, XIV:31, XIV:39, XIV:43, XIV:47, XIV:98, XIV:300, XV:72,
XV:76, XV:464, XVII:41.
Hunter, R. C., (Mrs.): II:17, XVII:43.

Hunter, R. C., (Mr. and Mrs.): IX:17.
Hunter, Rhea: IX:50, X:74.
Hunter, Robert C.: VIII:61.
Hunter, Robert M. T.: V:136.
Hunter, S. E.: VIII:50.

Hunter, Sally: IV:136.
Hunter, Samuel Lyle: VII:21.
Hunter, Sarah: IV:128, VI:8, X:74, XIV:111.
Hunter, W. J.: XV:288.
Hunter, Walter J., (Mr. and Mrs.): XV:159.

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Hunter, William Beene: IV:143.
Hunter, William: VI:17.
Huntoon, Edna: X:68.
Hurd, Frank H.: V:186.
Hurlbutt, Sarah C.: V:302.

Hurley, E. D.: IX:82.
Huskreis, James P.: XI:78.
Huston, James: XVII:15.
Hutchison, John: VIII:31.
Hyder, Nathaniel E.: XVI:16, XVI:19.

Hylton, Eliza: VI:31.
Hylton, Mollie: XIII:2.
Hylton, Solomon: V:7.
Hynds, Alexander: II:30.
Hynds, Robert H., (Judge): II:30.

Iles, Laura Blair: VI:26.
Iles, Tip C.: IX:2.
Imperial Hotel: XVII:8.
Import-Export Taxes: II:51.
Independence Hall: V:170.

Indian Wars: XIV:37, XV:512.
Indiana History-Personalities: V:125.
Ingersoll, Henry H., (Judge): XVI:15, XIV:52, XIV:53, XIV:130, XIV:142, XIV:160, XIV:201.
Ingersoll, Robert G.: VI:12, XVI:4, XVI:4.
Ingle, John: IV:226.

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Ingle, Michael: IV:226.
Ingram, Dorothy: X:29.
Ingram, Maude: X:29.
Ingram, Thomas F.: XII:42.
Inman Family-Genealogy: II:31.

Inman, Abednigo: II:31.
Irvin, Francis: VIII:64.
Irvine, Nancy: VIII:39.
Irving, Washington: VI:33, XV:10.
Irwin, Joseph M., (Capt.): XVI:30.

Isbell, Zachariah: V:180.
Ish's Fort: VIII:67.
Ivins, J. J.: I:200.
Jack, Jeremiah: II:122.
Jack, Samuel: II:31.

Jackson, Alford Eugene, (Gen.): V:139, X:43, XI:6, XI:11.
Jackson, Andrew: II:33, II:126, III:8199, III:8203, III:8247, III:8287, III:8578, IV:213,
V:173, V:182, V:304, VI:10, VI:24, VI:28, VII:13, VII:20, IX:40, X:23, X:35, X:49,
X:51, XIII:14, XIV:130, XV:273, XV:512.
Jackson, Claiborne, (Gov.): II:19.
Jackson, F. Henry Clay - Obituary: XI:43.
Jackson, Henry C.: V:204, VI:1, XI:8.

Jackson, John J., (Judge): V:66.
Jackson, Jonathan: IV:226.
Jackson, Rachel Dondleson: VII:33, X:24, XV:231, XVI:2.
Jackson, Samuel: IV:224.
Jackson, Stonewall: V:385.

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Jackson, William H.: X:43.
Jacobs, J. W.: X:47.
Jacobs, M. C.: VIII:79.
Jacobs, M. C., (Rev.): XII:25.
James, Charles: XIII:62.

James Gang, Jesse: XI:77.
James, John: XIII:62.
James, Mary J.: XIII:62.
James, Nancy: XIII:62.
James River-History: XI:2.

James, W. W.: XIII:62.
Jamestown Exposition: V:303.
Jarnagin, Mattie: XVI:26.
Jarnegan, Spencer: II:151.
Jay, Grace: IX:41.

Jay, John: II:118.
Jeffers, W. U., (Lt.): XI:52.
Jefferson Academy: VIII:24.
Jefferson City, Tennessee: IX:4.
Jefferson County, Tennessee: IX:2, IX:3, IX:16, IX:21.

Jefferson, Thomas: II:35, III:8599, IV:206, V:75, VI:24, XIV:65, XVII:56.
Jenkins, Eveline: X:74.
Jenkins, James D.: IX:32, X:74, X:78.
Jerome, Frank: X:29.
Jerome, Nellie: X:29.

Top of Index

Jerome, William T.: V:236.
Jerrys, J. A.: VIII:81.
Jewell, T. F., (Rear Admiral): XVI:23.
Jobe, M. W., (Mrs.): VIII:5.
Joe River: IV:149.

Johnson City - Soldiers Home: VII:13.
Johnson City, Tennessee: IX:2, XII:212, XIII:26, XIV:98.
Johnson County, Tennessee: IX:4, IX:22.
Johnson, Andrew: II:85, II:88, II:97, II:98, II:107, II:151, II:157, III:8271, V:43, V:83, V:131,
V:133, V:173, V:201, VI:23, VI:39, VI:82, VI:83, VII:8, VII:22, VII:26, VIII:97, VIII:109,
X:17, X:52, XI:32, XIV:109, XV:287, XV:362, XV:448, XV:472, XVI:6, XVI:21, XVII:100.
Johnson, Andrew-Account Book: III:8135.

Johnson, Beatrice: X:74.
Johnson, Bushrod R., (Maj-Gen.): X:43.
Johnson, Henry: XV:454.
Johnson, J. R., (Dr.): IX:4.
Johnson, James: VIII:88.

Johnson, Joe, (Gen.): V:222.
Johnson, Sam, (Esquire): V:171.
Johnson, W. R., (Mrs.): XVII:29.
Johnson, Zepher: IV:224.
Johnsonville, Tennessee: IX:5.

Johnston, Albert Sidney: XVI:28.
Johnston, J. Van, (Col.): IX:3.
Johnston, Harriet Land - Obituary: III:8319.
Johnston, John Noel: XIV:130.
Jones, Alfred: IX:62.

Top of Index

Jones, Clara: XVI:26.
Jones, Edward F.: XVI:25.
Jones, George W.: II:88.
Jones, Jacob: XIV:53.
Jones, James C.: II:88, II:150.

Jones, John David: XVII:139.
Jones, John Paul: V:98, V:154, V:195, V:197, VI:24, XVII:199.
Jones, Joseph: IV:225.
Jones, Paul: V:110, V:131, V:309.
Jones, S.: X:47.

Jones, Samuel: VII:27.
Jones, Thomas: IV:224.
Jones, Thomas M.: X:52.
Jones, William: XVI:30.
Jones-Polk Political Race of 1843: III:8157, III:8161, III:8211.

Jonesboro Inn: VI:10.
Jonesboro Jail: III:8109.
Jonesboro Whig
: VI:35.
Jonesboro Yarn Mills: VI:3.
Jonesborough Centenial: VII:9.

Jonesborough Martin Academy (See also Martin Academy): IV:211.
Jonesborough Presbyterian Church: VII:26.
Jonesborough, Tennessee: II:3, II:46, II:60, III:8611, IV:215, VI:24, VII:18, VII:33, VII:41,
VIII:40, VIII:56, VIII:59, IX:2, IX:3, XV:433, XV:474.
Jonesborough, Tennessee-Cholera: IV:153.
Jonesborough, Tennessee-County Court House: X:1.

Top of Index

Jonesborough, Tennessee-History: IX:40, XIV:108.
Jonesborough, Tennessee-Town Clock: XII:29.
Jonnard, W. A., (Rev.): XIII:48.
Jumping Creek, South Carolina: VIII:58.
K. C. G. & L. Railroad Wreck: XIV:74.

Kalb, Sophronia: VI:22.
Kamerer, Paul: XIII:3.
Kate, Bonny: XI:73b.
Kaywood, John: VII:90.
Kearnes, Nancy A.: XVI:1.

Kearns, Beulah: XVII:36.
Kearny, Phillip: XIV:117.
Keeble, E. A.: X:52.
Keebler, Benjamin F.: XV:513.
Keebler, Clyde S.: XV:513.

Keebler, Cora L.: XI:73b, XV:513.
Keebler, Gerome: XI:73b.
Keebler, Susan: V:76.
Keebler, Ulysses, (Mrs.): XV:513.
Keebler, V.: XV:246.

Keebler, William: X:65.
Keefauver, S. B.: XVI:6.
Keefer, J. Warren, (Gen.): XIII:58.
Keeling, James: XI:72, XI:73a.
Keen, L. W.: XI:52, XI:69.

Top of Index

Keener, J. W.: VIII:57.
Keener, Bruce, (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Keezel, Phoebe: X:65.
Keith, Charles F.: IX:2.
Kelley, B. B., (Mrs.): XVII:15.

Kelly's Ferry: X:21.
Kelly, D. O.: I:250.
Kelly, Herum: IV:223.
Kelly, James: XVII:29.
Kelly, Tom: IV:51.

Kelly, William - Obituary: VI:135.
Kennedy, Alexander: IX:2.
Kennedy, Charles M.: IX:2.
Kennedy, Daniel: XIV:90.
Kennedy, Daniel, (Gen.): VII:3, VII:19, XIII:84.

Kennedy, David: XV:370.
Kennedy, Earl W.: IX:2.
Kennedy Family Reunion: IX:2.
Kennedy, John: IX:2.
Kennedy, Rufus S.: IX:2.

Kent, Charles W., (Dr.): XIV:113.
Kent, Peter: IV:224.
Kentucky-Civil War (See also Civil War): XI:71.
Kephart, Mary Ann: X:15.
Kephart, Thomas: X:15.

Top of Index

Keplinger, Samuel: XV:261, XV:458.
Keplinger, Samuel B.: XVII:100, XIV:75.
Kepper, Nora A.: XVI:26.
Kern, John W.: VI:71.
Kern, Peter: VI:30, VI:40.

Kesterton, John: IV:224.
Ketron, J. H.: X:42.
Ketron, A. C., (Rev.): X:56.
Key, David M.: X:52.
Kiezell, W. Calvin - Obituary: VI:93.

Kilgore, Thomas: IX:18.
Killebrew, J. B., (Col.): IX:7.
Kimball, A.: IV:56.
King College: VI:118.
King, James, (Col.): VIII:61.

King, Harry: XIV:135.
King, John: IV:224, X:42.
King, Joseph L.: XIII:57.
King, Thomas: IV:224.
King, Walter: VII:42.

Kings Mountain: IV:126, V:200, VII:14.
Kings Mountain and Its Campaign
: I: pamphlet.
Kings Mountain, Battle of (See also Civil War): IV:170, V:207, XI:5.
Kings Mountain, Battle of - Anniversary: V:293.
Kingsport, Tennessee: IX:4, XV:91, XV:343.

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Kinney, Coates: XVI:29.
Kirby, C. L., (Rev.): IX:2.
Kirby, Willie Crowder: VIII:81.
Kirk, George W., (Col.): V:74, V:116.
Kirkpatrick, Samuel: VI:1.

Kirkpatrick, Samuel J., (Mrs.): XIV:122.
Kirkpatrick, Tom: XV:516.
Klepper, Gillespie: XIV:109.
Klepper, John Bowman: V:139, XVII:15, XIV:214.
Klepper, Thomas: IX:71, XVII:15.

Knight, R. J.: IV:4.
Knight, William: XI:10.
Knights of the Golden Circle: II:61.
Knob Creek, Tennessee: VI:24.
Knoff, James: IX:84.

Knox County, Tennessee: IX:3, IX:22.
Knox County, Tennessee - Election Returns 1908: VI:73.
Knox, Henry, (Gen.): III:8482, V:165, IX:3.
Knoxville Farmers Convention: X:69.
Knoxville Register: II:48.

Knoxville Traction Co.: II:1.
Knoxville, Poem to: III:8839.
Knoxville, Tennessee: V:169, VIII:50, IX:3, XVII:26.
Knoxville, Tennessee - Founding: V:62.
Knoxville, Tennessee - Mayors 1802-1919: XII:27.

Top of Index

Knoxville, Tennessee - 113th Birthday: V:99.
Knoxville, Tennessee: Cumberland Hotel: XII:156.
Knoxville-Famous Men: III:8192, III:8195.
Kossuth, Louis: XVI:32.
Kress' Toyland: XIII:64.

Kruger, Paul: XVI:20.
Kuhn, J.: X:33.
Kuntz, Jacob: I:250.
Kyker, Florence: VIII:65.
Lackey, Thomas: IV:226.

Lackington, James: XVI:20.
Lady, Annette: X:27, X:28.
Lady, Charles E.: XV:431, XI:79.
Lady, H.: XI:81, XIII:66.
Lady, H. F.: XIII:77, XIV:17, XV:14, XV:36, XV:516.

Lady, H. G., (Mrs.): X:17.
Lady, H. L.: X:58.
Lady, Henry: X:46, XIV:130, XIV:146.
Lady, Henry F.: III:8109, X:2, X:57.
Lady, Horace G., (Mr. and Mrs.): II:158.

Lady, Horace Greely: II:1, III:8453, VI:5, X:16, XIII:63, XVI:9, XVI:16, XVI:23.
Lady, John: VIII:50.
Lady, S. E., (Mrs.): XIII:63.
Lady, H. H., (Mrs.): IV:101, IV:102.
Lady, Henry F., (Mrs.): IX:3.

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Lady, William: XI:79.
Lafollette, Gov. Robert M.: V:93.
Laird, Martha: V:140.
Lake Reelfoot: V:282.
Lamar, Ludius Q. C., (Judge): III:8681.

Lambert, Jermiah: VIII:24.
Lampson, John L.: IV:213.
Land, George Byron: XIV:121.
Lander, A. J.: IV:36.
Landers, Toby: IX:2.

Landrum, James: IV:224.
Lane, James, (Capt.): XI:37.
Lane, Jonathan F.: XI:4.
Lansing, John: XVII:16.
Lansing, Robert: XVII:54.

Latta, Fannie: XV:516.
Latter Day Saints, Church of: III:5457.
Lature, Harmon: IV:224.
Lauderdale County, Tennessee: IX:24, IX:29.
Laughlan, Sam H.: II:33.

Laurel County, Tennessee: IX:22.
Law, John: V:141.
Lawrence, James, (Capt.): IX:7.
Lawson, James D., (Rev.): XIII:58.
Lea, Luke: V:286.

Top of Index

Lea, Pryor: V:286.
Leab, Dick: IV:35.
Leady, H. F.: XVIII:213
Lebanon Presbyterian Church: II:121, IV:135.
Lebanon, Tennessee: X:25.

Lee, Charles, (Gen.): II:39.
Lee, Fitzhugh, (Gen.): V:97, V:107.
Lee, George Taylor: IX:77.
Lee, Jesse M., (Col.): II:44.
Lee, Mary Curtis: II:50.

Lee, Richard Henry: XV:327.
Lee, Richard Lawrence: XVI:1.
Lee, Robert, (Dr.): VII:94.
Lee, Robert Edward, (Gen.) - 40th Anniversary of Surrender: V:96.
Lee, Robert Edward, (Gen.): II:49, II:56, V:238, V:327, V:330, VI:12, VI:44, VI:65, XIV:56.

