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Sociology & Anthropology

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Kamolnick  Paul Ph.D.

423-439-6652 /
Rogers-Stout Hall 223A

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Listen to a two-part interview about Dr. Kamolnick's research on religion and terrorism on the NPR program Progressive Spirit: Part 1, Part 2


Introduction to Sociology
Modern Social Theory Syllabus
Contemporary Social Theory Syllabus
Sociology of Global Terrorism Syllabus
The Terrorist Mind Syllabus
Counterinsurgency Warfare Syllabus


My current research interests focus on producing policy-relevant findings that may be used by US national security policy makers and strategists to counter Al-Qa'ida based and inspired anti-American global terrorism. Recent publications propose specific means for countering Al Qa'ida's tactical propaganda aimed at inciting and recruiting a new generation of terrorist actors.


Al-Qaeda and Islamic StateCountering Radicalization Delegitimizing Al-Qaeda

Books, Monographs, Edited Books

Kamolnick, Paul.  2017. The Al-Qaeda Organization and the Islamic State Organization: History, Doctrine, Modus Operandi, and U.S. Policy to Degrade and Defeat Terrorism Conducted in the Name of Sunni Islam.  Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA.

Kamolnick, Paul.  2014. Countering Radicalization and Recruitment to Al-Qaeda: Fighting the War of Deeds.  Letort Papres, Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College.  Carlisle Barracks, PA.

Kamolnick, Paul. 2012. Delegitimizing Al-Qaeda: A Jihad- Realist Approach. Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA.

Kamolnick, Paul. 2005. The Just Meritocracy: IQ, Class Mobility, and American Social Policy.Westport, CT: Praeger Press.

Powers, Tom, and Paul Kamolnick (eds.). 1999. From Kant to Weber: Freedom and Culture in Classical German Social Theory. Melbourne, FL: Krieger.

Kamolnick, Paul. 1988. Classes: A Marxist Critique. New York: General Hall.

Journal articles, book chapters, and review essays

Kamolnick, Paul.  2016.  Review Article. "Of Jihads, Jihadists, and Jihadism." Terrorism and Political Violence 28(4): 803-812.

Kamolnick, Paul.  2016. "Abu Muhammed al-Adnani's May 21, 2016 Speech: More Evidence for Extreme Marginalization, Implosion, and the Islamic State Organization's Certain Future as a Hunted Underground Ultra-Takfiri Terrorist Criminal Entity."  Small Wars Journal

Kamolnick, Paul.  2016. "On Self-Declared Caliph Ibrahim's December 2015 Speech: Further Evidence for Critical Vulnerabilities in the Crumbling Caliphate."  Small Wars Journal.  

Kamolnick, Paul.  2015.  "On Self-Declared Caliph Ibrahim's May 2015 Message to Muslims: Key Problems of Motivation, Marginalization, Illogic, and Empirical Delusion in the Caliphate Project." Small Wars Journal.

Kamolnick, Paul.  2015.  "How Muslim Defenders Became 'Blood-Spilling' Crusaders: Adam Gadahn's Critique of the 'Jihadist' Subversion of Al-Qaeda's Media Warfare Strategy."  Terrorism and Political Violence. 

Kamolnick, Paul.  2014.  "Has Adam Gadhan Forsaken the Lawful Jihad for Anti-Americanism?  A Case Study of Ideological Contradictions."  Perspectives on Terrorism 8(6): 36-62.

Kamolnick, Paul.  2013.  "The Egyptian Islamic Group's Critique of Al-Qaeda's Interpretation of Jihad." Perspectives on Terrorism 7(5): 93-110. 

Kamolnick, Paul. 2013. "Al Qaeda's Shari'a Crisis: Sayyid Imam and the Jurisprudence of Lawful Military Jihad." Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 36(5): 394-418.

Kamolnick, Paul.  2012.  Review Essay.  "Defending Liberal Democracy in an Age of Terror."  Terrorism and Political Violence 24(1): 144-157.

Kamolnick, Paul.  2011.  Review Essay.  "Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and the Rule of Law."  Terrorism and Political Violence 23(5): 820-842.

Kamolnick, Paul. 2010. "Sacred Barriers to Conflict Resolution? A Critique of Atran's and Axelrod's Bargaining Model as Applied to the Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation." Perspectives in Terrorism 4(3), July: 39-53.

Kamolnick, Paul. 2010. Review Essay. "The Mind of Global Jihadism."Terrorism and Political Violence, 22(3): 458-463. 

Kamolnick, Paul. 2010. "Leveraging Legitimacy: A Key Tool in Population-Centric Counterinsurgency."Small Wars Journal. 

Kamolnick, Paul. 2007. "Unwelcome in Women's Studies." Academic Questions, 20:122-134.

Kamolnick, Paul. 2001. "Simmel's Legacy for Contemporary Value Theory: A Critical Assessment." Sociological Theory, 19(1): 65-85.

Kamolnick, Paul. 1999. "Central Themes in Simmel's Philosophy of Money." T. Powers and P. Kamolnick (eds.), From Kant to Weber: Freedom and Culture in Classical German Social Theory, pp. 151-168. Melbourne, FL: Krieger.

Kamolnick, Paul. 1998. "Visions of Social Justice in Marx: An Assessment of Recent Debates in Normative Philosophy." In R. Panasiuk and L. Nowak, eds. Marx's Theories Today, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities Volume, vol. 60, pp. 319-347. Amsterdam and Atlanta: Rodopi.

Kamolnick, Paul. 1997. "G.A. Cohen's Refutation of Inegalitarianism and the Quest for a Contemporary Socialist Ethic." Rethinking Marxism, 9(1): 80-100.

Kamolnick, Paul. 1994. "Marxism, Postmodernism, and Beyond: A Critical Analysis of David Harvey's Theory of Contemporary Culture." Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 14:71-88.

Kamolnick, Paul. 1993. "American Workers and the Future of Minimum Wage Politics." Review of Radical Political Economics, 25(2):26-49.

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