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Department of Sport, Exercise, Recreation, and Kinesiology

College of Education

Mike Ramsey
Mike Ramsey

Mike   Ramsey Ph.D.

423-439-4375 /
E305 MSHA Athletic Center


2005 PhD Exercise Physiology - Texas A&M University

1995 MS Exercise Physiology - Sam Houston State University

1993 BS Kinesiology - Sam Houston State University


Department Chair


Physical Therapy Tech

Personal Training

Hospital Wellness


  • PEXS 3610 Exercise Physiology I
  • PEXS 4620 Exercise Physiology II
  • PEXS 4977 Exercise Management (Clinical Ex Phys)
  • PEXS 5620 Sport Physiology II
  • PEXS 6620 Sport Physiology II


Utilizing strength training to improve cardiovascular performance. 


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Davis RT, Stabley JN, Dominguez JM, Ramsey MW, McCullough DJ, Lesniewski LA, Delp MD, Behnke BJ. Differential effects of aging and exercise on intra-abdominal adipose arteriolar function and blood flow regulation J Appl Physiol (1985). 2013 Mar 15;114(6):808-15.


Behnke BJ, Ramsey MW, Stabley JN, Dominguez JM 2nd, Davis RT 3rd, McCullough DJ, Muller-Delp JM, Delp MD  Effects of aging and exercise training on skeletal muscle blood flow and resistance artery morphology. J Appl Physiol. 2012; 113; 11: 1699-1708


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Layne AS, Nasrallah S, South MA, Howell MEA, McCurry MP, Ramsey MW, Stone MH, and Stuart CA   Impaired Muscle AMPK Activation In The Metabolic Syndrome May Attenuate Improved Insulin Action After Exercise Training.  Journal of  Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2011; 96: 1815-1826.

Personal Interests

Hiking, cycling, photography, cats, music

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