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Chairs Handbook

East Tennessee State University



FORM: PC (Program Change, also used for the Creation Of A New Academic Unit)

Dont alter contents of form. If an item on this form is not applicable for the proposal, enter NA.

1. Submitted by: EastTennessee State University_

Name of Institution

2. Type of Program Change ( Check those that apply):

_____ Title change only (may be submitted as a memo or by responding to item 3 below)

Note: This information must be submitted to the TBR Office of the Provost prior to implementation so that academic inventory records can be properly maintained.

_____ *Create a new academic unit

_____ *Consolidate an existing academic program

_____ *Substantive Curriculum Modification in an existing academic program

_____ Termination of an existing program or concentration

_____ Inactivation of an existing program or concentration (If a program is not reactivated

within a period of three years, the program will automatically be terminated and removed

from the Academic Inventory by December of that year.)

_____ Reactivation of a program that was placed on inactivation within the past 3 y ears

Date of inactivation:

_____ Add item, such as Admissions Revision, if needed

3. Indicate Program Change: Put NA if there have been no changes or fill in the table if there are changes in title, degree, and/or CIP code.

Before the Proposed Change

After the Proposed Change

Title of Old Program or

Certificate Option


CIP Code

Title of New Program or Certificate Option


CIP Code

4.*Attach a copy of the "before and after" curriculum or organizational chart, as applicable, and a rationale for the proposed change.

Label attachments as appendices and note title of attachment. Examples:

Appendix A, Current and Proposed Curriculum for the B. S. in xxxx or Appendix B, Organization Chart for New Academic Unit.

Use a table for a current and proposed attachment. Examples can be found in CPS Archives.

5. Intended implementation date for program change: This date should match the one presented on the Cover and Summary forms.

6. For terminations, date phase-out period will end: Add date only if the proposal is terminating a program. Otherwise, put in NA

7. If it has not been covered on other forms, briefly describe the reasons for the requested action and the implications that the proposed action will have on any of the following: 1) fiscal resources, 2) personnel, and 3) students or other clientele,

and 4) institutional desegregation objectives.

Under most circumstances, the appropriate response is NA

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