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Human Services Graduate Programs

Department of Counseling and Human Services

MS in Human Services

Masters of Human Services

Human Services is a broadly defined field with an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focused on prevention and remediation to uniquely promote various ways to meet human needs. This uniqueness resides in our versatility and attention to context.

The M.S. degree in Human Services enhances the capability of human service professionals to implement key services competently while addressing a variety of client needs throughout their life stages. Graduate preparation maximizes the academic and professional growth of students seeking additional qualifications to advance in their careers.

The core curriculum, internship, and capstone course are designed to provide an enhancement of knowledge and skills grounded in best practice for this field. Students can select electives, field work settings, and course projects based on contextualized interests and goals such as leadership, teaching and education, and family services. In keeping with our multidisciplinary roots, students may also access other ETSU programs in areas such as gerontology, rural health, global missions, business, criminal justice, social entrepreneurship, child care, parks and recreation, and more.

In-state tuition for border counties along with tuition scholarships opportunities are available.

For more information contact
Dr. Jamie Branam Brown, Human Services Graduate Program Coordinator

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