Lee, Thomas: VIII:39.
Leesburg Presbyterian Church: VII:7.
Leillian, Mays: X:28.
Leitchenstein, G. L.: XVI:16.
Leming, Isabel: IX:17.

Leming, William: IX:17.
Lenoir City, Tennessee: IX:2.
Leonard, I. B., (Rev.): IX:17.
Lesley, John: I:250.
Lesthie, Alexander: IV:224.

Top of Index

Lewis and Clark Expedition: V:18, XX:7, 8.
Lewis County, Tennessee: IX:5, IX:21, X:48.
Lewis, George Washington: XVII:72.
Lewis, Lawrence: XVII:72.
Lewis, Andrew, (Maj.): VIII:39, IX:23.

Lewis, Marvin H.: VIII:39.
Lewis, Meriweather: IX:5, X:48, XVI:24.
Lewis, William B.: XVI:2, XVI:9.
Lexington and Concord-History: V:189, V:190.
Lieber, Francis: XV:6.

Light, Nachel: IV:224.
Lightning: II:96.
Lilburn, Andrew: IV:224.
Limestone Church: VII:41.
Limestone, Tennesse: V:112.

Limestone, TN- Civil War: II:95, III:8465.
Linchlyter, Roy A.: IX:21.
Lincoln County, Tennessee: IX:9.
Lincoln, Abraham: II:28, III:8323, III:8511, III:8523, V:53, V:81, V:88, V:90, V:200, V:245,
V:301, V:303, V:345, V:360, VI:2, VI:13, VI:18, VI:20, VI:29, VI:77, IX:83, X:16, X:62,
X:63, XI:18, XII:223, XIII:87, XIV:90, XIV:147, XIV:148, XV:21, XV:27, XV:190, XV:196,
XV:232, XV:234, XV:235, XV:258, XV:492, XV:510, XV:511, XV:532, XV:533, XVII:18,
XVII:66, XVII:85, XVII:104, XVII:144, XVIII:239, XX:11.
Lincoln, Abraham - Funeral: VIII:95.

Lincoln, Abraham - Stories About: III:8152.
Lincoln, Abraham: Birthplace: III:8101.
Lincoln, Benjamin: XIV:192.
Liquor - Sale: II:62.
Little, Marcellus: XVII:29.

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Little, James K., (Rev.): XVII:29.
Littleton, Jessie M.: V:39, VI:50, XVI:16.
Littleton, Thomas J.: XIV:135.
Livingston, J. S. C.: XVI:1.
Livingston, Philip: VI:19.

Livingston, Robert R.: XVI:22.
Lodge, Henry Cabot, (Sen.): III:8449, XIII:49.
Loeb, Aaron M.: IX:6.
Logan, John A., (Gen.): VIII:92, XIV:115, XV:437.
Logan, S. T.: XV:346.

Logan, S. T., (Mrs.) - Obituary: VI:115, VI:116, VI:117.
Logeu, William: VIII:31.
Lonas, Emerson J., (Capt.): IX:4.
Lonas, Ernestine: IX:4.
Lonas, Nellie C.: IX:4.

Long, James S.: X:68.
Long, Carrol S., (Rev.): XIII:58.
Long, G. D., (Rev.): X:68.
Longstreet, James O'Henry, (Gen.): II:31, III:8627, III:8643, III:8647, VII:27, XIV:88.
Lookout Mountain: XI:7, XI:8, XI:9.

Lorimer, George C., (Rev.): III:8372.
Lorrin, M., (Miss): IV:19.
Loud, George Byron: XVII:55.
Louden, Tennessee: IX:4.
Loundsberry, Clement A.: X:64.

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Love, E. F. H., (Rev.): XIII:3.
Love, J. M., (Judge): XI:30.
Love, Robert: X:53.
Love, Samuel: VIII:31.
Lovegrove, Raymond: XV:472.

Lowe, J. L.: VI:1
Love, J. W.: I:250.
Lowe, William: XI:48.
Lowell, James Russell: XV:237.
Lowery, William: VIII:66.

Lowry, J. M., (Mr.): V:304.
Lucas, Robert: V:180.
Luce, Elizabeth L.: IX:58.
Luce, Elizabeth S.: IX:50.
Luce, F. B.: IV:45.

Lucky, C. E.: XV:409.
Lucky, Mary - Obituary: III:8275.
Lucky, Seth J. W.: II:31.
Lundy, Benjamin: X:50.
Lusk, Nellie Burcham: XII:11.

Luther, Martin: VIII:84.
Luttrell, Fanny: VIII:63.
Luttrell, G. W.: VII:59.
Luttrell, George W., (Mrs.): VII:15.
Lyle, Casander: VII:21.

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Lyle, James: VII:21, VII:54, VII:55.
Lyle, John: VII:13.
Lyle, Matthew: VIII:31.
Lyle, Samuel, (Mr. and Mrs.): VII:8.
Lyle, Hubert, (Mrs.): VIII:44.

Lyle, Hubert S., (Rev.): VII:11, VII:67, VII:85, VII:99, VIII:47, VIII:62.
Lyle, W. H., (Rev.): X:25.
Lyle, Samuel: VII:54, VII:55, VII:59.
Lynchings: II:45.
Lynn, Carrie, (Rev.): VII:41.

Lynn, Frank: XVII:15.
Lynn, Hugh W.: XV:493.
Lynn, Mary Jane: V:302.
Lynn, Robert: VIII:3.
Lynn, S. E.: VIII:93.

Lyon, C. M.: XVI:6.
Lyon, Elizabeth: VI:35.
Lyon, James B. R.: II:55, VI:35.
Lyon, Margaret: XVI:6.
Lyon, Matthew: V:142.

Lyon, W. R., (Mrs.): XII:90.
Lyon, Nathaniel: XIV:67.
Lyon, Risby, (Rev.): VI:35.
Lyon, W. G.: IX:60.
Lyte, Henry F.: IX:8.

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Lytle, William H., (Gen.): II:93.
M'Cray, W. H.: XV:490.
MacCubbin, James, (Mrs.): XI:29.
MacDonough, Thomas: XI:12.
Machow, Feador: III:8511.

Mackau, William: VIII:31.
Mackintosh, D. C., (Rev.): V:171.
MacLennan, W. F.: V:157.
MacMillan, J. L., (Rev.): IX:7, IX:57.
Madison County, Tennessee: IX:22.

Madison, Dolly: V:331, XV:274.
Madison, James: II:59, IX:37.
Magnolia Cementary: IX:4.
Maguires, Mollie-Trail of the: XI:17.
Mahoney, Elizabeth - Obituary: XIII:76.

Mahoney, O. E.: IX:4.
Mahoney, Robert: IX:4.
Mammoth Cave: XIV:35.
Manassas, Battle of: V:31.
Mandak, S.: IV:28.

Maney, George: X:43.
Mangum, Willie P.: XVI:24.
Manker, J. J.: XVII:92.
Mann, Joseph: IV:138, IV:167.
Margret, Henry: IV:224.

Top of Index

Marion County, Tennessee: IX:3.
Marion, Francis, (Gen.): IX:3.
Markham, William Colfax: XV:320.
Markwood, Esther: XIV:83, XIV:90.
Markwood, James L.: X:58, X:68.

Mars Hill College: IX:75.
Mars Hill Presbyterian Church: IX:25.
Marshall County, Tennessee: IX:9.
Marshall, Humphrey, (Gen.): XVII:63.
Marshall, James W.: XV:224.

Marshall, John, (Judge): X:50, XV:160.
Martain Academy: IV:116, IV:157, VI:34, VII:2, VII:16, VII:44, VII:79, VII:97, XI:20.
Martain, W. H., (Dr.): IV:168.
Martin, Ailer Keebler: VIII:50.
Martin, Amos: VI:74.

Martin, Edward: VIII:57.
Martin, Hugh: II:30.
Martin, J. M.: XII:207.
Martin, Jessie Velma: VII:88.
Martin, John C.: III:8585.

Martin, Joseph: X:42.
Martin, Joseph H.: II:25.
Martin, Joshua L.: II:25.
Martin, Lucille: X:74.
Martin, Frank G., (Mrs.): X:73.

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Martin, Walter: XV:517.
Maryville College: II:5.
Maryville, Tennessee: II:7, VIII:68, IX:3.
Masengill, H. H.: V:305.
Masengill, Ruth: IX:35.

Mason and Dixion Line: II:32.
Mason, Charles S.: II:74, V:204, VI:1, VI:24, VIII:27, XIV:138, XVII:16.
Mason, Edger Mason: VIII:42.
Mason, Elihu H.: XI:10.
Mason, George: XI:30.

Mason, James Murray: XI:17.
Mason, John T.: III:8123.
Mason, Lena D.: XIV:134, XIV:135.
Masonic Institute: II:5.
Massey, Z. D.: XV:227.

Maston, Josiah: VIII:60.
Mathes, Alexander Perry: IV:221, VII:19, VII:28, VII:39, VII:44, VII:69, VII:100, VIII:31, XII:209.
Mathes, Ann: VIII:31.
Mathes, Bovelle: VII:100.
Mathes, C. A.: VII:50.

Mathes, C. Hodge: IX:24.
Mathes, Dora V.: VIII:59.
Mathes, E. L.: IV:139, IV:153.
Mathes, E. S.: XVII:29.
Mathes, Elma: XI:30.

Top of Index

Mathes, Euphrasia: XVII:29.
Mathes, Ezekiel Salmon: VII:43, VII:100.
Mathes, Exekiel Salmon - Obituary 1903: II:144, III:8235.
Mathes, Frank Smith: XIV:17.
Mathes, George: VII:29, VII:39, XIV:295.

Mathes, John Alfred: VIII:48, VII:100.
Mathes, John S.: III:8153, III:8267, V:119, VII:28, VII:39, XI:30.
Mathes, Julia A.: XI:30.
Mathes, Julia Carver: V:118.
Mathes, S. W., (Lt.): VII:28.

Mathes, Maria E.: XVII:29.
Mathes, McFarland M.: XVII:29.
Mathes, Nora: VIII:31, XV:246.
Mathes, A. A., (Rev.): VII:7.

Mathes, Sampson: VII:29.
Mathes, Samuel: VII:68.
Mathes, W.: IV:15.
Matlack, Timothy: III:8323.
Matthews, Jeremiah: IX:21.

Matthews, Stanley: XIV:45.
Mattoon, M. D.: XIII:72.
Mauk, Abe: X:81.
Mauk, D. A.: X:81.
Mauk, George: X:81.

Top of Index

Mauk, Hobson: X:81.
Mauk, J. M.: X:81.
Mauk, L. M.: X:81.
Mauk, Samuel: XI:22.
Mauk, William: X:81.

Maury Academy: II:31.
Maury County, Tennessee: IX:5.
Maury, Abraham Poundexler: II:26.
Maury, Dabrey H., (Gen.): II:73.
Maury, Richard L., (Col.): XVI:21.

Maury, Mathew Fontaine: X:48.
Maxey, William F.: XVI:25.
Maxwell, Charles: VI:1.
Maxwell, Mary E. - Obituary: III:8219.
May, Blaine: X:34.

May, Mark: X:34.
May, Myrtle: II:8.
May, Roxy: X:34.
May, Rufus Montgomery: VI:4, X:31, XV:375.
Mayes, F., (Mrs.): XVII:44.

Mayiunis, Elizabeth Embree: VIII:25.
Maynard, Horace: II:131, II:150, III:8657, V:84, VI:23, VIII:50, IX:47, X:52, X:53, XV:420, XVI:25.
Maynard, Horace, (Mr. and Mrs.): IX:29.
McAdams, A. H.: VIII:48.
McAllister, John: VII:19.

Top of Index

McAnaly, Mary: X:47.
McArthur, Arthur: III:8244.
McBath, Belle: XIII:61, XIII:62.
McBath, Edgar B.: XIII:61.
McBath, Harvey A.: XIII:61.

McBath, Walker E., (Rev.): XIII:61.
McBride, T. C.: XV:252.
McBroom, Henry D.: IX:5.
McBurney, James: VIII:65.
McCall, Frances: V:41.

McCall, George T.: II:74.
McCallum, James: X:52.
McCamish, Thomas: IV:224.
McCampbell, William A., (Rev.): II:101.
McCarron, W. F., (Maj.): XIV:280, XIV:281.

McCarron, W. F.: XIV:280.
McCarty, Daniel: XI:30.
McCarty, Jeanie - Obituary: XI:49.
McChesney, Wagner: VIII:60.
McClain, Thomas: IV:225.

McClealand, George, (Col.): VII:73.
McCleary, Mary: VIII:23.
McClellan, John, (Capt.): XIII:57.
McClellan, George R., (Col.): II:9, XVI:28.
McClellan, George B., (Gen.): V:370, VIII:92, X:7, XIV:210, XVI:12.

Top of Index

McClellans, W. R., (Mrs.): IX:27.
McClenaghan, S. J.: VI:33.
McClins, John Blair, (Col.): XI:32.
McClung, C. J. - Obituary: VI:62.
McClung, Calvin M.: XIV:173.

McClung, Charles: IX:3.
McClung, Lee: XIV:96
McClung, Mary E.: II:113.
McClung, C. J., (Mrs.): V:93.
McClure, E. G., (Capt.) - Obituary: VI:93.

McClure, J. F., (Capt.): XVII:30.
McClure, John: XVII:30.
McClure, Rankin: VII:7.
McClure, Sarah: XVII:30.
McCollin, Alice Graham: V:139.

McCollum, W. S., (Mr. and Mrs.): VIII:40.
McCollum, W. S.: XV:382.
McComb, William: X:43.
McConnell, Emmett: XVI:4.
McCook, Robert L., (Gen.): XIV:77.

McCooks, The Fighting: III:8267.
McCorkle, Samuel Valentine: VII:7, XIII:38.
McCormick, Cyrus, (Mrs.): VII:1.
McCormick, Cyrus H.: IX:4.
McCormick, Nettie Fowler: IX:4.

Top of Index

McCown, John P., (Maj-Gen.): X:43.
McCoy, Dan - Obituary: III:8523.
McCoy, James: II:100.
McCoy, Sadie Walters: IX:62.
McCracken, James M.: XII:224.

McCracken, Samuel: XIV:209.
McCroskey, Mayor E. E.: III:8091.
McCullough, John C.: IX:2.
McCurdy, P. C., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
McCure, Samuel: VIII:31.

McCurley, B.: IV:11.
McCurry, David: V:41.
McCuthan, C. F., (Mrs.): IX:2.
McDonald, Ernest: II:41.
McDonald, Ruth: X:27.

McDowell, Irwin, (Gen.): XI:25.
McDowell, Joseph: IX:11.
McDowell, Joseph, (Col.): IX:11, IX:76.
McElroy, Lois: XIII:62.
McElwee, W. E., (Capt.): XIII:63, XIV:41, XIV:53.

McEwen, Alexander C.: XIII:77.
McEwen, Robert H., (Col.): IV:164, VIII:53, IX:7.
McEwing, Sally Houst: IV:164.
McFarland, Robert: II:31.
McFerrin, John B., (Rev.): X:52.

