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Department of Computing

College of Business and Technology

UIT / CSCI 1100

ETSU's Using Information Technology (UIT) Graduation Requirement

All students must demonstrate proficiency in Using Information Technology (basic computer skills) during their first year or prior to accumulating 30- semester credit hours at ETSU.   This requirement can be met by:

  1. Successfully completing the course – CSCI 1100, or by
  2. Transferring in a course which has been determined to be a course equivalent to CSCI 1100,
  3. passing the UIT Proficiency Exam.


ETSU's Proficiency Exam Information

The proficiency exam is provided for those students who have developed the skills presented in CSCI 1100 through job training, previous education, and/or experience. Windows 7, Microsoft's Office 365, and a modern internet browser are the packages used and tested on. A passing grade will complete your obligation for ETSU's UIT graduation requirement.

  • There is no charge to take the proficiency exam.
  • Students only have ONE attempt to pass. If a student does not pass, they must complete CSCI 1100 to satisify the UIT graduation requirement.
  • If a student has taken or currently taking CSCI 1100, students are not eligible for the proficiency exam.
  • If a student is currently enrolled in CSCI 1100 and upon successful completion of the proficiency exam, students are prepared to drop the course before classes begin. Once classes begin, students who are enrolled in CSCI 1100 are not eligible to take the proficiency exam.
  • If a student wishes to improve their CSCI 1100 grade, they must retake the CSCI 1100 course.
  • The proficiency exam is pass/fail (P/F) and provides no credit hours on the students transcript.
  • The exam will have a multiple choice section and a Microsoft Word and Excel practicum.
  • A passing score of 70 and above is needed for the multiple choice section, while the pacticum is (P/F).
  • Students must pass both sections to complete the Proficiency Requirement.
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