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Chairs Handbook

East Tennessee State University



Form OD (Online Delivery)

Dont alter contents of form

Instructions are on this form. If unclear about any item contact the Office of the Provost or the Associate Vice President for eLearning.


Required for programs that will be developed, converted, and/or delivered 100% online,

Required for courses that will be developed or converted online over the maximum limit of $9,500.

Required for justifying state funding for developing or converting duplicative online programs and courses that have been developed by other TBR or UT schools.

Institution Granting Degree or Offering Program or Course: EastTennessee State University

Program/Course Title: This is usually a degree program or certificate. Course title would only be used if $9,500 was to be spent in development or conversion of a specific online course.

Degree/Certificate: Use formal name as on the THEC program inventory

CIP Classification: (Please provide proposed CIP code, if applicable) Use the CIP code already designed for the degree that is proposed to go online.

Proposed Implementation Date: (Semester and Year)

Target Population: (check all that apply)
[ ] Traditional
[ ] Non-traditional (over 25)
[ ] Military
[ ] Dual Enrollment (High School)
[ ] Workforce
[ ] other:

Projected Head Count:
Year One: Year Two: Year Three:

Total number of full-time and part-time students

Projected Enrollment: Year One: Year Two: Year Three:

Total number of credit hours for which the full-time and part-time students will enroll

Projected FTE: Year One: Year Two: Year Three:

Divide total number of credit hours by 15 to calculate (full-time equivalent (FTE) for undergraduate students and by 12 for graduate students.

Statement of Need:
[ ] Campus Specific

[ ] Regional
[ ] State Wide
[ ] National
[ ] International

Attach additional data to support the NEED statement provided on the Summary (SUM) Form, if appropriate.

Check all that apply:

[ ] New Program

[ ] Converting an Existing On-ground Program to 100% Online Delivery

[ ] New Online Course Development over $9,500

[ ] Justification for a Duplicative Online Program

[ ] Justification for a Duplicate Online Course

[ ] Campus eLearning specific

[ ] Name of Department, School, or Unit:

[ ] synchronous (instructor and students simultaneously online)
[ ] asynchronous (any time / any where)
[ ] blended /web enhanced (part online and on-ground)

[ ] Campus Collaborative

[ ] RODP (Regents Online Degree Programs) *credit
[ ] ROCE (Regents Online Continuing Education and Workforce Development) *non-credit
[ ] Other Collaborative or Partnerships

Check all the schools that will participate in the collaborative:
Universities: ( ) APSU ( ) ETSU ( ) MTSU ( )TSU ( ) TTU ( ) UOM
Community Colleges: ( ) CLSCC ( ) COSCC ( ) CSTCC ( ) DSCC ( ) JSCC ( ) MSCC ( ) NSCC ( )NSTCC ( ) PSTCC ( ) RSCC ( )STCC ( ) VSCC ( ) WSCC

Other Agencies:

Specify any plans for articulation:

Proposed Financial Estimates (attach as an appendix)

(Include estimated cost of external training and/or out-of-state consultants not available through the TBR schools/centers.)

*For course development that will exceed $9,500, please provide projected costs by line item and the source(s) of revenue to support these costs.

*For converting to online delivery, please provide projected costs by line item and the source(s) of revenue to support these costs.

NOTE: You may choose to use the FP (Financial Projection) Form for convenience.

Justification for Duplicative Program and/or Course:

? Where do similar programs or courses exist? Please list all applicable TBR and UT institutions.

Please provide justification for program and/or course development if similar programs and/or courses have been (or are being) developed or converted to online delivery by the Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC) or other TBR or UT institutions or academic units.

Justification for external program/course hosting (third party) and for a specified course management system beyond the system wide approved vendor.

Sharing and Maximizing Resources among Schools/Centers
Please list the resources that you would like to request from the system or the campus collaborative to support you in the development and implementation of your program/course:

[ ] Instructional Design [ ] Marketing of Program

[ ] Learning Objects [ ] ADA

[ ] Multimedia (streaming video, audio, etc.) [ ] Student Services

[ ] Library Resources, databases, etc. [ ] Training

[ ] Content Development [ ] Consultant Services

[ ] Pedagogy of Course Design [ ] Other (explain)

[ ] Pedagogy of Teaching Online

[ ] Course Management Training

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