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Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying

College of Business and Technology

M.S. in Technology

The ETSU Department of Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying, in conjunction with the ETSU School of Graduate Studies, offers a graduate program of studies structured to provide students with opportunities to enhance their general, professional, and technical backgrounds and to help prepare them to be responsive to changes in technology and adapt to emerging technical needs and concepts.

The students served at the graduate level consist of:

  • individuals strengthening their technical and educational background in regard to their careers in technology and/or education;
  • persons seeking teacher certification in order to change their instructional field; and
  • persons preparing for a second career.
  • The curriculum in the Department of Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media provides the knowledge, experience, and concepts needed to develop the learner’s capacity to interpret and manage situations that occur in our technological society.

The Engineering Technology concentration is for students who plan to become, or are now, involved in supervising or coordinating workers, materials, and equipment in a production system or who are resolving technical problems related to the courses offered. Individuals completing the program should be qualified to deal with tooling, methods, planning, quality control and reliability, and management aspects of production in manufacturing and other industries. In the engineering technology concentration, graduate students may integrate a variety of courses that will allow emphasis in a technical area as related to their career goals. The M.S. Technology graduate program offers two additional concentrations in Engineering Technology and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Technology is the study of the creation and utilization of adaptive systems including tools, machines, materials, techniques, and technical means, and the relation of the behavior of those elements and systems to human beings, society, and the culture. Industrial and technological concepts are presented through a number of methods including technical laboratories, field experiences, research, industrial visitations, cooperative programs, and lecture.

The aim of the Department of Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying is to provide educational experiences in the areas of engineering, engineering technology, interior architecture, and surveying & mapping. In pursuit of this aim, the department provides general, professional, and technical learning experiences which are characterized by instructional excellence, professional community services, research, and scholarly activities.

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