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McGaugher's Fort: VIII:67.
McGaughey, David R.: XV:514.
McGaughey, Jane Wilson: XV:514.
McGee, James: VIII:31.
McGee, Newton: IX:1.

McGee, Sarenea: IX:1.
McGhee, Charles: X:53.
McGhee, Charles M., (Col.) - Obituary: V:382.
McGhee, Charles McClung, (Col.): XII:83, XIV:132, XIV:137.
McGhee, John: XII:83.

McGuffey, Charles D.: XIV:120.
McGuire, Fannie: XV:419.
McIntosh, Benjamin: IX:18.
McIntosh, E. W.: IX:83.
McIntyre, Robert, (Rev.): V:267.

McKay, Nathaniel: II:9.
McKeage, John: XVI:30.
McKee, John, (Col.): XI:77, XIV:55.
McKinley - Bryan Election: II:1.
McKinley Inauguration: II:3.

McKinley, President William: II:9, V:91, V:143, V:359, VI:32, VIII:54, XV:218.
McKinney, Kate S.: XVI:8.
McKinney, Robert J., (Judge): V:286.
McKinney, Samuel: IV:224.
McKinney, Samuel, (Col.): V:129.

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McKinney, Samuel, (Mrs.): XVI:26.
McLean, Florence B.: XIII:81.
McLean, Thomas E.: XIV:30.
McLear, J. M., (Dr.): IX:29.
McLemore, John C.: IX:7.

McLin, Alexander: VIII:32.
McLin, Catarine: VIII:23.
McLin, Charlotte: VIII:23.
McLin, James: VII:13, VII:53.
McLin, Joseph: VIII:23, VIII:32.

McLire, Alexander: VIII:14.
McLung, Charles James, (Mrs.): V:93.
McLurie, Ann Blair: VIII:3.
McMackin, Charles - Obituary: XIII:76.
McMackin, William - Obituary: VI:49.

McMahome, John: VII:76.
McMahon, Gen. Martin T.: XVI:2.
McMillan, Henry G.: XIII:51.
McMillan, John E.: XIII:62.
McMinn Academy: II:61.

McMinn County, Tennessee: X:23.
McMinn, Joseph: IX:2.
McMullen, Robert B., (Rev.): II:123.
McMurry, George N.: XIII:63.
McNeal, Hexie Monroe: X:28.

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McNeal, Thomas: X:47.
McNutt, Benjamin: II:123.
McNutt, George: II:122.
McNutt, Samuel Houston: IX:19.
McNutt, William Bartley: XI:9.

McPhaters, William, (Rev.): VIII:7.
McPherson, George, (Capt.): XVI:28.
McPherson, James Birdseye, (Gen.): VIII:89.
McSim, James, (Rev.): VII:7, VII:82.
McTeer's Fort: VIII:67.

McTeer, Joe T.: IX:19.
McTeer, William A., (Maj.): X:21, X:25.
McWhirter, Minnie Chester: VI:28.
McWhorter, Stacy: IV:112.
Mead, W. S.: XIV:120.

Meade, George C., (Gen.): X:64.
Meadowbrook, Tennessee: IX:4.
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: VIII:60.
Meek, Adam: X:53.
Meek, Bertha: IV:56.

Meek, John L.: XIII:24.
Meek, Margaret E.: II:103.
Meek, William A.: II:103.
Meigs, Jonathan: V:100.
Melear, James, (Dr.): IX:17.

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Melear, John, (Rev.): XVI:21.
Mell, Howard: X:74.
Mellen, George Frederick, (Dr.): XI:58, XI:60 thru XI:62, XIII:70, XIII:71, XIII:79, XIII:80,
XIII:84 thru XIII:86, XVII:32, XVII:84, XVII:89, XVII:114, XVII:118 thru XVII:120,
XVII:167, XVII:168.
Memphis Railroad Company: XVIII:218, 229
Memphis Special: VIII:39.

Memphis, Tennessee-History: XIV:108.
Menees, Thomas: X:52.
Mercereau, John D.: X:33.
Meredith, J. J.: X:50.
Messers, J. H.: XVII:15.

Methodism-East Tennessee: VIII:60.
Methodist Advocate Journal: XI:28.
Methodist Church-Reorganization of 1865: XIII:58.
Metton, J. W., (Lt. Col.): VII:27.
Mexican-American War-Tennessee Soldiers: X:46.

Milbern, William: IV:224.
Milburn, W. E. F.: XVII:82.
Miles, Nelson A., (Gen.): III:8308, XIII:51, XIII:58.
Miles, Nelson A., (Mrs.): XVI:4.
Military: II:31, II:36, II:42, II:44, II:58, II:85, II:95, II:102, II:107, II:122, III:8267, III:8465,
III:8549, III:8573, III:8585, III:8965. III:9232, IV:186, IV:220, V:21, V:31, V:40, V:70,
V:71, V:77, V:83, V:94, V:97, V:131, V:286, VI:5, VI:22, VI:24, VI:29, VI:59, VI:67, VI:118,
VII:25, VII:30, VII:56, VII:83, IX:2, IX:9, IX:22, X:16, X:29, X:38, X:43, X:48, X:52, X:54,
X:64, X:67, X:74, XI:3, XI:5, XI:6, XI:10, XI:12, XI:14, XI:16, XI:24, XI:32, XI:39, XI:71,
XII:33, XII:155, XII:205, XII:206, XIII:49, XIII:62, XIII:63, XIII:65, XIV:61, XIV:92, XIV:126,
XIV:159, XIV:294, XVI:19, XVI:20, XVII:32, XVII:76, XVII:171.

Military (see also Burnside, Ambrose Evert, (Gen.))
Military (see also Civil War)
Military (see also Daughters of the American Revolution)
Military (see also Grant, Ulysses S., (Gen.))
Military (see also Lee, Robert Edward)

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Milk River Indian Battle: V:112.
Mill Spring, Battle of: VII:26, XI:11.
Mill Springs Fight: X:36.
Millard, Crockett R.: VI:41.
Millard, H. M.: XVI:16.

Millard, Martha: VIII:62.
Millard, Samuel: VIII:62.
Miller, Alex: XI:73b.
Miller, Arzor, (Mrs.): VII:96.
Miller, Benjamin, (Mrs.): X:34.

Miller, C. A.: X:47.
Miller, Elbert S., (Dr.) - Obituary: III:8267.
Miller, Eliza: XI:73a.
Miller, Fannie: VIII:5.
Miller, G. W.: XVI:15.

Miller, Harmon T.: X:74.
Miller, J. M.: IX:25.
Miller, James: VIII:31.
Miller, John: IV:223.
Miller, John F.: V:76.

Miller, John K., (Col.) - Obituary: III:8283.
Miller, Julia: II:155.
Miller, Lee F.: X:74.
Miller, Lindsey J.: XII:214.
Miller, Nellie Ruth: VI:23, X:34.

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Miller, Peter: VI:4.
Miller, Richard - Obituary: VI:139.
Miller, Robert R.: VIII:59, IX:17.
Miller, S. E.: II:133.
Miller, S. G., (Dr.): V:123.

Miller, Sam: IV:82.
Miller, William F.: XVI:27.
Mills, Albert Leapold, (Col.): III:8135.
Mills, Ambrose, (Capt.): V:150.
Mills, Lorus: IV:226.

Mills, Roger Q.: V:186.
Millspaugh, F. W.: IX:71.
Milton, George F.: VI:62.
Minnis, J. B., (Col.): XII:12, XV:121, XVII:92.
Minnis, Nancy Caroline: VIII:42.

Minor, Jemina: XI:30, XI:33.
Missionary Ridge, Tennessee/Georgia: IV:167, VII:16, XI:9.
Mississippi Valley Earthquake: II:52.
Mitchel, John: XI:34.
Mitchel, Preston: I:250.

Mitchel, Samuel Doak: VII:78.
Mitchell, Ada: X:28.
Mitchell, Adam: VII:60, VII:76.
Mitchell, Addie: X:34.
Mitchell, Edmond B.: VIII:64.

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Mitchell, Ellen: VI:16.
Mitchell, George C.: XVIII:233
Mitchell, Gum: VI:16.
Mitchell, Jean: VII:forward, VII:81, VII:97.
Mitchell, John: VII:83, VIII:78, XI:32, XII:79.

Mitchell, John A.: VII:46.
Mitchell, John A., (Rev.): VII:18, VII:69.
Mitchell, Joseph D.: VI:51.
Mitchell, R. W.: XV:241.
Mitchell, S. D.: IV:173, VIII:53.

Mitchell, S. W., (Mrs.): X:74.
Mitchell, Samuel: X:28.
Mitchell, Stella: VIII:40, X:34.
Mitchell, Thomas H.: VII:20, VIII:26, XVI:1.
Mitchell, W. H.: VIII:47.

Mitchell, William, (Col.): VII:69.
Mitchell, William Montgomery: II:8, II:9, IV:135, IV:170, VII:40, VII:97, X:18, XI:82.
Mocrue, Lough: VIII:35.
Moffet, Robert: VIII:31.
Moffett, Frances: IX:2.

Moffitt, John: XIV:125.
Monfort, Elias R., (Capt.): XIII:3, XIII:50, XIII:58, XVII:57.
Monk, Alonzo, (Rev.): III:8490.
Monmouth, Illinois: VIII:56.
Monroe Doctrine: II:57, II:59.

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Monroe, James: V:51, XVI:5.
Mont Bethel: IV:194.
Mont Bethel Presbyterian Church: IV:194.
Monte Vista Burial Park: IX:7.
Monte Vista Cementary: IX:4.

Montgomery County, Tennessee: IX:18.
Montgomery, Esther: I:n.p., VII:forward, VII:98.
Montgomery, John, (Rev.): VIII:29.
Montgomery, Richard: XVIII:193
Montgomery, W. M.: XIV:295.

Montgomery, W. R.: VIII:29.
Monton, Tillie: X:81.
Monton, William: X:81.
Moody, M. N., (Mrs.): IX:4.
Moody, Roscoe R.: XV:377, XV:525.

Mooney, Alexander: X:15.
Mooney, James: XIII:86.
Moore, Amanda: VIII:50.
Moore, Belle: XV:14.
Moore, Clement: XV:508.

Moore, Clint: IX:21.
Moore, Eleanor M. Heistaud: VIII:10 thru VIII:12, VIII:16, VIII:18, VIII:26.
Moore, Florence: XV:378.
Moore, G.: IV:74.
Moore, Geneva: XI:73b.

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Moore, Horace Claude: VII:88.
Moore, Isaac: IV:151.
Moore, J. H., (Rev.): XI:6.
Moore, J. Simeon: V:200.
Moore, James: IX:85.

Moore, Jere, (Rev.): V:123.
Moore, John A.: IX:39.
Moore, John Trotwood: VIII:45, VIII:47, VIII:58, IX:4, XV:248, IX:16.
Moore, M. Lemuel: IX:28.
Moore, Martha: XIV:169.

Moore, Mary: IX:85.
Moore, R. Walton: XI:30.
Moore, Sarah: XIV:277.
Moore, Sophia Doak: XIII:36.
Moore, Thomas: IX:32.

Moore, W. A. J.: I:200.
Moore, William: II:31.
Moorefield, Margaret Yost: VIII:50.
Moran, John: VI:18.
Moravian Church History: V:306.

Moreland, Charles: IV:223.
Morelock, G. E., (Mr.): IV:77.
Morey, James M.: XII:90.
Morgan, Calvin: IX:20.
Morgan County, Tennessee: IX:2, IX:21.

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Morgan, Daniel, (Gen.): IX:2.
Morgan, Edward: VIII:60.
Morgan, Edwin D.: XVI:17.
Morgan, G. Campbell, (Dr.): XIV:210.
Morgan, G. L.: I:250.

Morgan, J. P.: XI:27.
Morgan, John H., (Gen.): IV:225, VI:75, X:47, X:68, XIV:62, XVII:43.
Morgan, John Tyler, (Sen.): II:25, VI:15, VI:19, VIII:64, IX:4.
Morgan, Justin: V:160.
Morgan, Martha B.: XVII:15.

Morgan's Ohio Raid: X:68.
Morgan, Thomas: IV:224.
Morgan, William: XVI:5.
Morgan, William A.: XVII:15.
Morgan, William F.: XVII:15.

Mormonism (see also Latter Day Saints, Church of): III:8457.
Morrell, John: V:200.
Morrell, John H. - Obituary: VI:133.
Morrell, Thomas: IV:224.
Morris, Lewis: VI:69.

Morris, Robert: V:248.
Morris, Thomas: V:99.
Morrison, David, (Col.): XII:209.
Morrison, John: IV:224.
Morrison, William R.: V:186.

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Morristown, Tennessee: IX:4.
Morse, Samuel F. B.: XVI:12.
Morton, Levi P.: XV:92, XV:127.
Mosby, John Singleton: V:295, XI:10, XVII:94.
Moser, Carrie Fain: IX:31.

Moser, Robert Vance: IX:7.
Moser, S. T.: VI:8, IX:7.
Moser, S. T., (Mrs.): IX:7.
Moses, James C.: XIII:57.
Mossop, W. S.: XIII:61.

Mottern, George C.: XVI:11.
Mottern, Horace: XVI:11.
Mouk Town: XI:22.
Mouk, Henry: IV:224.
Mount Bethel: VII:8.

Mount Bethel Presbyterian Church: VII:8, VII:23.
Mount Lebanon Presbyterian Church: IV:197.
Mount Mitchell, NC: VII:81.
Mountain Branch Soldiers: III:8531.
Mullins, Tuck: VI:12, VI:13.

Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church-Johnson City, TN: IX:4.
Munsey, W. E., (Dr.): XVII:15.
Munsey, Elberta: XVII:15.
Munsey, Edward, (Mr. and Mrs.): XVII:15.
Munsey, Robert R.: XVII:15.

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Munsey, W. E., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Munsey, William: XVII:15.
Murfree, N. N., (Mrs.): XIV:90.
Murphy, J. A., (Dr.): XIII:60.
Murphy, Edward: V:181.

Murphy, Eliza: XIV:75.
Murphy, Eliza Catherine: XIV:83.
Murphy, J. P.: VI:1.
Murphy, James: IV:50.
Murphy, John, (Maj.) - Obituary: VI:64.

Murphy, John G.: II:34.
Murphy, Sarah C.: II:34.
Murray, A. S.: VI:4, XV:190.
Murray, John P.: X:52.
Murray, Virginia: V:39.

Murrell, John A.: XIII:77.
Murrell, R. M.: XV:349.
Murrey, John B.: IX:5.
Myer, W. E.: XV:275.
Naff, John, (Mrs.): VIII:36.

Nall, I. B.: XVII:178.
Nashville, Tennessee: VII:23, VII:81, VIII:22, IX:2.
Nason, George H., (Capt.): X:41.
Nast, Thomas - Obituary: II:146.
National Cementery - Knoxville, Tennessee (see also Knoxville, TN): VIII:50.

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National Conservation Exposition: X:85.
Nave, Henry: VI:51.
Nave, Henry - Obituary: VI:54.
Nave, Lace: XII:25.
Nead, M.: VI:10.

