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Women's Studies Program

Department of Literature and Language

Women on Wednesdays

Established by Program Director Dr. Phyllis Thompson in 2012, the Women on Wednesdays lecture series is a way to highlight the academic work of women on campus. Since the series' inception, a wide array of faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students have presented their research—check out the videos below! Please contact with any questions and for information about disability accommodations. 

September 2, 2020: Deidra Rogers
Braving MY Own Wilderness

August 26, 2020: Rebecca Proffitt
Suffrage in Southern Appalachia

March 11, 2020: Sage Perrott
Zines! Zines! Zines!

February 19, 2020: Dr. Katherine Weiss
Claire-Lise Holy: An Artist’s Reflections on Theatre and Literature

February 5, 2020: Dr. Chelsea R. Wessels
Ecofeminism and Industry: Women in Peripheral Film Environments

December 4, 2019: Dr. Alyson Chroust
Peek-A-Boo: How Infant Minds Develop and Perceive the World

November 6, 2019: Angela Hagaman
Responding to the Opioid Epidemic in Central Appalachia: Evidence, Partnership and Innovation

October 2, 2019: Dr. Jill LeRoy-Frazier and MALS Graduate Students
Stigma: an Intersectional Approach

April 3, 2019: Chief Nicole Collins
Taking a Department or Organization to the Next Level

March 27, 2019: Dr. Candace Bright
Social Network Analysis and Social Determinants

March 20, 2019: Dr. Emily Donald and Dr. Rebecca Milner
Technology-facilitated Sexual Violence

February 6, 2019: Dr. Arpita Nandi
Paving a Path to Student Success

December 5, 2018: Dr. Julia Dodd
Infertility Finds All the Weak Spots: Effects of Infertility on Women’s Mental, Physical and Relational Functioning

November 7, 2018: Tema Staffer

October 3, 2018: Alison Deadman and Stacey Williams
Is ETSU in the Zone? The Safe Zone at ETSU

September 19, 2018: Amy Steadman
Mingle with the World: The Life and Work of Jessie Ackermann 

September 5, 2018: Dr. Meira Yasin
Trauma Informed Diagolue: The Power of Coffee and Conversation to Change the World

April 4, 2018: Dr. Diana Morelen
Mom Power!

March 28, 2018: Lindsay Rogers
Pottery, Food, and the Labor of Making Objects

February 21, 2018: Loren Biggs
Alcohol 101

January 31, 2018: Dr. Mildred Maisonet
Environmental Contamination and Human Health: Does It Matter?

December 6, 2017: Dr. Julia Bernard
The Practice and Research of Resilience

November 1, 2017: Dr. Cerrone Foster
Matters of the Heart: Changes in Cardiovascular Disease Across the Lifespan in Women

October 4, 2017: Rebecca Adkins Fletcher
Rethinking Appalachian Regional Health

September 6, 2017: Dr. Bethany Novotny
Mindset Matters!

April 5, 2017: Coach Lindsey Devine
Power of Passion - Pillars of Success

March 29, 2017: Dr. Lorianne Mitchell
Horse Before Carriage? The role of higher education in advancing diversity and inclusion in society.

March 15, 2017: Dr. Martha Copp, Ms. Vickie Powers, Dr. Julie Bernard
Gun Violence and Gun Sense
  • Dr. Bernard, Ms. Powers, Dr. Copp
  • Dr. Copp
  • Vickie Powers speaks to the room
  • Dr. Copp
  • Vickie Powers
  • Dr. Bernard
  • Dr. Bernard and Ms. Powers
  • Dr. Thompson, Dr. Bernard, Ms. Powers, Dr. Copp
  • Audience

February 22, 2017: Ms. Pooja Jagadish
Pursuing Professionalism: The Importance of Activities

February 1, 2017: Dr. Dottie Greene
Self-Care for Women-Helping Professionals

November 2, 2016: Dr. Judy McCook
Someone you know has been sexually assaulted... How can you help?

September 28, 2016: Opal Clark 
The Process of Queer Directing in Heteronormative Theatrical Spaces

August 28, 2016: Dr. Merry Noel Miller
Finding Your Emotional Balance: A Guide for Women

April 6, 2016: Ruth Taylor Read and Panel
Sexual Assault: Changing Conversations In Our Community and On Our Campus

March 23, 2016: Dr. Stacey Williams
Hot Off The Press! An Update On Campus Climate

March 16, 2016: Dr. Heather Killemeyer
Dada Cabaret: Audience Engagement and Sustainability in the Digital Age


March 2, 2016: Dr. Sun-Joo Oh
Intersection of the East and the West: Survey of the Korean Art Song in the Midst of the Western Influence

February 3, 2016: Shara K. Lange
Documentary Film Engagement
December 2, 2015: Dr. Amber Kinser, Kathryn Duvall, Dr. Kelly Dorgan
'I'd be telling...' : Women's Stories About Well/Illness In Their Communities, Families, and Bodies.

November 4, 2015: Coach Brittney Ezell
Trust the Process: 5 Pillars of Cultural Success

October 7, 2015: Emma Frederick and Sheri LaDuke
It's Getting Hot In Here: Is Campus Climate Warming Up to LGBT?

September 30, 2015: Kate Emmerich
Exploring Sexual Assault On Campus

April 1, 2015; Dr. Martha Michieka
Women in Literature: Kenyan Women Writers and Their Dialogues On Issues Affecting African Women

March 18, 2015: Dr. Stephanie Frye
URSA: Music for Tuba by Women Composers

February 11, 2015:  Dr. Megan Quinn
Raising Awareness About Cervical Cancer In Nicaragua: Working with Health Promoters

January 28, 2015;  Donna Noland and Dr. Katie Baker
The Campus Community Interface: Examples from Women's Health

November, 2014:  Dr. Jasmine Renner
Women and Girls Leadership Mentoring: A Fulbright Experience

September 3, 2014: Brandi Teetor
Empowering Women: Up and Coming Technologies

February 5, 2014: Beverly Smith
Women in Astronomy: An Historical Overview

December 4, 2013:  Mina McVeigh
Woman & Alcohol

November 6, 2013: Norma Honaker
Warrior Women: Women's Autobiography in the Eighteenth-Century Nation at War

October 2, 2013: Dr. Dinah Mayo
Politics, Love and Longing: The Political Marriage of Sarah Crowninshield

September 25, 2013: Dr. Hil Malatino
Intersex 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Intersex But Were Afraid to Ask

April 10, 2013: FMLA
Experiences from the NYFLC

April 3, 2013: Dr. Rebecca Keeler
Discusses her career transition from practicing local government law to becoming an academic in addition to her current areas of research in academia.

March 22, 2013: "WoW Goes Global"

March 21, 2012:  Veronica Limeberry
From Academics to Advocacy

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