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Chairs Handbook

East Tennessee State University

Financial Projections Form

The THEC Financial Estimate Form (Excel format) requires five-year projections for degrees and certificates. The form is divided into two major parts: Expenditures ( One-time and Recurring) and Revenue. Item totals and major totals are automatically calculated depending on your input. You will notice also that Total Expenditures and Total Revenues are calculated to be the same.

You need to project the dollars for expenditures or revenues for five years. The first year is the proposal implementation date or base year.

You will explain how you calculated expenditures or revenues in the text of your proposal.

Note that you need to enter the name of ETSU and the Proposed Program at the top of the form.

I. Expenditures

  1. One-time Expenditures

Identify the Year of individual one-time expenditures. Each of the items listed on the form should have only one entry, by year. In the proposal text explain what Other includes.

  1. Recurring Expenditures

This section includes personnel (administration, faculty, and support staff) and operating expenditures.

Personnel: Identify the salary in the year the individual is to begin the appointment and include 3% raises for each of the next four years.

Benefits are factored by a percentage of the salary and a set dollar figure for health insurance. The 2008 factors are 21% of salary and $12,170. Call the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs for current factors.

Operating: Identify the dollars projected for each of the items. Usually, but not always, these figures dont change across the five years.

II. Revenue

Tuition and Fees: The dollar figures entered for Years 1-5 are to be explained in Note 1 on the THEC Financial Estimate Form. Totals represent fall and spring enrollment. To factor these revenue, first go to the Bursars Website at and click on Tuition and Fee Information, then Undergraduate & Graduate Tuition and Fee Schedule.

Use the appropriate information (maintenance and program service fees) for full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students for two semesters and multiply by headcount.

Institutional Reallocations: These figures are calculated by the Excel program. Consult your dean regarding information needed for Note 2.

Federal Grants: Enter the dollars, per year, for already awarded federal grants and provide supporting information for Note 3.

Private Grants or Gifts: Enter the dollars, per year, of already awarded private grants or gifts donated to the establishment of the program and provide supporting information in Note 4.

Other: If dollars from other sources have been committed to the proposed program enter the amount, per year, and provide supporting information in Note 5.

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