Nealey, John: VIII:34.
Neely, Charles Lea: X:47.
Neely, Rufus P.: X:47.
Negro (see also African-American and Slavery): I:250.
Negro-Orgin of Term: II:52.

Negro Race-History (See Also African-American and Slavery): II:69.
Neil, James: XII:189.
Nelms, Mary: IV:53.
Nelson, Admiral Horatio: III:8603.
Nelson, Alexander: XIII:37.

Nelson, Commander Valentine, (Lt.): II:117.
Nelson, David: V:132, VII:11, VII:41, X:65.
Nelson, Eliza Hamilton: XVII:47.
Nelson Family Genealogy: VIII:70, VIII:71.
Nelson, J. L.: VI:1.

Nelson, James F.: X:27, X:71.
Nelson, John: VII:19, VII:60.
Nelson, John R.: X:50.
Nelson, Julia: XVII:47.
Nelson, Matthew: X:65.

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Nelson, Pauline: XV:534.
Nelson, Rebecca: VIII:94.
Nelson, Recorder C. C.: VI:53.
Nelson, Selden: V:285, V:286, IX:18, X:65, XIII:86, XV:523, XV:529, XVII:47.
Nelson, Seldon, (Mrs.): XVII:47.

Nelson, T. A. R., (Judge): VIII:50, X:53, XX:3.
Nelson, Thomas, (Gen.): VII:2.
Nelson, Thomas Amos Rogers, (Judge): II:31, II:108, II:131, II:150, V:132, V:141, V:147,
VI:107, VI:109 thru VI:112, VIII:50, X:53, XIV:107.
Nelson, Thomas R.: VII:26.
Nelson, V. S.: XII:27.

Nelson, W. A.: X:71.
Nelson, William, (Gen.): XI:4.
Nelson, William H.: II:133, XV:517.
Netherland, John: VIII:40, VIII:81, X:41.
Nevins, Henry M: VI:67.

New Bethel Church - Green County, Tennessee: VIII:52.
New Orleans, Battle of: IX:5, XIV:126, XV:413.
New Providence Presbyterian Church: IX:4.
New Salem Baptist Church: IV:141, IV:211.
Newberne, Battle of: XI:23.

Newberne, North Carolina: XI:23.
Newbum, G., (Miss): IV:106.
Newcomb, Julius: IV:225.
Newland, Ethel: XIV:25.
Newland, W. M.: V:305.

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Newman, John Henry: IX:8.
Newman, Lena Bell: VI:15.
Newmen, W. C.: XIII:24.
Newton, Isaac, (Sir): II:58.
Newton, Stout (M.D.), 1858: XVIII:167

Ney, Marshal: II:139.
Nicholes, Ben: VII:79.
Nicholes, Earnest: VII:79.
Nicholes, Joseph: VII:79.
Nichols, H. W.: XII:186.

Nicholson, A. O. P., (Judge): IX:7.
Nighhist, E. M.: IV:3.
Nineteenth Tennessee Confederate Volunteer Infantry: VII:12.
Nineth Tennessee Cavalry: XI:12.
Noddy, William Family History: XX:28, 31

Noe, Juliet C.: XIII:10.
Nolan, Philip: XIII:13.
Noluchucky River: IV:135.
Noluchucky River Settlement: IV:120, IV:148.
Norfolk and Western Railway: XIII:36.

Norrell, L. L.: IV:95.
North Carolina: XVII:40.
North Georgia Agricultural College: V:219.
North Hall Literary Societies: VI:39.
Northington, Viola: XII:224.

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Nurrell, John A.: XVII:155.
O'Brien, Betsy: IX:2.
O'Brien, Eliza: XI:36.
O'Brien, John F., (Maj.): II:125, XIII:38.
O'Conner, Charley: XIII:51.

O'Connor, Myles P.: IX:67.
O'Neal, Peggy: III:8215.
O'Neill, John: XIV:29.
Oak Grove Cementary: IX:5.
Oak Grove Church: IV:193.

Oberan, George, (Mr.): IV:77.
Odell, B. B.: XVI:2.
Offical Vote, Tennessee, 1904: VI:88.
Official Vote of Knox County 1904
: VI:90.
Ogeeche: IV:121.

Ohio Army: V:197.
Old Gray Cementary: IX:6.
Old Hickory (see also Jackson, Andrew): II:48.
Old Presbyterian Church, Blountville-Tennessee: VIII:20.
Old Salem Cemetary: III:8703.

Old Salem Presbyterian Church: II:154.
Old St. George's Church: III:8252.
Oliver, William J.: X:53.
Olney, Ena: X:35.
On Gay Street Bridge: II:51.

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One-Hundred and Eleventh Ohio Cavalry: XI:5.
One-hundred and Eleventh Tennessee Infantry-Roster: XII:427, XII:428, XII:429.
One-Hundredth Ohio Regiment: II:95, XI:11.
Orchard Knob: II:37.
Osborn, James S.: XVI:29.

Osborne, J. C.: XV:417.
Osterhaus, D. J., (Gen.): XIV:77, XVI:11.
Oswald, Felix: XII:79.
Otey, J. H., (Rev.): X:48.
Overly, William: IV:223.

Overstreet, Jesse: V:178.
Overton, John, (Judge): IX:19.
Owen, W. D., (Rev.): II:19.
Ozark Mountains: VI:13.
Pain, Isaac: VII:70.

Pain, J. R., (Rev.): VII:25.
Pain, Jake: XII:1.
Pain, Jessie: VII:15, VII:21, VII:70.
Pain, Taylor: XII:174.
Paine, Thomas: II:36, V:76.

Painter, Adam: IV:224.
Painter, France B.: XI:45.
Painter, Mary J.: XIII:62.
Painter, W. M.: XI:73b.
Painter, W. T., (Mrs.): XVII:76.

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Pales, John: VIII:67.
Palmer, David J.: XIII:3.
Palmer, John M., (Gen.): V:134.
Palmer, Joseph B.: X:43.
Palmer, William J., (Gen.): XI:4.

Palmeter, Phoebe M.: V:302.
Panama Canal: XI:11, XII:5.
Pandexter, Houston: IV:144.
Pandexter, James M., (Rev.): IV:144.
Park, J. Preston, (Dr.): VI:40.

Park, James: II:84, II:124, IX:29, X:53, X:65.
Park, Meriweather Lewis: II:156.
Parker, Alton B.: V:169, XVII:66.
Parker, Alton R., (Judge): XVI:8.
Parker, Jake, (Mrs.): XVII:128.

Parker, James: XIV:104.
Parker, Matthew, (Mrs.): XVII:30.
Parker, Pink: XVII:31.
Parker, R. W.: I:200.
Parker, Samuel, Jr.: IX:5.

Parker, William E.: IX:20.
Parkersburg, West Virginia: II:47.
Parks, Hugh: IX:2.
Parks, J. G.: II:74.
Parrot, Henry A., (Dr.): V:305.

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Parrott, Henry A. Family History: XXII:165.
Parrot, Jacob: XI:10.
Parsons, George: IV:226.
Passott, Monroe: I:250.
Patch, Samuel: XV:273.

Paton, Samuel Kelery Nelson: VII:56.
Patterson, Andrew Johnson: VII:8, VII:22, VIII:110, X:71.
Patterson, M. L., (Col.) - Obituary: VI:119.
Patterson, David: IX:42.
Patterson, N. A., (Judge): XVII:39.

Patterson, Lindsay: XVII:52.
Patterson, Malcomb R.: V:225.
Patterson, Martha P.: IX:56.
Patton, D.: VII:25.
Patton, Dave: VII:12, VII:35.

Patton, David A.: IX:31, IX:34.
Patton, E. E.: VIII:110.
Patton, F. M.: XIV:83.
Patton, Francis L.: V:341.
Patton, G. E., (Dr.): XVII:15.

Patton, H. E.: XVII:15.
Patton, J. S., (Col.) - Obituary: III:8216.
Patton, James, (Col.): VIII:44, IX:22.
Patton, Jessie V.: IX:4, XVI:23.
Patton, John A.: XVII:92.

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Patton, K. R., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Patton, Landon Hale: IX:4, IX:31, XVI:10, XVI:11.
Patton, Mathes: IV:173.
Patton, R. L.: VI:10.
Patton, Robert: IX:31.

Patton, Sally - Obituary: VI:102.
Patton, Samuel K. N., (Col.): IX:4.
Patton, Victor: XVII:15.
Patton, W. N.: XVII:15.
Patton, William: IX:33.

Pavey, C. W., (Gen.): V:58.
Payne, Henry B.: XVI:19.
Payne, Jacob R.: XII:3.
Payne, John Howard: II:39, VI:20.
Payne, John K.: IX:20.

Payne, Ruby: XIV:111.
Payne, S. E.: II:158.
Payne, William G.: VII:14.
Paynes, John Howard: XVI:12.
Payton, John: VIII:28.

Payton, Mary Moore: VIII:28.
Payton, Samuel: VIII:28.
Payton, Thomas: VIII:28.
Payton, Thomas, Sr.: VIII:28.
Peachtree Creek, Battle of: II:44.

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Pearce, Isreal F.: IX:21.
Pearson, Abel: II:101.
Peary, Robert F.: XV:22.
Peck, James H., (Judge): XIV:214.
Peetz, J. J., (Capt.): III:8363.

Pembertan, N., (Miss): IV:33.
Pence, Sara: X:34.
Penn's Treaty: III:8725.
Penn, Jefferson: IX:42.
Penn, William: XV:222.

Penny, William, (Capt.: IX:2.
Penrose, Boies, (Sen.): V:382, XVI:11.
Peoples, J. H.: VI:40.
Peoples, L. C.: VI:10.
Peoples, M. L.: XV:516.

Peoples, Roberts H.: XV:516.
Pepper, Louis E.: VI:40.
Perkins, A. W., (Mrs.): II:76.
Perkins, Charles A., (Mrs.): III:8147, XV:189.
Perrim, Nathen: IV:224.

Perronet, Edward: IX:8.
Perry County, Tennessee: IX:21.
Perry, J. W., (Rev.): XI:41.
Perry, Oliver Hazard, (Commodore): V:296, VI:9, IX:21.
Perry, Oliver, (Judge): XVI:27.

Top of Index

Perryman, S. S.: IV:87.
Peterfield, Richard: IV:226.
Peters, Charlie: III:8486.
Peterson, Daniel: IV:226.
Peures, James: IV:224.

Peyton, Bailie: II:150.
Peyton, Joseph H.: II:88.
Phelps, J. B.: VIII:41.
Philip's Gap: VIII:62.
Phillips, Adam: VIII:57.

Phillips, Alpha Ruth: VII:88.
Phillips, John S., (Col.): XVI:2.
Phillips, Noah J.: V:305, X:24.
Phillips, William: V:89.
Phinney, H. R., (Mrs.): X:71.

Pickens, S. W., (Mrs.): V:226.
Pickle, Fred: IV:37.
Pickle, George W., (Gen.): X:67.
Pidcock, Theodore: XVI:24.
Pierce, Franklin: III:8603, XIV:113.

Pierce, Armstrong Zella, (Miss): VII:86.
Pierce, Samuel: VII:83.
Pike, Albert, (Gen.): XI:5, XIV:42.
Pile, George: X:63.
Pile, Robert: X:63.

Top of Index

Pillow, Gideon J., (Gen.): V:122, IX:5, X:43.
Pilot Mountain, North Carolina: IX:81.
Piney Flats, Tennessee: IX:4.
Piper, Charles W.: XIV:157.
Pisgah, Giles County, Tennessee: VI:18.

Pitcher, Mollie: III:8334, III:8335.
Pittinger, William: XI:10.
Pitts, W. F., (Rev.): IX:17, XVI:22.
Platt, R. B., (Rev.): IX:4.
Platt, Thomas Collier: III:8085, V:61, V:181.

Plattsburg, Battle of: XI:12.
Pleasant Hill Church: IX:19.
Pleasanton, Alfred, (Maj-Gen.): XIV:158.
Plumb Grove, Tennessee: VII:4.
Plummer, John: XI:30.

Poage, Andrew Woods: X:15.
Poage, Elizabeth: X:15.
Poage, George, (Gen.): X:15.
Poage, James, (Col.): X:15.
Poage, James Smith: X:15.

Poage, John: X:15.
Poage, Robert: X:15.
Poe, Edgar Allan: VI:20.
Poe, O. M., (Col.): IX:27.
Poindexter, Annamary: IV:146.

Top of Index

Poindexter, E. D. F.: V:278.
Poindexter, Jane: VI:3.
Political Conventions-Tennessee: V:44.
Politics and Politicians: II:35, II:77, II:105, II:112, II:122, II:129, II:132, II:134, III:8543, IV:2,
V:22, V:51, V:76, V:93, V:114 thru V:118, V:131, V:136, V:140, V:143, V:268, VI:9, VI:15,
VI:23, VI:28, VI:48, VI:73, VI:76, VI:81, VI:90, IX:37, X:43, X:47, XI:3, XI:36, XI:47, XI:67,
XII:87, XIII:49, XV:373, XV:385.
Politics and Politicians (see also Bryan, William Jennings)

Politics and Politicians (see also Cleveland, Grover)
Politics and Politicians (see also Jackson, Andrew)
Politics and Politicians (see also Johnson, Andrew)
Politics and Politicians (see also Lincoln, Abraham)
Politics and Politicians (see also Sevier, John)

Polk County, Tennessee: IX:4.
Polk, Edwin: X:47.
Polk, Ezekiel, (Col.): X:47, X:52.
Polk, James Knox: II:3, II:106, II:126, II:133, II:151, IV:213, V:163.
Polk, James Knox (govenor): V:169, VII:31, X:52, XII:143.

Polk, James Knox (see also Jones-Polk Political Race of 1843)
Polk, Rufus King: II:25.
Polk, Von Leer: VI:42.
Polk, William: X:47.
Pond, Gideon H., (Rev.): X:15.

Porter Academy: II:5.
Porter, Charles: IV:224.
Porter, David: X:48.
Porter, Horace, (Gen.): VI:17, XV:272, XVI:12.
Porter, J. D., (Mrs.): XIV:83.

Top of Index

Porter, James P. H.: IX:3.
Porter, James B., (Rev.): II:102.
Porter, John R.: XI:10.
Poster, John W.: V:359.
Pouder, Grace: X:57.

Pouder, P. H., (Mrs.): XI:78.
Pouder, Peter H.: X:57.
Pouder, Pete, (Mr. and Mrs.): IV:21.
Pouder, Ralph: X:57.
Pouder, S. H.: X:57, XVII:15.

Pouder, William R.: VIII:48, VIII:59, IX:17, IX:77, XV:494, XV:495.
Pouder-Harr Furniture Co.: VIII:41.
Pounder, Bert S.: XV:517.
Pounder, James: XV:517.
Powell, E. D. - Obituary: X:9.

Powell, George: VI:5.
Powell, Mary E.: XV:534.
Powell, N. F., (Mrs.) - Obituary: XI:49.
Powell, Nicholas Fain: XIV:31.
Powers, Caleb: III:8430, III:8433, III:8485, VI:9, VI:26.

