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Little Bucs

Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Learning & Development

Little Bucs


young girl posing with wooden bowls


Little Bucs Stage World's Fair Gala at DP Culp Center.

Children who participated in the 2017 Little Bucs Summer Enrichment program had the opportunity to be part of a unique experience that allowed them to both explore a country and raise global awareness. More...


blue skies in early spring


Signs of Spring

A photograhic Journey by the Inventor Class


sand soil and leaves


The Significance of the Outdoor Classroom.



abstract art

through the eyes of children

Little Buccaneers Early Childhood Laboratory Program presented their 4th Annual Art Exhibition Fundraiser at the Reese Museum. This annual fundraiser was an opportunity for the children and teachers to showcase their project work. It provided the opportunity to help the community understand both the importance of art and the capabilities of young children. More...  



girl mixing paint with mud

Little Bucs celebrate MUD DAY!

More mud is available here!


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