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Counseling Program

Department of Counseling and Human Services

School Counseling

CACREPAccredited by the Counsel for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

The School Counseling concentration offers individuals the opportunity to fulfill the requirements specified by the Tennessee State Department of Education for licensure as a pre-K through 12 school counselor.  The coursework in our program will often reciprocate with other states' requirements. In addition, students may take additional coursework to prepare them for eligibility as a Licensed Professional Counselor ( LPC).

School Counseling is a unique and specialized profession. School Counselors are trained professional counselors who work in schools and because of this they are considered professional counselors and educators.

The main goal of school counselors is to develop and implement a comprehensive, developmental program to Student working with a young childfacilitate the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students through a variety of processes including individual and group counseling, large group/classroom guidance, consultation and collaboration, and coordination of activities and services. School counselors are unique in the educational setting and it is not uncommon to be the only school counselor or one of a handful within the faculty of the school. If this interests on!!

School counselors have specialized training which includes knowledge of human development, cultural diversity, counseling and consultation and techniques, appraisal and assessment, career development, etc. In addition, school counselors possess skills to apply this knowledge to work with children in grades pre-K-12, as well as guardians, school administration, faculty and staff, and other professionals.

The school counseling profession has continued to evolve over past decades and even now the work of the school counselor may be different than what you experienced with the school counselor you had in school (if you had one). Check out the American School Counselor Association website at for more information.

Working in collaboration with other education professionals to promote healthy development and academic success of all students is a complex task. Along with the amazing opportunities and the privilege of working with young people are the challenges of working within the complexity of the school and its various systems. Therefore, we are looking for people who not only want to "counsel kids" but to impact the lives of children and adolescents by being leaders, advocates, strong collaborators, and change agents.

  • If you are passionate about helping children and adolescents.
  • If you want to actively engage in the process of providing a program of well coordinating services within a school to serve all students.
  • If you are ready to learn to be a program leader within a school and positively effect the system in order to better the lives of all students.

Then check us out and APPLY! We look forward to receiving your application. In addition to the application requirements for our program, we are looking for individuals who:

  • are passionate about helping all children and adolescents achieve healthy development
  • have good communication skills
  • have leadership potential
  • have a desire to work within a school system
  • a willingness and openness to learn new knowledge, skills, and school counseling best practices
  • a willingness to assert and provide leadership
  • have an awareness of self and their impact on others
  • and did I mention - LOVE the idea of working with and providing acceptance of all children and adolescents...

School Counseling Program of Study

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