Prentice, George D.: XI:34.
Prentice, Sergeant P.: XI:36.
Presbyterian Church-History: V:223, V:225.
Presidents (odd facts): XVIII:242
Pressnell, H. H.: VI:10, VII:7.

Top of Index

Preston, Florence Blair: I: n.p.
Preston, Margaret - Obituary: VI:69.
Preston, P. W.: VIII:37.
Preston, Tom, (Mrs.): XVII:42.
Preston, William C.: II:126.

Prewitt, W. E., (Rev.): XI:32.
Prewitt, T. D.: X:47.
Price, Martha A.: VI:40.
Price, R. N., (Dr.): XVII:32.
Price, Sterling, (Gen.): X:30.

Priestly, James, (Dr.): X:48.
Prince Edwards County, Virginia: VI:6.
Princeton College: VI:6.
Princeton Disaster: V:122.
Prise, John: IV:224.

Pritchard, Jester C., (Justice): II:25, III:8733, XII:61.
Pritchard, Peter C.: XV:240, XV:241.
Prohibition: V:174.
Prosser, W. F.: XVII:86.
Pryor, Roger Atkinson, (Gen.): XII:227, XII:228, XIV:107.

Puckerville Model: II:62.
Purnast, J. W.: IV:86.
Putnam, Israel, (Gen.): VI:50.
Quarles, William A.: X:43.
Quaty, Sue: XVI:11.

Top of Index

Quay, Matthew Stanley: XVI:6.
Quick, Rina: IV:62.
Quincy, Josiah: XVI:14.
Rabies: II:65.
Rader, Caroline: XIII:46.

Ragsdale, R. B., (Capt.): VI:1.
Raines, James E.: X:43.
Raines, John: IV:223.
Rainey, C. K., (Mr.): IV:65.
Ramsay, H. Ashton, (Col.): XI:33, XI:42.

Ramsay, William: XI:30.
Ramsey, Adam : VII:60.
Ramsey, F. A.: X:53.
Ramsey, Francis Alexander, (Dr.): II:122, II:121, IV:196, VII:32, VII:60, VII:4.
Ramsey, George Mathes: VII:5, XVI:insert.

Ramsey, George S.: II:74.
Ramsey, James Gettys McGregor, (Dr.): VII:8, VII:61, VII:63, VII:64, VII:65, X:42, X:53, XI:31, XIV:120, XV:208.
Ramsey, Mary: V:294.
Ramsey, Samuel G., (Rev.): II:123, VII:62.
Ramsey, W. B. A.: X:53.

Ramsey, William: X:47.
Randolf, Edmund: V:165.
Random, Roderick R.: IX:4.
Rankin, Adam: VIII:51.
Rankin, David - Last Will and Testament: VIII:26.

Top of Index

Rankin Family Genealogy: VIII:51, VIII:52.
Rankin, Fred H.: XVI:19.
Rankin, George Clark: XIV:169.
Rankin, Hugh: VIII:51.
Rankin, J. M., (Mrs.): V:286.

Rankin, Jean: XII:148.
Rankin, Jeremiah E.: IX:8.
Rankin, Joe: V:112.
Rankin, John: V:214, VIII:51, XIV:294.
Rankin, John, (Rev.): VII:79, X:15, XIII:10.

Rankin, Melinda: V:221.
Rankin, Robert: VIII:26.
Rankin, W. B.: III:8585.
Rankin, W. B. (Rev.): XVIII:221
Rankin, W. R.: IV:177.

Rankin, William Bradshaw, (Rev.): IV:178, VI:123, VII:9, VIII:26, XIII:38, VIII:51, XIII:60.
Rankin, Wilson: IV:224.
Rathrock, Mary: XV:523.
Rawlings, J. J.: IX:19.
Ray, Joseph, (Dr.): III:8489.

Ray, Gertrude: IX:34.
Ray, William L.: IX:9, IX:12.
Read, John, (Judge): X:44, X:49.
Read, Opie: II:25.
Ready, Mattie: XVII:43.

Top of Index

Reagan, James M.: II:8.
Reagan, John H., (Judge): V:111, V:113, V:249, XVIII:219.
Reagan, Robert Allen, (Capt.) - Obituary: XIII:80.
Reaves, Jack: X:47.
Reburn, John: VIII:31.

Reddick, William H.: XI:10.
Reece, B. Carroll: IV:128, XV:163, XV:238, XV:242.
Reecer, J. G.: X:23.
Reed, J. J.: XIII:8.
Reed, Julia Ann: XIV:26.

Reed, William, (Rev.): VI:121.
Reed, Thomas B.: II:144, II:145, VI:20.
Reed, William: XIII:8.
Reeder, C. A.: VI:44.
Reese, Ella Mae: VIII:47.

Reese, Samuel: VIII:47.
Reese, William B.: V:111, XIII:57.
Reeve, Horace Maynard, (Capt.): V:121, V:131.
Reeve, Felix A., (Col.): V:121, V:125, XV:174.
Reeve, Katherine: XV:422.

Reeve, M. P.: II:155.
Reeves, Clio: IV:34.
Reeves, John D.: XVII:39.
Reeves, Peter: XVII:39.
Reeves, Smith: IV:144.

Top of Index

Reeves, T. H.: XIV:40.
Reid, Whitelaw: X:35.
Religions of the Presidents: XVIII:231
Remine, Birdie: X:65.
Remine, Calvin K.: X:65.

Remine, D. W., (Mrs.): XIII:62.
Remine, Daniel Webster: III:8441, V:131, X:65, X:23, X:71.
Remine, Darwin Keith: XIV:133.
Remine, Fred F.: X:65.
Remine, H. C.: X:65.

Remine, Horace M.: X:65.
Remine, Jane: XI:73b.
Remine, Kate: V:131.
Remine, N. B.: II:46.
Remine, Rebecca: X:70.

Remine, Schuyler: X:65.
Remine, W. C.: X:65, X:71.
Remine, W. W.: X:65.
Remmine, D. W., (Mr. and Mrs.): VI:78.
Renfro, Gaines: X:58.

Renolds, Henry: IV:224.
Republican Party: V:20.
Republican Primary Election, 1924 - Returns: IX:65.
Reser, Clyde and Juanita: V:91.
Reuben's Dream: II:57.

Top of Index

Revolutionary War: List of Soldiers: VI:124, VI:125, VI:126, VI:127, VI:128 (see also Tennessee: Revolutionary War).
Revolving pistol: XVIII:232
Reynolds, John B.: IX:5.
Reynolds, Louise Wilson: XII:179.

Reynolds, John F., (Maj-Gen.): XIV:123.
Reynoldsville, Tennessee: IX:5.
Rhea Academy: IV:193, VII:82.
Rhea, Alfred M.: XVII:182.
Rhea, Archibald: II:122, II:125.

Rhea County, Tennessee: IX:3.
Rhea, E. Ellen: XIV:75.
Rhea, Ella: III:8419.
Rhea Family Genealogy: VI:87.
Rhea, Hal: XVII:82.

Rhea, J. P.: XVII:92.
Rhea, John L.: III:8744, V:96.
Rhea, John: X:52, XIV:90.
Rhea, Joseph: VI:83, VI:91, VII:71.
Rhea, Joseph, (Rev.): VI:76.

Rhea, Joseph Brainand: II:56.
Rhea, Joseph M.: V:153.
Rhea, Lucy: VI:15, XVII:82.
Rhea, Margaret - Obituary: VI:86.
Rhea, R. M., (Dr.) - Obituary: III:8371, III:8375, III:8379.

Top of Index

Rhea, R. M., (Dr.): II:109.
Rhea, Robert: VII:51.
Rhea, S. A.: VII:18.
Rhea, Samuel Audley: VI:93, VII:41, VII:42, XIII:62, XVII:82.
Rhea, Thomas: XVII:82.

Rhea, William Lynn: VI:76, IX:6, IX:7, XI:84, XVII:23, XVII:80.
Rice, W. L.: VI:51.
Richards, James, (Maj.): III:8329.
Richards, Laura E.: VI:38.
Richardson, J. D.: XI:73b.

Richardson, Katherine Fain: X:67.
Richeson, Lillie: X:70.
Richmond, Virginia: IX:4.
Riddle, Richard Nathaniel: XIV:156.
Riddleberger, Henry H.: IX:6.

Rinehart, Mary R.: XVII:197.
Ripley, Elbert S.: XVI:16.
Riseden, Maude: XVI:26.
Ritchil, Alex: VIII:31.
Ritter, John C., (Rev.): VIII:41, VIII:50, IX:1, IX:19, IX:28.

Rivers, Joe J.: XVII:15.
Roane County, Tennessee: IX:2.
Roane, Archibald, (Gov.): II:3, X:52, XII:40.
Roanoke Island: XI:21.
Roark, Emma: XVI:26.

Top of Index

Robbe, Otto: IV:90.
Robbins, R. B., (Maj.): XVI:27.
Roberson, James: V:180, VIII:31, VIII:61, X:24, X:49, XII:170, XIV:108, XVII:133.
Roberts, Henry, Jr.: VII:74.
Roberts, Albert: XIII:4.

Roberts, Armind - Obituary: XIII:76.
Roberts, B. A.: I:200.
Roberts, John Anderson, (Col.): XIV:83.
Roberts, Edward: XIII:4.
Roberts, Emma: XIV:40.

Roberts, Franklin: VII:74, XVI:1.
Roberts, Franklin M.: XVI:27.
Roberts, Henry: VII:74, XIII:66, XVI:1, XVII:39.
Roberts, Isaac, (Gen.): IX:42.
Roberts, J. A.: XI:11.

Roberts, John, (Lt.): VII:74, XI:39.
Roberts, Mark - Obituary: XIII:76.
Roberts, Rachel: IV:197, VII:72, VII:74.
Roberts, William H., (Rev.): VI:1, VI:56.
Roberts, Samuel: X:65, XIII:4.

Roberts, Sarah: XVI:1.
Roberts, W. A.: IX:83, XII:31.
Roberts, William: XIII:4.
Robertson County, Tennessee: IX:18.
Robertson, Ann: X:27.

Top of Index

Robertson, Charles: V:180, X:49, XII:170.
Robertson, Charlotte: X:23.
Robertson, James, (Gen.): IX:20.
Robertson, John: VII:13.
Robertson, Julius Caesar Nicholas: X:47.

Robertson, Samuel: XI:10.
Robertson, William, (Dr.): VII:6, VIII:60.
Robinette, J. J.: VI:23.
Robinson, Dick: XVII:78.
Robinson, F. P.: I:200.

Robinson, Jane H.: XIV:27.
Robinson, John J., (Rev.): X:25.
Robinson, John Nelson: VIII:22.
Roche, Regina Maria: III:8569.
Rockbirdge County, Tennessee: VII:98.

Rockhold, Thomas: VIII:62.
Rockwood, Tennessee: XIII:18.
Roddy, James: XIV:114.
Rodefer, Mary Louvenia: IX:5.
Rodgers, James: II:123.

Rodgers, John: XVII:31.
Rodgers, W., (Rev.): VI:44.
Rogan Farm: II:23.
Rogan, Daniel Henry: VII:42.
Rogan, James Wood: XIV:30.

Top of Index

Rogan, John W.: XI:68.
Rogan, Edgar H., (Judge): XI:48.
Rogan, L. H.: XVI:24.
Rogan, Daniel, (Rev.): VII:41.
Rogers, Andrew: VIII:13, VIII:23.

Rogers, John A., (Capt.): V:153.
Rogers, Jesse L.: V:160.
Rogers, Joseph: IX:3.
Rogers, Nancy: IX:3.
Rogers, William Hurd, (Rev.): X:51, XIII:58.

Rogers, W. M.: IX:2.
Rogersville, Tennessee: IX:3.
Roggs, Edward: II:30.
Roller, A. J., (Dr.): XIV:15.
Roller, A. J., (Mrs.): X:74.

Roosevelt, Franklin D.: XV:152, XV:155.
Roosevelt, Franklin K.: XV:147.
Roosevelt, Quentin: XII:30.
Roosevelt, Theodore: II:16, II:90, II:130, III:8589, V:51, V:78, V:81, V:145, V:159, V:200, VI:21, XV:183, XV:449.
Root, E.: XVI:23.

Root, George F.: VI:31.
Rose, Charles M.: XIII:61.
Rosecrans, William S.: X:21.
Ross, David E.: XV:489.
Ross, Frederick: VII:69.

Top of Index

Ross, Frederick Augustus, (Rev.): XV:293, XV:300, XV:307, XV:309, XV:313, XV:314, XV:315, XV:316, XV:317.
Ross, Frederick Augustus, (Rev.) - Obituary: VI:128.
Ross, John: XI:3, XII:59, XVII:164.
Ross, Marion A.: XI:10.
Ross, Priscilla: V:373.

Rossevelt, Theodore, (Col.): X:21.
Roulstone, George: X:43, X:50, X:53.
Rouser, Helen Josephine: XI:9.
Rowan, S. C., (Admiral): XI:23.
Rowan, F. M.: VI:3.

Royston, Cyrus A., (Dr.): II:28, XVI:15.
Royston, Lejla Katherine: VII:88.
Ruble, Henry A.: IV:151.
Ruble, James A., (Rev.): III:8453, X:65.
Rubush, John: XVI:2.

Ruckes, A. L.: V:83.
Ruebush, Mary E.: XVI:3.
Rugby Colony: IX:2.
Rule, William, (Capt.): VI:15, IX:20, X:47, X:53, XIII:57, XVI:16, XVII:175.
Rush, Benjamin: VIII:90, X:43.

Rush, Henry S.: XVI:21.
Rush-Baget Treaty: II:34.
Russell, Alice: XII:12.
Russell, Charles: VI:3.
Russell, Dail Kennedy: IX:2.

Top of Index

Russell, J. R.: VI:4.
Russell, Jack: IV:47.
Russell, W. T.: II:24.
Rutherfod County, Tennessee: IX:5.
Rutherford, J. H. - Obituary: VI:89, VI:90.

Rutherford, John, (Rev.): VIII:7.
Rutledge, George: X:42.
Rutledge, Jane: VII:732.
Rutledge, W. G.: VII:61.
Rutledge, W. P. - Obituary: III:8267.

Sabin, Albert S.: XV:517.
Sacramento River Boat: III:9244.
Sagamore Hill: VI:8.
Sage, Russell: V:107, V:237.
Salamy, A. M.: IV:49.

Salem Church: VII:65, VII:66, VII:67, VII:78, VII:100, IX:44.
Salem Presbyterian Church: IX:25.
Salem Presbyterian Church-Dedication 1902: II:140.
Salts, Harrison: X:71.
Salts, John: XIV:83.

Saltville, Tennessee - History: VIII:44.
Saltville, Virginia: XX:13
Sampson, William T., (Rear Admiral): V:49.
Sams, Oscar E.: XII:80.
Samson's Riddle
: II:37.

Top of Index

Sanders, W. P., (Rev.): VII:27, IX:27.
Sanders, John Henry: IX:4.
Sanders, Mary: VIII:8.
Sanders, Myrtle: VI:31.
Sandsburg, Nellie: XI:4.

