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Interior Architecture

Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying

Studio Rome

Studio Rome is the most life changing experience and is the highlight of your interior architecture studies.  Students see firsthand what they study in textbooks.  It's fun when you are watching a movie or reading a book to be able to tell others that you have been there in that exact location.

Participants spend 10 weeks of the summer in the heart of the Rome, studying design and architecture, earning a whole semester’s worth of credits (13 credits). 

INTD 4215 - Studio 8
INTD 4225 - Global Sustainability
INTD 3020 - Tech and Society: Design on Italy since WWII
INTD 3050 - Architectural History in Rome


Student Comments

"The students gained more knowledge within the three weeks of studying in Rome than what we would have learned within a semester being in a classroom.  Their perspective on life, values, and culture changed as they studied throughout the city of Rome.  A stronger understanding about ourselves as designers and other design students were only one of the marvelous outcomes.  The food, culture, and atmosphere were all breathtaking.

It's hard to explain something that you can't put a price on, this was an opportunity of a lifetime and it's something you will carry and have with you forever.  The trip also is very beneficial in my career field by expanding what you know is possible.  It changes the way you design and view the world around you.  You will never regret studying in Rome, therefore never pass up the opportunity to travel and don't be afraid of adventure!!!"

Ashley Russell, Summer 2013 Participant, 2016 Graduate

My experience studying abroad in Rome, Italy for the summer was life-changing. I made so many memories and got to know my classmates even better while living with them. Visiting places that I have learned about in art history and historical interior classes was eye-opening. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I found that pictures do not do many of the monuments and cathedrals justice. Upon experiencing these place in person, the scale of the spaces is incredible and the attention to small details is astounding.

Being able to stay in Rome for nine weeks was wonderful in that I got to see the city from two perspectives: first as a tourist taking in the sights and the culture, and then as a resident who noticed smaller details and who really got to know the city. Even after being in Rome for many weeks, there were still new things to be discovered when walking around the city streets such as art exhibitions, stores, restaurants, markets, and street performers to name a few examples. I learned not only about the architecture and history of Rome, but also about the culture and the people. It truly inspired and changed me in my outlook on design and on a personal level as well. There were ups and downs along the way, but I have no regrets about studying abroad and would do it again if I could. I am very grateful that I had the chance to participate in the study abroad program in Rome while at East Tennessee State University and would encourage anyone who is interested to participate in the program as well.

Abigail Bennett, Summer 2016 Participant, Anticipated Fall 2017 Graduate


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