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Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying

College of Business and Technology



M.S. Technology

Dean Isham

Dean Isham

Associate Professor, Interior Architecture


215 Wilson Wallis Hall

Dean Isham

Associate ProfessorInterior Architecture


M.F.A., Winthrop University, 1995
BUS, Oklahoma State University, 1987

Professor Isham has been teaching university level interior design courses since the fall of 1994, where his teaching has focused on visualization skills and the beginning design student. His creative activities have produced award-wining designs in architecture 2D and 3D categories.

During the last five years he has been actively engaged in the construction of straw bale buildings. In 2009 lead a group of volunteer students in the construction of the McCrory Outdoor Classroom at McCrory Gardens, in Brookings, South Dakota. This is a 900 s.f. general purpose building will be the focus of a children’s garden area that will emphasize sustainable gardening practices. This is the first straw bale structure with a living roof in South Dakota. He also maintains the active design firm, Isham Design Resources.

Current Scholarship:
Researching the importance of hand skills to the design process, Issues surrounding the beginning design student

Creative Activity:
Table from reclaimed materials
Renderings of Barns Entrances

Design projects:
Gabe’s Room - patient room remodel, Make-a-wish Foundation - Johnson City, TN
Reynolds Residence - Deck Design - Jonesborough, TN
Bates Residence – Straw Bale Construction – Columbus, OH

List of Presentations/Publications

  • Isham D. (2013). What ever happened to making? Interior Architecture Educators Council Exchange, Surface Theme, Spring 2013 issue.
  • Presentation, Fourth International Conference on the Constructed Environment, Lisbon, Portugal. Technology as a disruptive change in the iterative process for beginning design students, Oct 4-5, 2013. Isham, D., Emma, T. Isham D. (Fall 2013).
  • Isham D. (Fall 2012). Presentation, IDEC South Regional Conference, Richmond, VA. Active sketching:  Empowering abductive learning to bridge the gap between dreams and reality during lower division studios. ** Awarded Outstanding Abstract Entry.
  • Isham D. (Fall 2012). Presentation, IDEC South Regional Conference, Richmond, VA. (10 Elements × 8 Principles) ÷ abductive learning = 9: Introduction of the design process through exploration of lakota culture in a first semester freshman studio.
  • Isham D. (Jan/Feb 2012). 2012 higher education guide to sustainable practices - bale building, South Dakota Magazine.
  • Isham D. (Summer 2012). Many bales: one building generates awareness in South Dakota, IDEC (Interior Architecture Educators Council) Exchange – Environmentally Responsible Design Summer 2012 Issue
  • Isham D. (April 8, 2011). AAFCS Regional Conference, Cedar Falls, IA.  Many bales: building community/children’s gardening and outdoor classroom at mccrory gardens.
  • Isham D (Dec. 3, 2010). Sustainable housing design, Glacial Lakes Permiculture Workshop, SDSU. 
  • Isham D. (Oct. 9 2010). Home is? rethinking the priorities of ownership, Schultz Commemorative Symposium.
  • Isham D. (Aug 1, 2010). Straw bale buildings and value added agriculture, McCrory Gardens, Brookings, SD.
  • Isham D. (April 2010). Straw bale construction and a living roof, American Institute of Architects South Dakota, volume two, number one.
  • Isham D. (April 2010). Service learning and straw bale construction, McCrory Gardens, Brookings, SD.
  • Isham D. (Spring 2009).  Straw-bale building mccrory gardens building proves what energy efficient really means, South Dakota State University, College of Family and Consumer Sciences Newsletter.
  • Isham D. (May 2009).  Housing issues with straw bale building, South Dakota NRCS eNews.
  • Isham D. (July 13, 2009).  Straw bale house built in brookings, The Bismarck Tribune.
  • Isham D. (July 3, 2009). McCrory building is a straw bale success, Brookings Register.
  • Isham D. (July 13, 2009). Straw bale house built in brookings, Custom Builder.
  • Isham D. (Summer 2009). Mccrory gardens straw bale, Chartreuse: Bright Green Research.
  • Keloland Television (Aug. 30, 2009).  SDSU’s straw bale building, - article and featured story.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

Professor, Chair, Engineering Technology


201 Wilson Wallis Hall

Keith Johnson

Professor, ChairEngineering Technology

Dr. Keith Johnson is the Chairperson for the Department of Engineering Technology, Surveying and Digital Media. He is originally from Cambridge Maryland. Dr. Johnson has two degrees in engineering technology from North Carolina A&T University and a Ph.D. from Ohio State. He started at the University as a professor in 1994 and still teaches classes in addition to his responsibilities as Department Chair. He uses creative problem solving to arrange budgets and oversee the functions of the Technology Department. When not at ETSU, Dr. Johnson likes restoring VW Beatles and stays active playing basketball.

Krishna Shrestha

Joseph Shrestha

Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology


104B Wilson Wallis Hall

Joseph Shrestha

Assistant ProfessorEngineering Technology

Dr. Joseph Shrestha joined the Department of Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2016. He received his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Tribhuvan University (2010), Masters of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering with Construction Management emphasis from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2013), and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with Construction Engineering and Management emphasis from Iowa State University (2016).

Dr. Shrestha has experience in rural highway design and cost estimation. He has developed several Civil and Construction Engineering software programs including Highway Construction Cost Index (HCCI) Calculation System, Bid Data Visualization System, Pavement Surface Distress Index Calculator, District Water Supply and Hygiene Management Information System (DWaSH-MIS), and Water Pump Selection Tool.

In the recent years, Dr. Shrestha has noted exponential growth in construction data being collected. He is interested in exploring those data using visualization tools, such as Geographic Information System (GIS), and analyzing those data using various data mining techniques, such as Artificial Neural Network, to generate useful insights that can aid in making organizational and project level decisions in the construction industry. He considers automation as the future not only to perform repetitive construction works on site, but also to aid managerial decision on construction estimation and scheduling.

Dr. Shrestha speaks English as a third language, Nepali as a second, and Newari as a first. He is a thrill-seeker enjoying bungee jumping, roller coasters, paragliding, zip lining, etc. In his free time, he has developed several skills for Amazon Alexa, a channel for Roku TV platform, and a Nepali calendar app for Maemo OS. When possible, he spends some time volunteering in various community activities including Habitat for Humanity.


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