Sanford, Edward Jackson, (Col.): II:118.
Sanford, Edward T., (Judge): IX:20, XI:74, XIV:132.
Sankey, Ira D.: VI:42, VI:48.
Sansom, R. H., (Mrs.): XVI:11.
Saratoga Campaign: II:50.

Saults, James: VIII:58.
Savage, Casey: X:47.
Savage, John Houston, (Col.): III:8729, XVI:6.
Sawyers, James H., (Dr.): X:68.
Sawyers, William: X:46.

Saylers, Robert: VIII:31.
Saylor, Edith Adeline: VII:88.
Schenk, Herman: XIII:49.
Schenk, Herman, (Mrs.): XI:4.
Schenk, Ruth: XV:386.

Schley, Winfield S., (Rear Admiral): V:49.
Schofield, J. M., (Gen.): IX:4.
Schrank, John: X:19.
Schuern, Sini: XVII:76.
Schultz, Carl: V:201.

Top of Index

Schultz, William, (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Schweickerd, Rena: XI:4.
Scott County, Tennessee: IX:3, IX:22.
Scott, Alexander: XV:232.
Scott, Winfield S., (Gen.): II:126, IX:3, XI:56.

Scott, Ida: IV:99.
Scott, James, (Judge): VIII:66.
Scott, James Brown: XVII:54.
Scott, John: IV:223.
Scott, John Milton: X:34, XI:10.

Scott, Oscar J.: XVII:202.
Scott, Roxie May: XV:429.
Scott, Winfield: XVIII:234
Seaton, Brown: VI:24.
Seaton, William: IV:226.

Seckler, T. M.: XI:15.
Second Presbyterian Church: V:72, IX:4, IX:7.
Second (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, CSA: XI:5.
Second Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, USA: IV:139, IV:167.
Second Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment, USA: XIV:295.

Second Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, USA: VII:27, VII:30.
Seiler, Alfred: X:74.
Seiler, J. Frank: X:74.
Self, Joseph C.: X:70.
Sells, John W.: VI:41.

Top of Index

Sells, Samuel R.: XII:32, XII:231, XIII:48.
Seminole Land & Investment Company: XI:25.
Seneker, E. H.: VI:51, XIII:88.
Seneker, E. H. - Obituary: XIII:87.
Seneker, J. E. L.: X:42.

Seneker, J. H.: VI:47, X:42.
Sensabaugh, J. W., (Mrs.): XVII:39.
Senter, W. T.: II:88.
Sevier County, Tennessee: IX:21.
Sevier, Alexander: XIV:90.

Sevier, Ambrose H.: II:25.
Sevier, Bonny Catharine: III:8573, VI:44, VI:53, VI:57, VII:32, XV:476, XV:483, XV:509.
Sevier Family History: XX:28, 32-34
Sevier, McDowall, (Capt.): VI:4.
Sevier, Robert, (Capt.): IV:221.

Sevier, R. E., (Dr.): XIII:10.
Sevier, James: XIV:90.
Sevier, John: II:3, II:53, IV:120, IV:126, IV:221, V:150, V:151, V:171, V:180, V:208, VI:28,
VI:54, VI:69, VII:4, VII:19, VII:30, VII:33, VII:39, VII:54, VII:58, VII:59, VII:60, VII:69,
VII:77, VII:99, VIII:36, VIII:39, VIII:67, IX:2, IX:3, IX:72, X:35, X:52, XIII:37, XIV:141,
XIV:143, XVII:65, XVII:96.
Sevier, Lucy E.: III:8097.
Sevier, Mollie Hunter: XIV:93.

Sevier, Robert: VI:59, VI:60, XVI:insert.
Sevier, Samuel: VII:4, VII:20.
Sevier, Sarah Hawkins: VII:1, VII:32.
Sevier, Valentine: IV:223, VI:34, XIII:38, XIV:90.
Seward, William H.: II:129, VI:87, XVII:129.

Top of Index

Shadrach, Charles P.: XI:10.
Shady Grove Church: IX:5.
Shaffer, William Rufus, (Gen.): V:282, V:286.
Shaffer, John: IV:224.
Shaft, Matthew Maury: XII:4.

Sharp, John: X:48.
Sharp, J. H., (Rev.): X:74.
Sharp, William: IV:226.
Sharpe, James B.: V:147.
Sharpe, John: X:42.

Sharpe, Thomas: X:42.
Sharrett, Willie: X:70.
Shaver, David, (Capt.): VII:9, VII:22.
Shaver, Sampson: VII:8, VII:22.
Shaw, Leonard D.: XVII:79.

Shea, Martin F.: V:293.
Sheen, W. C.: VI:1, X:65.
Shelby County, Tennessee: IX:19.
Shelby County, Tennessee - Courthouse: XII:179.
Shelby, Evan: III:8593, VIII:24, VIII:28, MX:42.

Shelby, Evan, (Capt.): IX:72.
Shelby, Isaac: VII:30, X:42, XII:164.
Shell, John: XV:21, XV:473.
Shell, Samuel: IV:224.
Shephard, Alexander: X:65.

Top of Index

Shepherd, Isaac: X:15.
Sheppard, Lizzie: XVII:15.
Sheridan, Phil, (Mrs.): III:8252.
Sherman, T. W., (Gen.): XI:26.
Sherman, W. J., (Ten.): VII:25.

Sherman, James S.: VI:25, VI:41, X:22.
Sherman, John: VI:15.
Sherman, Roger: XV:348.
Sherrill, Catherine: VII:1.
Sherwood, Isaac R., (Gen.): XVII:51.

Shetterly, Verna: X:58.
Shields, C. W.: VIII:5.
Shields, David and Gilela: VII:60.
Shields, James, (Gen.): V:142.
Shields, John: XVI:insert.

Shields, John K.: XII:230, XIII:48.
Shields, Julia D.: XIV:297, XVII:81.
Shields, Thomas: VIII:31.
Shiloh: V:288, VI:22.
Shine, Elizabeth: X:48.

Shipe, C. R., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Shipe, J. C., (Rev.): IX:5, XIII:10.
Shipe, Winfield, (Rev.): XVI:1.
Shipley, A. L.: VI:10.
Shipley, E. A.: VI:10, XVI:25.

Top of Index

Shipley, Isaac: IX:11.
Shipley, Jennie Rogers: XVI:25.
Shipley, John Bell: II:52.
Shipley, Shelby T., (Mr. and Mrs.): XVI:25.
Shipley, Shelby Talbert: IX:16.

Shoolbred, Anna: X:74.
Shover, Fredric: IV:224.
Shull, James A.: X:74.
Sickamore Sholes, Tennessee: See Sycamore Shoals, Tennessee.
Sickles, Daniel Edgar, (Gen.): II:116, XIV:85.

Sieler, J. Frank, (Mrs.): VIII:60.
Sigel, Franz, (Gen.): II:94, XIV:67.
Siler, J. Frank, (Mrs.): VIII:57.
Silver Production: Tennessee: XI:82.
Simmons, Joseph: IV:224.

Simms, Charles, (Lt.): XI:33.
Simpson Family-Genealogy: VIII:39.
Simpson, John W., (Col.): IX:5.
Simpson, Lettia: XVII:30.
Sims, S. F., (Rev.): XII:90.

Sincat, George P., (Mrs.): XVII:39.
Sinking Creek Baptist Church: VIII:40, VIII:42.
Sioux Indians: XV:9.
Sites, R. L., (Mr.): IV:115.
Sitgraves, Jack - Obituary: X:2.

Top of Index

Sixth Tennessee Cavalry: XIII:61.
Skillern, John: VIII:63.
Slack, Charles H.: X:2, X:33, X:42.
Slack, John: X:41.
Slack, Munsey: VIII:1.

Slack, Munsey, (Mrs.): IV:170, IX:39, X:42.
Slaughter, Jacob: IV:225.
Slave Auction (See also Slavery): II:22.
Slavens, Samuel: XI:10.
Slavery: V:101, VI:15, VII:77, XI:17.

Slemmer, Adam J., (Lt.): XI:16.
Slemmons, Melvil: XIII:39.
Slidell, John: XI:17.
Slipley, Lafoyette: I:250.
Small, William: II:30.

Smiley, Albert K.: XVI:12.
Smith, A. J., (Gen.): X:30, XVI:13.
Smith, Belle: XII:231.
Smith, Caleb: IV:225.
Smith County, Tennessee: IX:17.

Smith, Daisy Poats: XVI:5.
Smith, Delle Dulaney: XIV:127.
Smith, Dollie: XVII:89.
Smith, E.: XVII:29.
Smith, Frank: I:171, XV:238.

Top of Index

Smith, G. L.: I:250.
Smith, Gladys: X:70.
Smith, Henry Branscom, (Maj.): XIII:64.
Smith, James: V:180.
Smith, John, (Capt.): VI:20, XVI:13.

Smith, John P.: XIII:8, XIII:48.
Smith, Joseph: III:8547.
Smith, Joseph B., (Lt.): XI:33.
Smith, L. R.: IV:116.
Smith, Mary Ann: XI:71.

Smith, Neil: II:133.
Smith, Polly A.: XI:22.
Smith, Powell, (Mrs.): IX:2.
Smith, Preston: X:43.
Smith, R. S.: I:250.

Smith, Roxie: XVI:23.
Smith, Sally: X:43.
Smith, Samuel F.: IX:8.
Smith, Thomas Benton: X:43.
Smith, William: IV:224, VII:62.

Smith, William, (Dr.): V:173.
Smith, William Frank: XVI:10.
Smith, William H.: XII:85.
Smith, William R., (Judge): XIV:55.
Smith, Zebulon: IV:224.

Top of Index

Smithpeters, John: IV:224.
Smithson, James: III:8639, XV:486.
Snapp, Abraham: IV:144, VII:91.
Snapp, Alfred J., (Dr.): XI:5.
Snapp, Elizabeth: X:63.

Snapp, Hal Wendell: VII:88.
Snapp, James P.: X:42.
Snapp, Robert J.: XIV:75.
Snapp, Wendle D. : IV:145, VII:91.
Sneed, J. L., (Capt.): XI:32.

Sneed, John L. T.: X:43.
Sneed, John T.: IX:3.
Sneed, Richard: X:53.
Sneedville, Tennessee: IX:3.
Snodgrass, W. H.: V:295.

Snodgrass, William: IV:224, X:42.
Snodon, William: VIII:31.
Snoff, Abraham: IX:1.
So. Washington College: VI:34.
Soldier and Carper: II:69.

Soldiers Home - Johnson City, Tennessee: VII:13.
Soldiers-American (see Military)
Solomon Lutheran Church: XII:60.
Somerville, Robert, (Lt.): IX:20.
Sona, Andrew: X:33.

Top of Index

Songster, Margaret Elizabeth: II:117.
Sons of the American Revolution: IX:78, XV:535.
Soule, A. M.: V:16.
South and Western Railway: VI:32.
South Carolina Revolutionary Regiment: IV:121.

South Hall Literary Society: VI:16.
Southern Railway Company: II:68, VIII:61, XI:13, XI:28.
Southgate, W. W.: XVI:24.
Spangler, Levi: XI:79.
Spangler, William: XI:79.

Spear, Ellis: XVII:58.
Spence, Phillip B.: II:73.
Spencer, W. G., (Mrs.): IX:23.
Spencer, Samuel: V:299.
Spencer, William: XIV:90.

Spitzer, Sarah: XIV:75.
Spotsylvania's Bloody Angle: XIV:16.
Spottswood, Alexander: VI:11.
Sprague, William: VI:61, XVII:62.
Spurgin, Milton E.: XV:318.

Squibb, Effie: XVII:29.
Squibb, John: XVII:29.
Squibb, Julia: XVII:29.
Squibb, Melvil: XIII:39.
Squibb, W. S.: XI:48.

Top of Index

Squibb, Zeb: VIII:49
St. Bartholomew, Massacre of: II:145.
St. John's Episcopal Church: IX:5.
St. John, C. J.: X:42.
St. John, G. W.: V:164.

Stacks, Demarcus G.: XIII:57.
Staffell, V. R.: V:286.
Staggs, E. D.: IX:43.
Stamp Act: V:101.
Stanfield, James, (Mrs.): IX:18.

Stanfield, Sampson: IX:3.
Stanley, Henry M.: V:243, XVI:10, XVI:13.
Stanton, Edwin M.: XI:11.
Stanton, Jessie: X:34.
Stanton, Robert, (Mrs.): XI:73b, XIV:160.

Stanton, Robert: VII:91.
Staples, Doliver: XI:32.
Starnes, D. W.: II:74.
Starnes, Mabel: X:74.
Starre, J., (Miss): IV:26.

State of Franklin: VI:7, VII:4, VII:33, VII:38, VII:49, XII:39, XVII:203.
State of Franklin, Battle of: XVII:71.
State of Franklin-Anniversary: III:8383, III:8291, III:8395.
State of Franklin-History: XVI:32.
State Peabody Institute: II:60.

Top of Index

Steedman, G. James B.: II:54.
Stennis, R. D.: XI:26.
Stephans, Samuel Lawrence: VII:93.
Stephens, Alex H.: V:310.
Stephens, George: VII:93.

Stephens, Bryant, (Mrs.): VII:93.
Stephenson, Matthew, (Maj.): VIII:37.
Stephenson, Mary: IV:20.
Stephenson, Mathew: VII:60.
Stevens, W. E.: XVI:20.

Stevenson, James: VIII:31.
Steward, Alexander P., (Lt-Gen.): X:43.
Steward, Mary: IX:62.
Steward, William M., (Mrs.): II:110.
Stewart County, Tennessee: IX:5.

Stewart, Alexander Turney: XVI:29.
Stewart, A. D., (Gen.) - Obituary: VI:76.
Stewart, A., (Maj.): VIII:28.
Stewart, Nannie: VIII:47.
Stewart, George, (Rev.): VIII:60.

Stewart, Thomas: VIII:31.
Stoddard, Amos, (Maj.): V:33.
Stoffel, Isaac E.: IX:79.
Stoffel, Hugh, (Mrs.): XIV:136.
Stone River, Tennessee: XIV:128.

Top of Index

Stone, Alpha Omega: V:219.
Stone, Eaton - Obituary: III:8367.
Stone, John C. - Obituary: X:3.
Stone, Nicholas M.: VI:16.
Stoneman's Raid: X:20.

Stonewall Jackson College: VII:51.
Story, Ann: V:214.
Story, Jesse: XIV:75.
Story, Oliver: XIV:75.
Stotard, Charles August: VII:42.

Stouer, William: IX:83.
Stout, Allen: VII:36.
Stout, May: II:1.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher: II:39.
Stower, M. M.: IV:144.

Strahl, O. F.: X:43.
Strain, A. S.: V:305.
Strain, John: IV:224.
Strain, Melvil: XIII:39.
Strain, William S., (Mrs.): XV:17.

Strain, R. T.: X:65.
Strain, Robert H.: XIII:29.
Strain, William S.: XI:73a.
Strode, W. H.: XIII:3.
Strong, B. R., (Col.): V:113, XIV:159.

