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Department of Music

College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies

Jazz Ensemble

What is Jazz Studies?

The Jazz Studies major at East Tennessee State University is a Bachelor of Music degree program designed for students who desire a career performing in contemporary genres and working as professionals in the commercial music industry. Through the study of jazz theory and improvisation, which is the basis for most popular styles of music, graduates of the program will be well-prepared for the wide variety of opportunities that exist in a rapidly evolving world of music.


Why choose Jazz Studies at ETSU?

We provide an exciting curriculum for students who dream of a rewarding career in the music industry. With courses in Improvisation, music business, commercial music composition, and music technology taught by experts in the field. Our faculty includes Grammy-winning artists and sought-after performers! You will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed!

Is Jazz Studies right for me?

At ETSU, we offer many opportunities to perform in a wide variety of ensembles, bands, chamber groups and combos. Whether you are a vocalist, pianist, guitar player, drummer, horn or string player, we have a place for you in Jazz Studies!

It's not just jazz!

While jazz concepts and theory are the basis for our program, the study of modern jazz covers everything from pop to rock, Latin, classical and world music. The degree is designed to prepare you for a career in most commercial music styles!


Scholarships for Jazz

In addition to the Academic Performance Scholarship and Creative Arts Scholarship that are available to all students who participate in music ensembles, there are additional scholarships available for jazz that include:

Powell Jazz Scholarship
Endowed Jazz Scholarship
Topalian Jazz Scholarship

For more information about these scholarships, the Jazz Studies major, or participatin in any jazz ensemble, contact , the Coordinator of Jazz Studies. 



Jazz Studies Degree Program Requirements

Music Core (32 credits)

MUSC 1410 - Music Theory I (3)
MUSC 1420 - Music Theory II (3)
MUSC 2410 - Music Theory III (3)
MUSC 2421 - Music Theory IV (3)
MUSC 1411 - Aural Skills I (1)
MUSC 1421 - Aural Skills II (1)
MUSC 2411 - Aural Skills III (1)
MUSC 2421 - Aural Skills IV (1)
MUSC 1030 - Introduction to Music (3)
MUSC 2540 - Music Research Methods (3)
MUSC 3540 - Music History I (3)
MUSC 3550 - Music History II (3)
MUSC 3570 - Introduction to Conducting (2)
MUSC 4600 - Orchestration & Arranging (2)

Jazz Studies Concentration (51 credits)

MUSC 1035 History of Jazz 3
MUSC 1261/3261 Jazz Ensemble 4
MUSC 1262/3262 Jazz Combo 4
MUSC 18xx, 29xx, 39xx Applied Music 16
MUSC 2011 Class Jazz Piano I 1
MUSC 2021 Class Jazz Piano II 1
MUSC 2560 Jazz Theory & Improvisation 2
MUSC 2561 Improvisation II 2
MUSC 3271 Instrumental Chamber Group (Recital) 3
MUSC 3510 Introduction to Music Industry 2
MUSC 3520 Rhythm Section Techniques 1
MUSC 3560 Improvisation III 2
MUSC 3561 Improvisation IV 2
MUSC 4260 Jazz Arranging/Composition 2
MUSC 4560 Jazz Pedagogy 2
MUSC 4530 Music Technology 2
MUSC 4531 Commercial Jazz Music Composition 2

Jazz Ensemble/Combo (1 credit) and Applied Lessons (2 credits) are each required every semester



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