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Archives of Appalachia

The Center for Appalachian Studies & Services


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Appalachian-Scottish Studies

>Includes materials relating to Scottish folklore, Appalachian and Scottish folk music, folk dance, Jack tales and storytelling from presentations, lectures, and course work as part of the studies program.


>Nearly 600 recordings of folk music and culture, including spirituals, folk tunes, sermons, bawdy and political songs gathered between the 1930's-1950's.

Broadside Television

>Collection includes videotape documentaries on a variety of Appalachian topics, including regional politics, environmental issues, economic development, traditional arts and crafts, and religion.

Thomas G. Burton

>Contains personal papers, photographs, and audio/video tapes related to serpent-handling, Jack tales, folk music and medicine, food preservation, and storytelling.


>Consists of nearly 400 audio and/or video recordings related to the folklore and culture of the region, including folk music, religious worship, storytelling, and oral narratives of family and Appalachian history.

Dante History Project

Documents community life and traditions of  Dante, Va. Includes oral interviews and images collected by members of the community.

Documenting Community Traditions

>Documents life in Vardy, Hancock Co., Tenn. The oral interviews, photographs, and printed material were collected by ETSU students for a class on documenting the history and culture of a community.

Charles R. Gunter, Jr.

>Consists of audio recordings of interviews conducted with residents of the region regarding such topics as midwifery, farming, musical instrument making, and horse trading.

Joseph Sargent Hall

>Includes Hall's research on the life and language of the people of the Great Smoky Mountains. Hall documents folk beliefs, folk remedies, storytelling, music, and dialect. Includes field notebooks and recordings.

John A. Jones

>Consists of nearly 100 almanacs (1849-1929) produced by a variety of companies and touching on such topics as farming, health, patent medicines, and literature.

Barbara McDermitt

>Consists of audio recordings of McDermitt field trips with storytellers Frank Proffitt, Jr., Hattie Presnell, Ray and Stanley Hicks, reports of the trips, and photographs of tellers.

Michael Montgomery

>Consists of taped interviews of residents of White Pine, Tenn., 1977-78.  While a number of local topics are discussed, Montgomery's research interests are speech inflection, pattern, and usage.

David Larry Nave

>Consists of video recordings, manuscripts, and slides depicting Appalachian residents demonstrating toy making, quilting, and old-time country music.

Ron D. Vance and Barbara H. Wicksham

Documents life in the highlands of East Tennessee and western North Carolina. Includes audio recordings, transcripts, and subject files compiled during the making of " History of the Highlands According to the People Who Lived It."


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