Top of Index

Strong, John: XVI:27.
Strong, O. H., (Mr.): IV:66.
Stuart, A., (Maj.): VIII:28.
Stuart, F. B., (Dr.): IV:109.
Stuart Family History: XX:46-47

Stuart, George R., (Dr.): IX:68, XIV:210.
Stuart, J. E. B.: VIII:28.
Stuart, J. P., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Stuart, J. S., (Dr.) - Obituary: III:8179, III:8183.
Stuart, Nannie B.: VIII:48.

Stuart, Stephen Decator: IV:143.
Stuart, Thomas: VII:3.
Sullins, David: XVI:insert.
Sullins, David, (Rev.): II:14, V:63, VIII:35, X:42, XVI:28.
Sullivan County, Tennessee: VII:22, XIII:50, IX:3, IX:14, IX:22, XVIII:185, 188, 189.

Sullivan County, Tennessee - History: VIII:43, XII:160, XXIII:35-40.
Sullivan County, Tennessee-Politicians: VIII:40.
Sullivan, John (Gen.): VI:14, IX:5.
Sulphur Springs High School: XIV:73, XIV:102.
Sulphur Springs High School-Graduation: XVII:17.

Sultana Disaster: X:35, X:76, XIII:69.
Summers, Alexander: XIII:57.
Summers, J. L.: X:44.
Summers, Henry E., (Mrs.): XVI:3, XVI:5, XVI:12.
Summers, T. P., (Rev.): X:42.

Top of Index

Sumner County, Tennessee: IX:17.
Sumpter, Tennessee: VI:8.
Sunday, William A.: XI:55, XV:251.
Surratt, John H.: XVII:92.
Surregood, W. R.: X:67.

Susong, J. B.: XV:340.
Susong, Jacob: VIII:44.
Sutherland, Jacob: V:61.
Sutherland, R. R., (Rev.): III:8091.
Sutter, John A.: XV:224.

Swadley, George E.: XIV:31.
Swadley, Hunter: XV:146.
Swallow, S. C., (Dr.): XVI:18.
Swatee Watee: II:4.
Swatzel, Phillip: IV:224.

Swayne, Charles, (Judge): V:83.
Sweetwater: II:4.
Swindler, Ilia: X:68.
Swiney, Isaac: V:306.
Swiney, William - Obituary: VI:49.

Swingle, George W., (Col.): V:159, IX:19, IX:34.
Swingle, James F.: XV:517.
Swisher, J. G., (Rev.): XIII:58.
Sycamore Shoals, Tennessee: VII:14, IX:10.
Synod of Tennessee: VI:40.

Top of Index

Tadlock, Alexander Bobson: VIII:6, VIII:24.
Tadlock, Alice: IX:85.
Tadlock, J. D., (Dr.): X:42.
Tadlock, Jane: IX:85.
Tadlock, James D., (Rev.): VII:7, VIII:28.

Tadlock, Sevier P.: VIII:7.
Taft, William Howard: VI:41, VI:73.
Taliafero, Judith: VIII:29.
Tallmadge, James: V:186.
Taney, Roger B.: V:146.

Tanner, James: V:30, XIV:117.
Tarrant, Henry: IV:226.
Tarwater, Oliver R., (Rev.): X:57, X:70, XV:517.
Tate, John: VII:forward.
Tate, W. H.: X:47.

Tatham, William: V:180, IX:37.
Taylor, Alfred Alexander: III:8271, III:8651, III:8653, VII:89, IX:4, XIV:25, XV:169, XV:519, XVI:27.
Taylor, Alice: XV:513.
Taylor, Andrew: IV:223.
Taylor, Andrew - Last Will and Testament: VI:70.

Taylor, Baxter: VI:37.
Taylor, Beth: XV:513.
Taylor, Bob: XIX:14
Taylor, C. O., (Mrs.): XVII:76.
Taylor, Christopher, (Capt.): IV:224, VII:76, VII:87, XI:76.

Top of Index

Taylor, Decatur: XI:76.
Taylor, Daniel M., (Col.): VI:11.
Taylor, Dora: IX:6.
Taylor, Elizabeth: VII:75, XI:20.
Taylor, Eugene: X:74.

Taylor, Frank W.: XIV:173.
Taylor, George: IX:6, XI:11.
Taylor, George W.: XI:76.
Taylor, H. S.: XVII:65.
Taylor, Helen: XV:513.

Taylor, Henry Harrison, (Capt.): III:8153.
Taylor, Howard: XI:76.
Taylor, Isaac: IV:223.
Taylor, Jacob: XI:76, XX:17-24.
Taylor, James: XIII:39.

Taylor, James Brock: XV:513.
Taylor, James Brock, Jr.: XV:513.
Taylor, James Patton: VIII:8.
Taylor, Joe: IX:6.
Taylor, Leroy: IV:224, VII:99, VIII:27, VIII:30, XX:17-24.

Taylor, Lillie: XV:513.
Taylor, N. G., (Col.): XIII:68.
Taylor, Nathaniel G., (Rev.): X:65.
Taylor, Nathaniel Greene: II:104, II:150, VI:42, VI:66, VI:70, VII:11, XVIII:167.
Taylor, Oliver J.: IX:6.

Top of Index

Taylor, Oliver-The History of Sullivan County: XII:160.
Taylor, Philip S.: XV:517.
Taylor, R. L., (Mrs.): XVI:6, XVI:15.
Taylor, Richard, (Lieut.-Col.): II:73, XI:40.
Taylor, Robert Love, (Gov.): I:129, II:105, V:25, V:90, V:158, VII:89, XVI:4, XVI:6, XVI:15.

Taylor, Ruth: VIII:27.
Taylor, S. W., (Dr.): X:74.
Taylor, Samuel: IV:225.
Taylor, Spencer: XI:11.
Taylor, Spencer, (Mrs.): XI:76.

Taylor, Tom: XVII:40.
Taylor, W. B.: VIII:59, XV:513.
Taylor, W. B., (Dr.): VIII:59, XI:11, XV:513.
Taylor, W. G., (Col.): IX:6.
Taylor, Zachary, (Gen.): II:104, V:279, XI:56, XV:512.

Tecumseh: VI:26.
Telford, George Whitfield, (Col.): II:108, VII:9.
Temple, Mary: XIV:90.
Temple, Mary Boyce: VI:7, VI:23, VII:77, IX:10, IX:23, XIII:62, XIV:116.
Temple, Oliver P., (Judge): III:8091, III:8657, V:91, V:125, V:181, V:341, VI:38, VI:39, VI:49,
VII:15, VII:21, X:53, XI:36, XVI:14, XVI:35.

Tennessee-Christian Education: V:240.
Tennessee-Civil War: V:209, XI:71.
Tennessee Congressman 1796-1919: XV:17.
Tennessee-Congressmen: V:125.
Tennessee-Courthouses: VIII:59.

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Tennessee-Early History: II:98.
Tennessee-Election Notice: V:248.
Tennessee-Elections: VI:73, VI:81, XII:87, XV:538, XV:539.
Tennessee Governors: XXIII:7, 15-33
Tennessee-History: VI:28, VI:30, VII:20, X:39, XIV:108, XIV:280, XX:9, 10.

Tennessee-History-Personalities: V:123.
Tennessee History questions: XVIII:208-212
Tennessee Industry (see American Industry)
Tennessee-Pensions: II:7.
Tennessee-Revolutionary War Pension List: V:227.

Tennessee-State Government: V:78.
Tennessee-Supreme Court Justices: XIV:85.
Tennessee-Tobacco Exhibit at Worlds Fair: V:41.
Tennessee-Towns: V:52.
Tennessee Vally Authority-Chucky River Power Plant: XIII:68.

Tennessee-Voter Returns of November 1902: II:140.
Tenth Indiana Cavalry: XIII:61.
Tenth Tennessee Cavalry: XI:27.
Thackston, J. A., (Dr.): IX:29.
Thatch, J. H.: I:250.

Thaw, Mary C.: IX:16.
Thaw, W. K., (Mrs.): IX:16.
The Green Flag: II:67.
The Hermitage: XIV:38.
The History of Sullivan County: XII:160.

Top of Index

The New Flag: VI:46. Thickety Fort: VII:2.
Third Tennessee Cavalry: XIV:127.
Thirkield, W. P., (Dr.): III:8523.
Thirty-fifth National Encampment: II:37.
Thirty-nineth U. S. Infantry: II:97.

Thomas, A. K.: XIII:3.
Thomas, G. W., (Capt.): X:64.
Thomas, George H., (Gen.): V:84, VIII:98, X:36, XIII:83, XIV:213, XVII:78.
Thomas, H. H., (Gen.): XVI:15.
Thomas, Hazen: X:81.

Thomas, Jacob: VIII:59.
Thomas, John, (Col.): IV:121.
Thomas, John T.: VI:37.
Thomas, Love: VI:37.
Thomas, Samuel - Obituary: VI:85.

Thomas, Samuel: V:168.
Thomason, John: VIII:31.
Thompkins, George W.: XVII:15.
Thompson, Alexander: VIII:31.
Thompson, J. R.: XIV:154.

Thompson, Rhonda Augusta: V:302.
Thompson, Sallie: VIII:65.
Thompson, S. H., (Mrs.): X:68.
Thompson, Samuel H.: VIII:46, VIII:65, X:60, X:64, X:69, XI:52, XI:84, XIII:31 thru XIII:34,
XIV:25, XIV:39, XIV:48, XIV:154, XV:64, XV:283, XV:352, XV:521, XV:537, XVII:15,
XVII:46, XVII:47.
Thompson, William: VIII:31.

Top of Index

Thornburg, Glennie: X:81.
Thornburg, John M.: VI:13, VII:73.
Thornburg, Laura E.: XVI:27.
Thornburg, T. T.: V:112.
Thornburgh, Jacob M.: IX:5.

Thornburgh, John M.: IX:5.
Thornburgh, Laura: XVII:52.
Thornton, Robert G.: IX:20.
Thoues, Harry K.: VII:95.
Thruston, Gates P., (Gen.): III:8615, X:34.

Thurman, Allen G.: XVI:19.
Tilson, John Q.: XVII:82.
Tindell, S. W., (Dr.): X:4.
Tippy, Worth M., (Rev.): X:51.
Tipton, Albert H.: X:70.

Tipton, Billy: VI:65.
Tipton, E.: X:81.
Tipton, Elsie: X:74.
Tipton, J. H.: X:23.
Tipton, John: VI:63, VI:66, VII:4, XII:79.

Tipton, John, II: VI:64.
Tipton, W. S.: XVI:11.
Tobacco Heart: II:65.
Todlock, Aterdook, (Rev.): VIII:4.
Tohokepa, Battle of: IX:20.

Top of Index

Tomlinson, Effie L.: II:155.
Tompkins, A. J.: XVI:18.
Toncray, Margarette: XVI:3.
Toney, Jesse: XVI:26.
Toplady, Augustus M.: IX:8.

Tourtelotte, John E.: XVII:100.
Towe, A. H., (Rev.): X:71.
Towne, Charles A.: V:142.
Townsend, T. A., (Mrs.): IV:54.
Train, R. L.: X:81.

Trall, James: IV:224.
Treadway, J. B.: X:74.
Treadway, Robert: IV:224.
Treaty of the Holston: VI:35.
Tremble, James: VII:4.

Trent, John H., (Capt.): V:148.
Tribble, John: VIII:31.
Trigg, Connally F., (Judge): VIII:45.
Trijune, Tennessee: IX:5.
Trimble, C. H.: II:74.

Trousdale County, Tennessee: IX:5.
Trousdale, William, (Gov.): II:104, V:163, V:316, IX:5.
Tucker, W. S.: XII:207.
Tufvander, Frank J.: XII:25.
Tunnell, Spencer M.: XIV:40.

Top of Index

Turner, Essie M.: XI:30.
Turner, Henry S., (Mrs.): XII:90.
Turner, George, (Sen.): III:8449.
Turney, Peter: V:84.
Turnley, John Cunningham: XI:41.

Tusculum College: I:n.p., III:8347, IV:116, IV:158, IV:161, V:292, VI:33, VI:72, VII:9, VII:10,
VII:35, VII:48, VII:67, VII:68, VII:79, VII:80, VII:85, VII:96, XV:171, XV:280,
XVIII:170, 171, 221
Tusculum College-Football: II:140.
Tuttle, Moses C.: XIV:156.
Tweed, William M.: II:64.
Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry: XIV:210.

Twelfth Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry Regiment: VII:25.
Tyler, A. J.: II:82.
Tyler, Hiram: X:15.
Tyler, John: III:8623, VI:50, XIII:60, XIV:293.
Tyler, Lyon Gardiner: XIII:60.

Tyler, R. C.: X:43.
Tyles, Alonzo J.: II:74.
Tyson, Laurence D., (Col.): XII:40, XVI:13, XVII:82.
Tyson, L. D., (Gen.): IX:28.
U. S. Army Recruiting: II:93.

U. S. Constitutional Amendments: V:22.
U. S. Declaration of Independence: VI:19.
U. S. Governors-Religion: III:8239.
U. S. Presidents-Religion: III:8117.
U. S. Senators-Humor: III:8127.

Top of Index

U. S. Soldiers (see Military)
Underground Railroad: X:13.
Unicoi County, Tennessee: II:158, IX:5.
Union Station: II:10.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville: III:8507, XIV:158.

University of Tennessee-University Day: III:8744.
Unrich, C. R.: XV:517.
Vale, R. E., (Mrs.): XV:514.
Vale, R. E., (Rev.): XVII:131.
Valley of the Nolachuckey: VI:79.

Van Buren, Martin: VII:13, IX:2, XVI:7.
Van Dorn, Earl: XIV:41.
Van Duzen, Don. C. B.: XII:213.
Vance, David: VII:69.
Vance Family History: XX:49

Vance, J. E., (Rev.): IX:7.
Vance, James, (Dr.): XV:33.
Vance, John: VIII:31.
Vance, Joseph A., (Rev.): IX:3.
Vance, Margaret Newland - Obituary: XI:43.

Vance, N. N., (Dr.): XVII:15.
Vance, R. B., (Gen.): XIII:68.
Vance, Robert, (Gen.): VII:26.
Vance, Samuel: IV:224.
Vance, William K.: XIV:90.

Top of Index

Vance, Zebulon, (Gen.): VII:26.
Vance, Zebulon B., (Sen.): V:152, V:201, VII:26, VII:69.
Vander, William J.: XVII:15.
VanDeventer, E. A., (Mrs.): VIII:31.
VanDeventer, Horace: XI:74.

VanHoozier, Isaac H. - Obituary: XII:1.
Varley, John S.: XVII:82.
Varner, Henry: IV:224.
Vaugh, John Crawford: VII:27, VII:28.
Vaughan, A. J.: X:43.

Vaughan, John C.: X:43.
Vaughn, Robert: XIII:81.
Venable, A. N.: XI:12, XVII:29.
Venable, A. N., (Mrs.): XVII:15.
Venable, Aaron: I::133.

Venable, Abraham B.: VI:6.
Venable, Eva: XV:436.
Vest, George Graham: XVI:2.
Vicksburg, Mississippi: VI:22.
Vilas, William Freeman - Obituary: VI:78.

Vincent, Florence Smith: IX:4.
Vines, W. I.: II:74, V:204.
Vines, Walter: V:76.
Vines, William Lafayette: VIII:60.
Virginia-Congressmen: V:125.

