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Women's Studies Program

Department of Literature and Language

Women's Studies Staff

ETSU Factulty or Staff

Dr. Phyllis Thompson

Program Director
ETSU Factulty or Staff

Heidi Marsh

Executive Aide
ETSU Factulty or Staff

Zoe Hill

Graduate Assistant
ETSU Factulty or Staff

Lia Bevins

Tuition Scholar


Steering Committee

ETSU Factulty or Staff

Pat Buck

ETSU Factulty or Staff

Rebekah Byrd

Associate Professor
ETSU Factulty or Staff

Jill LeRoy-Frazier

ETSU Factulty or Staff

Jamie Branam Brown

ETSU Factulty or Staff

Rebecca Tolley-Stokes

ETSU Factulty or Staff

Phyllis Thompson

ETSU Faculty or Staff

Dinah Mayo-Bobee

Associate Professor



Women's Studies Faculty Status


Dr. Amber Kinser
Chair and Professor of Communication, Gender and Family Studies Communication and Performance
Ph.D., Purdue University

Dr. Jamie Branam Brown
Professor of Human Services Human Ecology: Individual and Family and Sociology; Women in Transition; Gender; Youth Violence
Ph.D, The Ohio State University

Dr. Jill LeRoy-Frazier
Professor of Liberal Studies
Assistant Dean, School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach
English Language and Literature
Ph.D. University of Michigan-Ann Harbor

Dr. Phyllis Thompson
Director of Women's Studies and Associate Professor of Literature
18th-century British Literature, Gender Studies, Girls Studies, Women Authors, YA Literature
Ph.D, Louisiana State University

Patricia Buck
Part-Time Instructor of Women's Studies and Literature
British and World Wide Literature
MA, East Tennessee State University

Darcy J. Martin
Part-Time Instructor of Women's Studies Liberal Studies
MA, East Tennessee State University



Associate Faculty


Dr. Karin Bartoszuk
Professor of Human Development & Learning
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Human Development and Family Studies
Ph.D., Auburn University

Michael C. Braswell
Emeritus Professor
Rehabilitation/Correctional Doctorate
Ed.S., University of Georgia

Karen Brewster
Chair and Professor of Theatre and Dance, Costume, Makeup and Mask Design
MFA, Michigan State University

Dr. Wesley Buerkle
Associate Professor of Speech Communication
Communication Studies Program Head
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Dr. William Douglas Burgess
Chair and Professor of History
Ancient History
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Rebekah Byrd
Associate Professor of Counseling & Human Services
Counselor Education
Ph.D, Old Dominion University

Dr. Martha Copp
Professor and Graduate Studies Coordinator of Sociology
Sociology of Emotions, Work and Occupations, Qualitative Research and Gender
Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Dr. Dorothy Dobbins
Assistant Professor Emerita of Social Work
Ph.D., Case Western

Dr. Kelly Dorgan
Associate Professor of Communication
Health Communication and Intercultural/Interracial Communications
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Dr. Dorothy Drinkard-Hawkshawe
Professor of History
Civil War and Reconstruction, Civil Rights Movement, Constitutional Law
Ph.D., Catholic University of America

Dr. Donald Good
Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Curriculum and Instruction
Ed.D., University of South Carolina

Dr. Joe Keith Green
Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Religion, Philosophical Issues Related to Hate
Ph.D., Brown University

Dr. Deborah Harley-McClaskey
Associate Professor of Educational Foundations and Special Education
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Ed. D, East Tennessee State University

Dr. Vida Joyce Hull
Professor Emeritus of Art
Art and Design, Art History
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Shawna Lichtenwalner
Associate Professor of Literature
18th and 19th Century Literature
Ph.D., Auburn University

Dr. Leslie MacAvoy
Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy
Ph.D., McGill University

Dr. Dinah Mayo-Bobee
Associate Professor of History
The Early Republic, The Politics of Slavery, Congressional History, Political Biography, U.S. Presidents to 1900, the American Revolution
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dr. Martha Moraa Michieka
Associate Professor of Linguistic, Sociolinguistics, and TESOL
Ph.D., Purdue University

Dr. Delanna K. Reed
Assistant Professor of Communication and Performance

Cultural Studies in Education
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Dr. Melissa Schrift
Professor of Anthropology
Ethnicity, Race and Class, Gender, Popular and Consumer Culture, Medical Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, China, U.S. Culture
Ph.D., University of Hawaii

Dr. Judith Slagle
Professor of Literature

18th-Century British Literature
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Dr. Marie Tedesco
Director and Professor of Liberal Studies
Liberal Studies
Ph.D., Georgia State University

Rebecca Tolley
Professor of Library Administration and American History
MA, East Tennessee State University

Paul Tudico
Senior Lecturer
Philosophy of Law, Moral and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics
ABD, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Elwood Watson
Professor of History
Recent American History, African American History, American Studies, Gender History, Cultural History
Ph.D., University of Maine

Dr. Katherine Weiss
Chair and Professor of Department of Literature and Language
Modern and Contemporary Drama, Irish Literature, English Literature
Ph.D., University of Reading (UK)

Dr. Stacey Lynn Williams
Professor of Psychology
Social and Health Psychology
Ph.D., Kent State University

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