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Chairs Handbook

East Tennessee State University




COVER (Required for All Proposals)
Don't alter form. If an item on this form is not applicable for the proposal, enter NA.

Please refer to TBR Policy 2:01:01:00, TBR Guideline A-010, and THEC Policy A1:0 and A1:1 before developing this proposal. A letter of intent must be submitted for any proposal requiring both TBR and THEC approval as the first step, before a proposal is developed. Approval to proceed with the development of a proposal will be provided in writing to the President before a proposal is submitted to TBR for consideration.

Sponsoring Institution(s):

East Tennessee State University


Enter the proposal action as stated by TBR (e. g., Establish a New Academic Degree)

Degree Designation [or] Type of Certificate:

Spell out degree (Bachelor of Science) or name type of certificate (Graduate Certificate)

Degree Initials: B.A., M.S, Ph.D. in Name of Program
Formal Degree Abbreviation Title of Proposed Program to be established or impacted

Concentrations:(if applicable)

Indicate proposed concentration or current concentration in a substantive curriculum modification proposal

Delivery Site(s):

This is usually NA, unless offering a degree at an off-campus site.

Proposed CIP Code:

Use the designated Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) when proposing current program revisions. Consult the CIP code Website for new degree or certificate programs.

Proposed Implementation Date:

Identify semester/year; consider timelines for various approvals

Cooperative Partners:

This is usually NA, unless offering program with another institution and using Form CL (Collaborative Programs)

For more information contact: All ETSU programs designate

Bert C. Bach, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs / 423.439.4219

Name Telephone

Institutional Approval:

The President will sign and date upon approval by Academic Council


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