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Virtues of Our Ancestors: XX:14
Vogel, Albert: XV:214.
Voter Returns-Tennessee, November 1902: II:140.
Waddel, Seth: VII:60.
Waddell, Landon H.: V:76.

Waddill, John Carter: XIII:10.
Waddill, Martin: IV:224.
Waddill, Mary: XIII:36.
Waddill, May: XIII:10.
Waddle, John: VII:19.

Wade, George C.: X:74.
Wagner, C.: X:71.
Wagner, J. A.: VIII:62.
Wagner, Mack: VII:14, VIII:62.
Walbridge, Cyrus P.: XVI:21.

Walbridge, David S.: XVI:8
Walden's Ridge: XI:8.
Walker, A. G.: X:52.
Walker, Abraham J.: II:26.
Walker, Agnes Luckey: III:8139.

Walker, Alex: VIII:31.
Walker, Erby O.: XI:85.
Walker, Ernest G.: II:148.
Walker, Jane: IX:85.
Walker, John: VIII:31, IX:2.

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Walker, Joseph R.: II:26, XIV:111.
Walker, L. M.: X:43.
Walker, Pearl: XVI:26.
Walker, R. E., (Rev.): X:70.
Walker, R. L.: XV:33.

Walker, Tandy: XIV:274.
Walker, Thomas, (Dr.): IX:5, IX:22, X:42.
Walker, W. N.: XIV:65.
Walker, William, (Gen.): II:26, X:34, XI:15.
Walkern, W. N.: X:35.

Wallace, Cassius A.: XVII:29.
Wallace, Edward: IV:223.
Wallace, J. O.: XVII:29.
Wallace, James W.: XIII:57.
Wallace, Lewis, (Gen.): II:35, V:76, V:109, XIII:64.

Wallace, William: VIII:66.
Wallace, Willis: XVII:29.
Walnut, North Carolina: IX:5.
Walter, Catherine: VI:25.
Wanamaker, John: XV:497.

War Memoirs: II:110.
Ward, Lou: VII:59, VII:60.
Ward, Lou, (Mrs.): IX:9.
Ward, Nancy: IX:73.
Ward, Oran: XIII:57.

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Ward, Samuel A.: IX:8.
Ware, Eugene F.: XVI:7.
Ware, Samuel: VIII:96.
Warfield, Edwin: XI:29.
Warlick, N. N., (Mrs.): VIII:48.

Warlick, Niles N., (Dr.): XV:165.
Warner, Charles Dudley: XIV:122.
Warner, William: V:108.
Warren, Campbell A.: VIII:62.
Warren, Erwell, (Mrs.): VIII:42.

Warren, L.: VIII:62.
Warren, Martha M. - Obituary: VI:72.
Warren, S. M.: VIII:60.
Wartburg, Tennessee: IX:2.
Washington and Tusculum College: VI:34.

Washington Co. TN-Vote Tallies: II:53.
Washington College: II:17, II:18, II:46, II:47, III:8219, IV:116, IV:139, IV:149, V:292, V:295,
V:306, VI:5, VI:8, VI:33, VI:72, VII:forward, VII:2, VII:4, VII:18, VII:31, VII:41, VII:44,
VII:48, VII:65, VII:66, VII:67, VII:68, VII:69, VII:70, VII:75, VIII:40, VIII:47, VIII:55,
VIII:58, VIII:63, IX:3, IX:16, IX:32, IX:51, XI:20, XI:25, XI:30, XII:15, XIII:40, XIII:41,
XIII:42, XIV:17, XIV:111, XV:186, XV:382, XVII:28, XVII:30, XVIII:168, 171, 222,
231, 238; XIX:29, 37, 41.
Washington College-Athletic Association: VI:38.
Washington College-Commencement: V:96, V:123, VI:40.
Washington College-Football: II:140.

Washington College-Graduates 1796-1905: II:161, XVIII:173-179, 221, 231.
Washington College-Graduation: XII:161, XVII:23.
Washington College-Ladies Missionary Society: XVII:17.
Washington County Election Returns November 1904: V:45.
Washington County Fair: VIII:63.

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Washington County Fair Association (see also County Fairs): VIII:55.
Washington County, Tennessee: VI:12, VII:9, VII:25, IX:3, IX:13, IX:22, XVIII:199-200
Washington County, Tennessee - Elected Officials: X:22.
Washington County, Tennessee - Soldiers: IV:127.
Washington County, Virginia; XVIII:199

Washington Presbyterian Church: II:95.
Washington, Augustine: II:39.
Washington, George, (Col.): II:44, IX:76, XI:22, XI:27, XII:236, XIII:78, XIV:144, XIV:145,
V:22, XV:26, XV:218, XV:512, XVII:18, XVII:70.
Washington, Howell: V:160.
Washington, Lawrence: II:39.

Washington, Martha: II:30, II:141, XIII:19, XV:230.
Watauga Association: IV:120.
Watauga Avenue Presbyterian Church: IX:7.
Watauga County, Tennessee: IX:22.
Watauga Valley, Tennessee: XVII:150.

Watson, Fred D., (Rev.): X:35, X:65.
Watson, Samuel: IX:5.
Wattenberger, Adam: VIII:37.
Watterson, Henry: VI:14, XV:385.
Watts, David, (Dr.): III:8511.

Watts, Isaac: IX:8.
Watts, John: VIII:67.
Watuaga Settlement: V:180.
Wayne, Anthony, (Gen.): VI:73, V:215.
Weatherford, William: XIV:133, XIV:139, XIV:165.

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Weatherspoon, James: VII:65.
Webb, Alonzo, (Mr. and Mrs.): VI:37.
Webster, Daniel: V:142, V:169, VI:14, VI:48, VI:62, XVI:24.
Weeks, John W., (Sen.): XIII:50, XIV:32.
Weeping Willows: XVIII:241

Weese, Michell: IV:226.
Weir, Samuel: XIV:90.
Weir, W. F.: IX:29.
Welcker, James C.: XIII:57.
Well, Melvil: XIII:39.

Welles, Gideon: XI:14, XIV:119.
Welles, Gideon, III: XI:42.
Wells, Benjamin: IV:223.
Wells, Nellie: XVII:76.
Wells, R. P.: IV:210, XVI:insert.

Wells, Zacharah: IV:225.
Welply, Joseph, (Mr. and Mrs.): XIV:68.
Welsh Colonies, Tennessee - History: VIII:49.
Welty, John: IV:226.
Wesley, Charles: IX:8.

Wesley, John: III:8477, V:267.
West, David R.: XVI:28.
West, E. H.: VII:30.
West, E. T.: XV:548, XV:549.
West, Eva: XIV:135.

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West, George: VII:70.
West, George Whitfield: X:33.
West, J. C. - Obituary: III:8419.
West, James A.: XII:33.
West, Sybill: XI:30.

Western Reserve Ohio: II:68.
Wetherby, John C.: II:78.
Wheeler, Joseph, (Gen.): VI:106, VII:28.
Wheeler, Margaret: X:34.
Wheeler, Margret L.: XV:159.

Whig Party: VIII:72.
Whitaker, Walter C., (Rev.): IX:6, XIV:292.
White, Edward D.: X:52.
White, Hugh Lawson: II:31, II:97, IX:2, IX:42, X:52, X:53, XVI:2, XVI:24.
White, James, (Gen.): II:121, II:123, V:169, IX:20, X:53, XIII:63.

White, James, (Dr.): IX:3.
White, John D.: XVII:74.
White, Kate: VIII:57, XV:9.
White, Richard Jasper: XV:265.
White, W. M., (Gen.): XV:500.

White, W. O., (Capt.): VI:1.
White, William Pickney: V:327.
Whitefield, George: XIV:133.
Whitelocks, William Wallace: XIV:35.
Whiteman, Fredrie: IV:224.

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White's Fort: IX:3.
Whiteside, Samuel M., (Gen.): V:58.
Whitfield, John: VII:83.
Whitlock, J. W.: XI:13, XIV:299.
Whitman, Charles Seymour: XVII:57.

Whitman, Lees: II:51.
Whitman, Marcus: II:51.
Whitney, Fredrick J.: XII:167.
Whitney, Mae: IV:61.
Whitney, William Collins: XVI:24.

Whittaker, Frank: XII:166.
Whitton, Joseph: II:51.
Wiggins, William: VI:75.
Wigginton, Thomas Albert, (Dr,): IX:3.
Wilcox, Cadmus, (Gen.): V:139, X:43.

Wilcox, Mary Emily Donelson: V:139.
Wild Cat, Kentucky - Battle of: VII:26.
Wilder, John T., (Gen.): II:67.
Wilds, David A.: V:171.
Wilds, John T.: IX:2, XV:159.

Wilds, Katherine: XVII:176.
Wilds, William: IX:74.
Wiley, David: XVII:39.
Wiley, E. E., (Mrs.): XVII:39.
Wiley, Elbert: XVII:39.

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Wiley, John: XVII:39.
Wiley, Love: XVII:39.
Wiley, Nathaniel: XVII:39.
Wiley, Paul: XVII:39.
Wiley, R. E., (Sergeant): XII:213.

Wilhelm, George: X:42.
Wilkes, Charles, (Adrimal): XI:17.
Wilkinson, James: II:29, XVI:15.
Wilkinson, William J.: XI:13.
Wilkinson, William J., (Mrs.): X:34.

Willard, Callie P.: III:8228.
Willard, D. H.: V:294, XVI:15.
Willard, R. S., (Mrs.) - Obituary: III:8231.
Willey, Wiltman T.: V:142.
Willhight, Conrad: XX:7

William and Brown Land Speculators: IV:135.
William, Wilson Finley: XI:13.
Williams, Adolphus W.: X:64.
Williams, Albert: XVI:8, XVI:23.
Williams, Alexander: X:37.

Williams, Fielding L.: XVI:30.
Williams, James, (Capt.): X:50.
Williams, John, (Col.): II:33, II:97, X:33.
Williams, Joseph, (Col.): VI:47.
Williams, Joseph A.: X:18.

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Williams, Philip F.: XV:498.
Williams, R. P., (Judge): XIV: insert.
Williams, Samuel C.: XI:12.
Williams, Thomas J. - Obituary: XI:43.
Williams, Thomas, (Col.): X:53 .

Williams, Thomas C.: II:31.
Williamsburg, Virginia: V:305.
Williamson, John Poage, (Rev.): X:15.
Williamson, Thomas S., (Rev.): X:15.
Williamson, W. H., (Judge): IX:5.

Willis, Frank B.: XVII:30.
Willis, Jack C.: X:34.
Willoughby, J. W. C., (Rev.): VI:16, VI:22, VII:69.
Wills, Alfred: X:19.
Wills, David, (Rev.): XIII:10, XVII:67.

Wills, H. T. D.: XIV:103.
Wills, Henry M.: VIII:84.
Wilmot Proviso, The: III:8619.
Wilsey, William G.: XI:5.
Wilson, Alexander: XVI:24.

Wilson, Benjamin, (Capt.): VII:35.
Wilson, Charles: XVI:33.
Wilson County, Tennessee: X:25, IX:17.
Wilson's Creek, Battle of: XIV:67.
Wilson, David, (Maj.): IX:17.

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Wilson, Emma: XVI:26.
Wilson, George D.: XI:10.
Wilson, Henry: II:33.
Wilson, Horace Cady: IX:7.
Wilson, J. M.: XVI:4.

Wilson, James H., (Lt.): XI:26.
Wilson, Jesse: XVI:4.
Wilson, John A.: XI:10.
Wilson, John: IV:223, VIII:31.
Wilson, Joseph: IV:223.

Wilson, S. T., (Rev.): VII:87.
Wilson, William: IV:223.
Wilson, Woodrow : X:21, XIII:60, XIII:68, XIII:78, XIII:79, XIII:82, XVII:110, XIX:72.
Wilson, Woodrow, (Mrs.): XIII:61.
Wilson, Woodrow - Obituary: IX:82, IX:83, IX:84.

Winchester, James, (Col.): XIII:63.
Winchester, Tennessee: IX:7.
Winder, John H.m (Gen.): XVI:30.
Wine, Jacob, (Rev.): XVII:15.
Wing, Joseph, (Col.): XI:70.

Winston, Joseph, (Col.): IX:76.
Wint, Theodore J., (Col.): II:41.
Winthrop, Robert C.: II:104, V:136.
Wirz, Henry: II:35.
Wise, W. C., (Rear Admiral): V:50.

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Witcher, J. W.: I:250.
Witherspoon, James: II:46, VII:69, VIII:28.
Witherspoon, John: XV:488.
Witherspoon, Samuel: VII:15, VII:35.
Witt, B. W.: II:24.

Witt, Wilson C.: XVII:204.
Wolerstein, Sol: IX:6.
Wolfe, Robert E.: V:305.
Wolfon, Adell: IV:63.
Wollam, John: XI:10.

Wolliver, Philip: IV:224.
Womack, John: X:42.
Women's Missionary Society: II:59.
Wood, Thomas J., (Gen.) - History: V:128.
Wood, Leonard, (Maj.-Gen.): XII:229.

Wood, Mark: XI:10.
Wood, R. A., (Mrs.): XVI:24.
Wood, R. A.: XII:181.
Woodruff, W. W.,(Capt.): VI:89.
Woodruff, W. W.,(Mrs.): V:207.

Woods, Capt. Thomas: IV:127, VII:58.
Woods, James, (Col.): IX:22.
Woods, H. H., (Dr.): V:52.
Woods, Mary Ramsey: V:158, VI:52.
Woodville, John: VII:28.

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Woolford, W. G., (Rev.): XII:84.
Woolsey, William B., (Rev.): V:111.
Wooten, E. J.: XI:7.
Worden, John L., (Lt.): XI:35.
World War I-American Casualties: IX:47.

World's Fair-Middletown, Connecticut: III:9084.
World's Fair-1904: VI:36.
Worley, Harriate: VI:8.
Worley, Joseph A.: XII:231.
Worley, E. D.: IX:3.

Worsham, W. J.: III:8091.
Wright, Luke E., (Gen.): VI:50, VI:87, X:52, XV:489, XV:497.
Wright, John V., (Judge): V:114.
Wright, M. J.: X:43.
Wright, William D., (Mrs.): VIII:63.

Wright, T. A.: II:74, VI:43.
Wrightsman, Annie - Obituary: V:330.
Wyeth, Nathianiel J.: II:51.
Wynn, John: X:25.
Y's Club: VI:15.

Yager, S. M.: IX:55.
Yeager, Guy: X:71.
Yeager, L. F.: II:46.
Yerkers, John W.: V:1108.
Yeuger, Bruce: VII:14.

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Yoacham, Daniel: V:297.
Yoakum, Eva: XVI:26.
Yost, Fain: VI:24.
Yost, Henry C.: XII:90.
Yost, William - Obituary: VI:93.

Young, David King, (Judge): X:22.
Young, George: XIV:153.
Young, Glenn: VIII:50.
Young, S. B. M., (Gen.): III:8312.
Youngstown, F. S.: XVI:22.

Zinc Production: Tennessee: XI:82.
Zollicoffer, Felix, (Gen.): X:36, X:43, XVII:78.
1860 Campaign
: VI:85.

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