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ETSU Energize: Simplifying the Complex: A Career in Professional Communication

Speaker: Samara Bolling – VP Strategic Services – Ntara

Date: Tuesday, April 9th | 6 – 7 p.m.

Location: ETSU Library Room 309

For as long as she can remember, Samara Bolling has been fueled by a burning desire to communicate. From an early career in journalism to digital marketing today, she has spent her career simplifying complex messaging for a variety of audiences. In this presentation, Bolling will speak to the group about how to identify innate skills as a communicator and apply those to achieve a fulfilling career. She will discuss taking and creating the right opportunities to pave the way for your own unique path.

About Samara

Samara Bolling is a content strategist by trade and has been a writer all her life. Throughout her career, she has held many roles. She’s marketed molecules for a Fortune 500 company, managed integrated strategies for a regional public relations firm, and produced content for a weekly publication. Through each opportunity, Bolling has developed expertise in identifying a brand's multiple audiences and crafting unique messaging and customer paths for them.

Obsessed with efficiency, she enjoys taking complex information and making it easy to understand. She is a stickler for (most) AP Style guidelines and the Oxford comma. She loves East Tennessee and being surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues that inspire her. Bolling also considers it a huge honor to be doing what she loves at a company that allows and encourages her to grow.


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