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Counseling Program

Department of Counseling and Human Services

Clinic Upgrade 2012-2013

From VCR's to the Cloud - the ETSU Community Counseling Clinic is in the process of being updated!

Beginning in summer 2011 with faculty discussions about updating our clinic so that we can continue to provide quality counseling services and education opportunities, we are now in the process of transformation. You can follow our progress here.

Scroll down to see our transformation!

Clinic BeforeClinic Before 2
The "before" pictures of our clinic control and conference room. Many of our alumni remember their first practicum experiences, seeing their first clients, and then reviewing and transcribing their work from VCR recordings.

EMS Tech, Matt, begins the wiring process. Taking down the old equipment - Thanks ITS!

Clinic WiringClinic Equipment Take Down









And now...

Clinic Upgrade ScreenClinic Board View







Our play therapy/group/family room is also in the process of updating - thanks in large part to an ETSU Instructional Development Grant and the vision of Dr. Rebekah Byrd.

The "before" pictures.

Before Play Therapy RoomBefore Play Therapy 2






And now...


Play room upgrade 3Play Room Upgrade 4

Play room 1Play room upgrade 2








play therapy animals      play therapy paint

play therapy faces








The ETSU Community Counseling Clinic has existed since the early days of the Counseling Program and originally utilized two-way mirrors and intercoms for session viewing. Analog cameras, microphones, and VCRs were added in the late 1980s. In the late 1990s, the clinic took took its current form with the addition of two rooms, upgrade of microphones within rooms for better sound quality, and the addition of television monitors and switches to allow for improved monitoring of sessions. 

We worked with Educational Management Systems (EMS) to install the Total Counseling Solution that will enable us to move from VCRs to the Cloud and go digital! 

John, Tim (ITS project manager), and Phillip
taking down the old wiring.

OIT in the Clinic

 Clinic Waiting Camera






Can you see the camera?

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