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Human Services Program

Department of Counseling and Human Services

General Education Course offerings

There are two classes offered through the Human Services Program that students can take to satisfy their general education course requirements.

HDAL 2340: Understanding Cultural Diversity (3 Credits)

This course is designed for the student to develop competencies that allow her/him to be more effective when relating and/or working with individuals of diverse groups in society. Students will have opportunities to develop awareness of their own cultural values and biases, to study prevalent beliefs and attitudes of different cultures, and to develop skills useful for appropriate interactions with particular groups. (fall, spring, summer)

The knowledge, skills, and awareness facilitated this course is beneficial personally as well as in a variety of programs of study.

SRVL 1020: Introduction to Service-Learning (3 Credits)

The focus of the course includes civic engagement and community awareness to aid students in acquiring skills that promote active citizenship.  The course familiarizes the student with local, national, and global issues to encourage community participation.  Community involvement may assist with career choices or opportunities. Requires a 30 hour individual service placement and a group project. (fall, spring, summer)

This course is excellent as well as experiential, making it an opportunity to impact others as well as self.



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